Unix Geeks Represent on Stanford Campus


Nothing is safe from an awkward rap spoof. CS Rapper Monzy appears at Stanford University to rap hardcore about the merits of Unix. Appropriately, the footage was later used in a documentary called "NERDCORE for Life."

Considering Linux/Unix are slowly taking schools by storm, it won't be long before it's been appropriated beyond the realm of its l33t h8x0r geek demographic.

"Unix geeks are among the most endearing geeks," a colleague observes with an almost pitiful expression. Yeah.

by Angela Natividad    Mar- 8-07    
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Texas Rangers Fans Don't Smell Scented Candles


As a guy with a girlfriend or a wife, you know you've found yourself in situations where, if you were to view them as a third party, you'd cringe and wonder what the hell happened to your manishness. That's the plight in which the guy in this Texas Rangers commercial finds himself. Thankfully, the campaign's tagline, "You could use some baseball," has the cure.

The campaign, created by Austin-based Door Number 3, consists of three television commercials and an outdoor effort (PDF).

by Steve Hall    Mar- 8-07    
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Farmers Do Strange Things For Accounting Software


If you've ever read a farming magazine, you know they're full of bland looking ads for tractors, milking equipment, barn stantions, feed mixtures, silage blowers and all sorts of other things you've never heard of. To cut through all that boring clutter John Deere (yes, the tractor people) have, with help from Yamamoto Moss Mackenzie, created some decidedly different looking ads to promote their Farm Plan accounting program.

The two ads, Disco Ball and Skateboard, are certainly not your average milk tank ad and we think we think they just might catch a bit of extra attention from your average farmer.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 8-07    
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Murderous McBride Hits SF with Cutwater


After stylishly offing everybody at his old agency, Chuck McBride prepares to start afresh with a new San Francisco agency. Called Cutwater, it'll mainly consist of employees and clients from TBWA's SF location. TBWA will consequently be bowing out of the SF market.

by Angela Natividad    Mar- 8-07    
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Smoking Bestows Halos of Doom, Says New Campaign


The Child Health Foundation releases this ad to demonstrate one of the bigger cons of smoking with a very light touch. Copy reads, "Some children get to heaven earlier," and the campaign is by Serviceplan, Germany.

We're feeling a little bummed about it, and we don't even have kids. Or smoke. We wonder if we walked around with little halos on our heads like that and if mommy and daddy just chose to ignore them.

by Angela Natividad    Mar- 7-07    
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'My Life in Advertising' Puts Handy Lens on Agency Omniverse


Here's something that might prove helpful for the hopefuls attending the Advertising Industry Diversity Job Fair and Leadership Conference taking place next week.

Shedwa points us to My Life in Advertising, a video podcast hosted by Sean McKenna of GSW. McKenna has a gift for portraying our industry pretty well and making it laugh-worthy too (in retrospect, that's probably not hard). Jokes aside, the show lends a decent look inside a typical agency. Apparently it's not all bloody murder.

Check My Life in Advertising out on iTunes.

by Angela Natividad    Mar- 7-07    
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Seeking Next Drunken Stroke of Genius? Try a Pokemon Car


There's a running Ebay sale for a Dodge Neon covered in over 1500 Pokemon cards from both the first and second generation. With a bid over $600 and seven days left running, we think the guys that did it have a decent chance of meeting their $7000 reserve, particularly if the sip and click trend keeps claiming victims.

"Just think about it," says Hypothetical Drunk Friend #1. "Can't you imagine how fucking awesome it would be to have a Pokemon car? When will we ever have this chance again?!"

"You're right!" exclaims Hypothetical Drunk Friend #2. "There's only 5 minutes left on the auction. Let's do this."

Auction end is met with hysterical giggles. Until the next morning.

Dun dun duuuuun.

by Angela Natividad    Mar- 7-07    
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Dell Copies Best Buy's Geek Squad With Nerd Buddy


When there's computer difficulties at home, sometimes there's simply no replacement for an actual human skilled in the ways of kicking the crap out of your computer until it works again. Big box retailer Best Buy created its Geek Squad, a cadre of computer techs that travel to people's homes in a customized VW Beetle. Others have followed suit. Now, Dell, without physical retail locations or a human geek squad to assist its customers in need of unsnarling nasty computer bugs, has launched Nerd Buddy. Well, they've actually launched DellConnect by humorously illustrating why it's really not so convenient to have a geek-like Nerd Buddy follow you around all the time to make sure your computer isn't causing you to use it as a projectile out of frustration.

Aside from the fact Best Buy's Geek Squad and other similar services are nothing like the Nerd Buddy Dell so joyously ribs, the computer maker explains its virtual tech support solution, DellConnect is better than having a human geek follow you around. It's all presented in one of those goofy, docu-style videos complete with fake scientists in white lab coats.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 7-07    
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Bank Robber Overcome by Teller's Beauty


Here's an ad that acknowledges men for what they truly are: animals on the hunt for whatever sparks their fancy. In this commercial for Belgian men's magazine P-magazine, two men break into a bank, hold everyone at gunpoint and grab the cash. One of the tellers, Belgian model Sylvie De Caluwé, is so stunningly beautiful, one of the robbers can't help but take a break from the action to try and get some action. Cleverly honest. Duval Guillaume Antwerp created the ad.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 6-07    
Topic: Commercials, Good

Condoms Pwn AIDS in Sexless Competition


We're not sure what to say about these ads for MTV entitled Condom v. AIDS, where AIDS and a condom go head-to-head in competitive matches that completely take sex out of the picture. We kind of like the left-of-center feel, considering it's tough to get an AIDS message out there without sliding down familiar pathways: trendy, sexy or deeply moral approaches.

Created by Y&R New York, the campaign is for MTV's HIV awareness movement (okay, that was obvious). Let's hope it does slightly better than the lackluster (red) campaign, as Gap's spoofs grew way more popular than its statement.

It would be hard to spoof a competitive guacamole contest between a walking condom and an AIDS virus, though. What would you do in retaliation - put sex back in the picture? Please. That's just beating the dead horse deader.

by Angela Natividad    Mar- 6-07    
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