Famous Jewelery Ad Campaigns from the 90s


Before the digital revolution took the world by storm, television and print ads were the titans of the advertising industry. They were instrumental in driving sales to unprecedented levels across all sectors, including the world of jewelry.

Such was their impact that ad campaigns had stood the test of time. Even decades on, we still recall them vividly, especially resonant taglines like 'A diamond is forever.'

Jewelry ad efforts during the 90s era changed how people perceived and desired jewelry. For example, one iconic ad made diamond engagement rings a must-have for any proposal. After all, what better symbolizes an unbreakable bond than an indestructible stone?

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by Steve Hall    May-30-23    
Topic: Campaigns

Cutting Your Commercial to Music? Here Are 4 Reasons You Need to Seek out the Stems and Alt Versions


As any creative director, video editor or live human being already knows, music can make or break a project. All the production value and creativity in the world doesn't matter if the tone of your cue is off or - even worse - if it just sounds cheap or poorly made. If you're one of the gifted few with the budget to tap a major artist for your commercial, skip this article and get to it. The rest of us turn to a sonic smorgasbord of production music companies and sound libraries offering tracks in every genre and quality. It's daunting, but you can find something if you know how to look.

A good litmus test for choosing a production music library is whether they offer alternate mixes and stems for their tracks. Not every music library has them, but they are invaluable for the success of your project in multiple ways.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 6-23    
Topic: Tools

Google Market Pulse for Search Marketers


Just a few decades ago, the way businesses operated was very different-- especially when it came to marketing. We used to rely on traditional methods, such as print media and TV ads, or ads on billboards to attract customers. Today, digital marketing has changed the game completely.

Businesses now rely on ever-changing SEO practices to gain traction, convert leads, and retain clients. After all, the rising market competition has made it difficult for any service to stand out. As a result, companies are highly likely to lose clients to competition unless they employ foolproof SEO strategies.

Optimizing search engine result pages (SERP) is one of the most effective SEO practices to ensure business web pages rank higher on search engines. Not only does this increase traffic to a website, but also increases the company's brand authority.
If that piques your interest, this blog post is exactly what you need. Keep reading to learn more about the topic.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-20-23    
Topic: Tools

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Where Does PR Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy?


Public relations and marketing used to be like oil and water, two separate entities that didn't mix. There was a set PR team and a set marketing team, and brands needed both to succeed. PR and marketing firms had two sets of goals and thus two separate ways of reaching and achieving said goals. The rise of digital media, however, has led to blending between the two practices.

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by Sofia Hernandez    Feb-28-23    
Topic: Online

The Impact of Broken Links on User Experience and What to Do About It


It can be frustrating when you're looking up some information or a product, and your browser brings up a broken link message instead of taking you directly to the desired destination. Nobody likes dealing with broken links on their website, especially if they affect the user experience negatively. As a business owner, you need to keep in mind that users hate them, too. That's why it's important to take the necessary steps to fix them.

If you have a website with many pages, the chances of having broken links increase significantly since there are a lot of pages that might need an update at some point. Fixing them is important for both SEO purposes and to maintain a good user experience for your website's visitors. You can trust website backlink audit services to help you improve your site by removing any dead links and improving the site authority score.

In this article, we'll discuss how to identify broken links on your website and how backlink audit services can help you fix them!

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by Steve Hall    Feb-22-23    
Topic: Tools

How to Optimize Your Dental Website for Better Reach & Rankings


Are you tired of seeing your website buried on the second or third page of search engine result pages (SERPs)? Are you frustrated by the fact that your website doesn't seem to bring in new patients? Your website is the online hub of your dental practice, and it's crucial to have a website optimized for SERPs.

In this blog, you'll learn how SEO for dentists can help increase your website's ranking and reach, attract more website traffic and patients, and grow your practice. From keyword research to mobile optimization, we'll cover it all, so buckle up, and let's start optimizing.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-22-23    
Topic: Tools

An Advanced Guide to Create an Editorial Calendar That Boosts Conversions


If you're serious about content marketing, you need to have a solid editorial calendar in place. Not only will this keep your content strategy organized and on track, it can also help boost your conversion rates.

Here are a few tips to create an editorial calendar that can help increase your conversion rates:

Identify Your Goals

Before you can start creating your editorial calendar, you need to know what your goals are. What are you hoping to achieve with your content? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Drive traffic to your website? Grow your email list?

Once you know what your goals are, you can start mapping out your content strategy. Figure out what kind of content will help you achieve your goals and start planning accordingly.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-11-23    
Topic: Publishing

Why Video Marketing is Guaranteed to Boost Your SERP Ranking


If, for some reason, you have doubts about the importance and efficacy of video marketing, then all you have to do is Google the number of hours people spend on YouTube. Those statistics will be enough to get your attention. Brands that capitalize on this behavioral pattern, reap higher benefits and get a better rate of return compared to other mediums of marketing.

Famous YouTubers like Logan Paul and Mr. Beast have become icons in a short period and small brands are trying to emulate their success. That is why if you aren't incorporating video marketing in your marketing campaigns, you are not only missing out on customers but your SERP ranking will also get affected.

Learn about its importance in this post and how it is the fastest way to a first-page SEO guarantee.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-23-22    
Topic: Video

4 Companies That Can Help Your Business Evolve With Consumer Trends


Consumer shopping and buying patterns never remain stagnant. As a business, you need to keep up with shifts in the marketplace. Otherwise, you can quickly start to lag behind and lose sales to your competitors.

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by Sofia Hernandez    Dec-14-22    
Topic: Tools

Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs): What Are They And Should You Build One?


In digital marketing, delivering an excellent customer experience is essential to success. And to do that, you need a Digital Experience Platform (DXP). But what exactly are DXPs, and why do you need one? Let's take a closer look.

What's A Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

A digital experience platform is a comprehensive software solution that assists organizations in creating, managing, and delivering personalized digital experiences to their customers across all channels. A DXP includes:

- A content management system (CMS)
- A digital asset management system (DAMS)
- An eCommerce platform
- A customer relationship management system (CRM)

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-22    
Topic: Tools

How AI Helps You Build A Data-Driven Marketing Strategy


This article is an informative and precise description of how AI applications help the marketing sector to make deliberate choices based on the collected and analyzed data. In addition to a thorough explanation of how AI can be handy in this field, you'll find the main examples of how AI helps to solve marketing problems.

AI technology is a comprehensive term that encompasses a wide range of technologies such as natural language processing, ML, deep learning, computer vision, and many others. AI has been revolutionizing many sectors, and its applications and innovative solutions are no less even in the marketing field. The ability to analyze data effectively is what makes AI superior to anything else. But before we get to AI-based systems, let's talk about what marketing strategy is and what makes it data-driven.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-22    
Topic: Tools

8 Tactics for an Effective YouTube Social Media Strategy


YouTube is the second biggest website worldwide. It's also the most popular video-sharing platform that everyone can agree on. Whenever you've come to think about video content, YouTube will stand out first among other channels.

Now that everyone tunes in on YouTube for everything, such as watching the news, finding recipes, and checking the latest gadget unboxing, having content on this platform can benefit you as a business.

Think about it.

People just go straight to YouTube whenever they want to watch "something." That means the chance of your content getting viewed is pretty huge. If you produce popular content like a tutorial video, YouTube is a great place to share it with the world. Instead of using a website only, you can incorporate YouTube as a part of your marketing strategies to get the word out more widely.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-22    
Topic: Video

Top Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business


No matter what stage your business is in, it's important to have a solid marketing strategy in place. In this blog post, we'll discuss a few top strategies that can help boost your business. Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness or drive more sales, these tactics will help you achieve your goals. So, read on for tips that will help take your business to the next level!

Email Marketing

The first marketing strategy on this list, and one that just so happens to be the most effective, is e-mail marketing. Did you know that compared to social media, e-mail marketing can be up to 40 times more effective? The concept of e-mail marketing is very simple. All you are doing is sending emails to all of the customers' e-mail addresses you have.

Although the concept is quite simple, there are quite a few ways you can go about it. For example, they are promotional emails, acquisition emails, retention emails, and e-mail newsletters. By using retention emails, you can remind customers that you exist by giving them promotions for certain products they showed interest in in the past, for example.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-14-22    
Topic: Brands

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