OMG! The Internet STILL Hasn't Killed TV!


As digital advertising methods proliferate and morph, companies funnel more money into television advertising to reach viewers who spend 22-36 hours watching TV every week

Despite what the advertising industry rumblings might lead us to believe over the past few years citing the decline of television as we know it, television advertising is instead alive, well, and producing solid results. In a recent MarketShare study that analyzed advertising performance across industry and media outlets like television, online display, paid search, print and radio advertising, MarketShare found that TV has the highest efficiency at achieving key performance indicators, or KPIs, like sales and new accounts. When comparing performance at similar spending levels, TV averaged four times the sales lift of digital.

In fact, 2016 could wind up being one of the most profitable years ever for TV advertising, thanks in part to Super Bowl 50--which set the stage with its $4.8 million, 30-second commercials. According to Advertising Age, total ad spending on commercials in the Super Bowl from 1967 through 2016 (and adjusted for inflation) was $5.9 billion.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-16    
Topic: Opinion, Research, Television

Penelope Cruz Messes With Jimmy Kimmel For Nespresso


In a product placement/integration stunt that should have felt forced but didn't, the first several minutes of last Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel show didn't begin with his monologue, rather, it began with a Nespresso ad featuring spokeswoman Penelope Cruz.

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by Steve Hall    May-12-14    
Topic: Television

AMC Demotes Mad Men's Peggy And Joan to Celebrate Secretary's Day


In celebration of what Mad Men would, of course, lovingly call Secretary's Day, AMC is out with a Twitter image featuring Peggy and Joan who once were, but no longer are, secretaries on the series.

It's a curious move but hey, they're bigger stars and much more well known then the current stars on the show so it's all good.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-23-14    
Topic: Television

How Predictive Analytics Can Bring Internet-Like Accountability to TV Advertising


These days, most enterprise marketers use a multichannel brand awareness and business development strategy to spread the word about their company, products and services via a variety of platforms including digital ads and social media marketing. But, sadly, television still gets the lion's share of ad spend. Isn't it time for enterprise brand marketers to demand their TV campaigns work harder and smarter?

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 8-14    
Topic: Television, Tools

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Bravo's Dating Show Has Nothing on The Tao of Badass


Supposedly the Tao of Badass knows all there is to know about getting women to fall under your spell and turn into a puddle of desire at your very presence. But Bravo also seems to think it has all the answers as well with it Online Dating Rituals of the American Male, a new series premiering March 9.

Buzzfeeds's in on the promotion with a post entitled The 10 Types of Guys You Find On Every Dating Website.

Also floating about the interwebs are a series of videos highlighting the various male stereotypes women encounter when dating.

Buffoonery at its finest.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 6-14    
Topic: Television

DuvalGuillaume Frustrates Belgian TV Viewers With Spinning Buffer Ball


More often than not when you are video content online, you suffer the dreaded spinning circle buffering icon. You've come to accept that this is normal when going online. But what if this happened while you were watching TV?

To promote Belgian telecom company BASE's 4G service, the agency used billboards at the beginning and end of programming with the text, "You're not used to waiting at home. So why wait when you're on the move? With BASE 4G, you can surf everywhere as fast as at home."

It would certainly be a bit disconcerting to see the dreaded spinning ball while watching "regular" TV so perhaps this did a good job grabbing the audiences attention.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 3-14    
Topic: Television

Best Social Media Moment of Oscars 2014 (Most Retweeted Tweet Ever)


And Meryl Streep gushes, "Oh I've never tweeted before!"

Hundreds of thousands of retweets and it broke Twitter.

Within 30 minutes, Ellen's tweet bested Barack Obama's Four more years tweet.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 2-14    
Topic: Television

Nik Wallenda Grand Canyon Crossing the Week's Most Tweeted TV Event


Nielsen's SocialGuide has launched a new weekly analysis of Twitter-related social media activity in relationship to 240 TV channels. Topping the charts this past week with over one million tweets was, of course, the Nik Wallenda Grand Canyon crossing. Rounding out the top ten were Pretty Little Liars, The Voice, Love&Hip Hop:Atlanta, Teen Wolf, WWE, The Voice Final Performances, The Wanted Life, Girl Code Compliments and Gril Code Public Displays of Affection.

by Steve Hall    Jun-25-13    
Topic: Research, Social, Television

'Real Mad Men And Women of Madison Avenue' to Explore History of Advertising


The One Club and WNET have teamed to produce The Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue which will debut June 30 at 8PM on THIRTEEN. Inspired by AMC's Mad Men, The Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue, hosted by Isaiah Mustafa, chronicles the growth of the advertising industry from the 1950s through today and will feature Roy Eaton, Jerry Della Femina, Paula Green, George Lois, and other creative giants.

Also featured will be some of today's advertising luminaries including Gerry Graf , David Lubars, Tham Khai Meng and David Sable as well as Mediapost advertising critic Barbara Lippert and Interactive Advertising Bureau President and CEO and former New York Times ad reporter Randall Rothenberg.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-25-13    
Topic: Television

Family Guy Makes 'Pearl Necklace' Joke in Emmy Bid


Referencing the famed HBO Girls scene in which the Shiri Appleby character receives a "pearl necklace" quickie from her boyfriend, a Family Guy "for your consideration" Emmy ad carries the headline, "Here's A Load of Comedy to Shoot on Your Chest."

Both the scene and the ad were/are bold. But we think the timing is a bit late and even though there's certainly nothing wrong with "expressing oneself" to another as the Adam Driver character did to Appleby, it's all a bit gratuitous even by our standards.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-14-13    
Topic: Television