The French Make Super Bowl Ad


Now we know where all the good commercials were during the Super Bowl. In France! Yes, in France. Though typical in the sense it's all about boy uses best friend to appear heroic for hot girl he wants to take out, this Pepsi Max commercial just oozes Super Bowl idiocy. Oh and we mean good idiocy in this case.

Just one problem. How exactly did that octopus get out of the water so quickly? CLM BBDO created.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 9-09    
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The Super Bowl Isn't Over Until the Ad Critics Say It's Over


Ever heard of The BeanCast? It's OK. Neither had we up until a few months ago when this half of Adrants was invited to appear. It's a podcast. Well, a new one is up and it's - surprise - all about the Super Bowl. Yea, we know. It was duller than a newspaper circulation department this year but, hey, it's our job to discuss the ads ad naseum, right?

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 9-09    
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Healthcare Provider Offers Help to Those Injured In Super Bowl Ads


Now this is good. Massachusetts health insurer Fallon Community Health Plan took advantage of Super Bowl advertising "violence" using it to hype their health coverage. With simple type on a white background, Newburyport agency Mechanica recounts the 14 commercials and 31 people who, after their appearance in a super Bowl commercial, may need to see a doctor. The ad concludes with "We just hope they all have good health coverage."

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 7-09    
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Post Mortems Armchair Quarterback the Super Bowl


- Here's a list of what has been dubbed The Top Five Most Socially Irresponsible Commercials od the 2009 Super Bowl.

- Collective Intellect has release a post-Super Bowl study examining the uses of social media during the game and found Pepsi to dominate the conversation with 19 percent share of voice. Adding Pepsi's SoBe and Doritos into the mix raises that figure to 40 percent. See a summary of the study here.

- Member's of AOL's FanHouse have chosen Coke's Picnic their favorite Super Bowl commercial followed by Budweiser's Fetch, Bridgestone's Moon Dancers, Budweiser's Clydesdale (unclear which one), Bridgestone's Potato Head, Doritos' Power of Crunch.

- New Media Strategies took a look at all the social media action that took place during the Super Bowl and created a report. There were 190,000 blog mentions and 49,000 tweets among other findings.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 3-09    
Topic: Research, Super Bowl 2009

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Our Super Bowl Faves: Doritos, Cash4Gold, Pedigree, CareerBuilder


For the first time in many years, the ad blogs didn't live blog the Super Bowl. The reason for the change? Simple. One word: Twitter. With at least four different hashtags (words that let you follow a particular Twitter stream), a cascading waterfall of real-time opinion flooded through for all to see. Thousands of people could live tweet their thoughts in 140 character bits instead of a few attempting to type 3,000 words a minute to publish three stories per ad break.


The Twitter stream we arranged along with AdFreak, AgencySpy and Adland was #superads09. It was near impossible to read every tweet but some information did bubble up. People liked the CareerBuilder spot. They liked the Pedigree ad. They liked the Hulu ad. The like all three Doritos ads. They liked Pepsi's Bob Dylan spot.

They hated both GoDaddy commercials. They hated H&R Block. They hated SoBe Life Water. They hated Toyota's Faces. There was debate over the Teleflora ad which not so subtly made fun of, shall we say, less that beautiful people and just how much backlash that spot might generate.


A service called Thummit asked Twitter users to give each ad a thumbs up or a thumbs down and tallied the results here. Oddly, Bridgestone topped the Thumbs Up list with its Hot Item spot. That was followed by the Doritos remote control spot, Coke's Heist and Monster.

Topping the Thummit Thumbs Down list were, no surprise, GoDaddy's Shower and and Baseball commercials. They were followed by Toyota Faces, H&R Block's Death and Taxes and Cheetos Chester the Cheetah.

Over at the USA Today Ad Meter, Doritos topped the list with Free Doritos (Crystal Ball) followed by Budweiser's Circus, Budweiser's Stick, Bridgestone's Potato Heads, Doritos' Power of the Crunch and Car'

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-09    
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Adrants Real Time Super Bowl Advertising Twitter Stream

For easy tweeting without having to add #superads09 manually to every tweet, check out TweetChat. Log in with your Twitter details, join the superads09 room and tweet away. You'll see all the #superads09 tweets and you will be able to easily add yours with #superads09 automatically added. (Sadly, tweeting from TweetChat doesn't always work)

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-09    
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Thumbit Ad Ratings For Super Bowl XLIII

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-09    
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MacGyver Meets MacGruber on Saturday Night Live For Pepsi


So these aren't Super Bowl ads but they are probably better than most of what we'll see during the game. I mean seriously, what's better than MacGyver stuck in a product placement scenario gone bad? Ok, a lot but still. These Saturday Night Live skits are funny and the do a great job illustrating the increasing insanity of product placement.

See the three skits here, here and here.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-09    
Topic: Product Placement, Spoofs, Super Bowl 2009

Pepsi Parody Reflushes Everything


Dare we utter the word parody? Yes we do. Someone's gone out and parodied Pepsi's recent "refresh everything" campaign with a few statements that might feel good to some but may seem offensive to others. Check them all out here.

We are in total connection with reflush everything's tagline, "a parody...please don't sue us."

by Steve Hall    Jan-30-09    
Topic: Brands, Spoofs, Super Bowl 2009

See (Almost) All the Super Bowl Commercials Before They Air


Yes. Yes. We have them all for you. Well, almost all and, to be clear, it's not really us that has them for you just pretend it it is, OK? Courtesy of Cast TV, most of what you'll see Sunday during the Super Bowl can be seen right here right now. Yes, some are teasers and all the Anheiser-Busch spots are missing but, hey, it's a pretty good collection.

Our favorite? The Doritos Power of Crunch commercial.

by Steve Hall    Jan-30-09    
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