Universal Orlando Wants to Make You Super Human


As Super Bowel teasers go, this one from Universal Orlando is fairly pedestrian. Something about a boy. Something about a cape. Something about a feeling. Something about a lifetime chance. Something about being super human.

by Steve Hall    Jan-30-09    
Topic: Super Bowl 2009

Canada Says No to Toronto-Based Adultery Dating Service


Ashley Madison Agency, the company that openly promotes having an extramarital affair and has created a dating service specifically for interested adulterers, is making a spot buy during the Super Bowl. Sadly for Ashley Madison, the spot will not air in the company's home country, Canada, because CTV has dubbed the commercial inappropriate. It will, however air in several U.S. spot markets.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-30-09    
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SoBe Unleashes Its 3D Lizard Lake Commercial


SoBe has released the 3D version of it's Lizard Lake Super Bowl commercial. If you have your 3D glasses, check the commercial out here.

by Steve Hall    Jan-30-09    
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Anheiser-Busch Will Do OK During Super Bowl


Budweiser has released previews of the five commercial it will debut during the Super Bowl tomorrow. In a departure from the past, most (three) of the commercials feature the Clydesdales which, in my opinion, rarely disappoint. In fact, one of the spots, Clydesdales Circus is likely to bring a tear to the eye. Perhaps not the downpour the post-9/11 Clysdesdales commercial did but this one looks like it will be sweet.

Other spots will feature Conan O'Brien doing that Japander thing where he gets convinced he shouldn't worry about anyone seeing his ad becasue it will only air in Sweden and a brainstorming session which involves a radical solution to cutting the budget: don't serve Bud Light at every meeting.

They all show promise. Anheuser-Busch usually does fairly well during the game in terms of commercial likability and this year will likely be the same.

by Steve Hall    Jan-30-09    
Topic: Brands, Commercials, Good, Super Bowl 2009

Direct Response Advertising to Visit Super Bowl


Up for Ed Mcmahon hawking you the latest must-have late night TV style? How about an update on what's going on with old school hip-hop star MC Hammer.? Well, you're going to get both whether or not you like in in a new commercial from Cash4Gold.

Billed as the first direct response commercial to air on a Super Bowl, the commercial will feature McMahon and Hammer hyping Cash4Gold's model of converting precious metals to cash. Both McMahon and Hammer know. first hand, the need for options when it comes to obtaining cash.

Created by Euro RSCG Edge along with Arnold Worldwide and directed by Bryan Buckley who directed GoDaddy's "Broadcast Hearing", E*Trade's "Monkey" & "Money out the Wazoo" and Monster.com's "When I Grow Up", was shot in McMahon's Beverly Hills home and explains Cash4Gold's "satisfaction-guaranteed" service.

If you think MC Hammer is old, wait until you see McMahon in this commercial. We'll have it for you the second it airs during the Super Bowl on Sunday. Yes, strange as it seems, we honor embargoes.

by Steve Hall    Jan-29-09    
Topic: Commercials, Super Bowl 2009

Chester the Cheetah Brings Weird to Super Bowl


Life is full of adventures. Some good, Some bad. But you can't let the bad ones get you down so let's just move on and do what we're supposed to be doing here on Adrants: talk about adverting.

Cheetos has decided to join the Super Bowl action this weekend with a :30 featuring oddball, Chester the Cheetah. The commercial, which, again, centers around Chester encouraging a person to defy convention, will air during the first half of the game.

Created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the commercial continues the freakiness which began with that weird commercial in which two women, one old dude and a Patrick Stewart-voiced, mischievous Chester Charlie who's there but not really hang out in a laundromat.

While we love the Cheetah, it's not going to be easy to outdo the weirdness of that original Laundromat commercial.

by Steve Hall    Jan-29-09    
Topic: Super Bowl 2009

Coke Super Bowl Spot, Surveillance Beetles, Ingestible Syke


- Creatives Chris Yi and Jesse Epstein spent a month and $2000 producing three spots for that Doritos Super Bowl ad contest. Obviously they didn't make the cut, but hey, can you ever have too much material to compare your own to?

- AOL to cut 10% and forgo merit pay increases in '09. Join the club, guys.

- Coca-Cola's contribution to the Super Bowl: Heist. 'Tis cute.

- Print and TV ad tropes invade the online contextual ad space, and this is the kind of crap we get.

- Hey ambitious marketers, here's a radio controlled live beetle. Use it for something magical ... like whispering jingles into the ears of impressionable window-shoppers, Jiminy-Cricket style.

- One reason to spend $9, plus the popcorn fees.

- New energy drink! Syke. No, seriously though.

Like a Well-Bred Debutante, Bud Saves Punchlines for the Big Day


The press folk representing Anheuser-Busch sent us a passel of teasers for this year's Super Bowl. Slapstick takes a backseat to dramatic setup; all punchlines have been saved for Sunday.

Here's three:

"Clydesdales: Generations," an American immigration story starring last year's heavy-hoofed underdog. (They're milkin' this bad-boy for all its worth. The Clydesdale appears in at least two more spots: one circus-themed, another featuring his old Dalmation buddy.) By Waylon Advertising/St. Louis.

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Leaked: SoBe Lifewater Lizard Lake Super Bowl Commercial


You saw thew crappy version here which was debuted at Pepsi's press conference this morning. Now here's a high quality version. It's the 2D version. A 3D version will air during the Super Bowl.

At least it's not Naomi Campbell trying to dance.

by Steve Hall    Jan-27-09    
Topic: Commercials, Super Bowl 2009

SB XLIII: Mean Joe Green Re-Made, Sobe 3D'd, Denny's Teases


- Crispin Porter + Bogusky have remade the classic Mean Joe Green commercial from 1980 for this year's Super Bowl. The new version will feature Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu.

- Just released: Sobe's 3D Super Bowl commercial.

- Here's Denny's Super Bowl tease.

- Miller's one second ads.

- Here are two Pepsi Diet Max ads which will air during the Super Bowl. One. Two.

- Possible Gatorade commercial for Super Bowl.

by Steve Hall    Jan-27-09    
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