Strawberry Frog PSA Calls Attention to Need For Ebola-Fighting Medical Supplies


New York-based humanitarian aid organization AFYA Foundation has teamed with Strawberry Frog to create a video campaign which aims to raise awareness of the need for medical supplies to combat the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone.

The video, directed by Indrani, puts a human face on the statistic that five children came into contact with the Ebola virus in Texas.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-24-14    
Topic: Cause

Volunteer Effort Garners Support For Ukrainian Armed Forces


Kyiv-based ad agency Banda and Radioaktive Film are out with a video which aims to garner support for the Ukranian Armed Forces who have had to leave their families, their friends and their jobs to combat Russians in Eastern Ukraine.

The video, which has close to half million views, was created without any government funds on an entirely volunteer basis. It was helmed by New York director Marc Wilkins.

The video shows soldiers doing their jobs as they share what they do in "real life." It carries the tagline, "None of us was born for war, but we are here to protect our freedom."

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by Steve Hall    Oct-24-14    
Topic: Cause

All Those People Who Slept on the Street Waiting For the New iPhone Will Go Home Today, 600,000 Homeless Americans Will Not


Brilliantly taking advantage of the First World Problem of waiting in line to get the new iPhone, this video for the National Coalition of the Homeless both pokes fun and sends a strong message about sleeping on the streets.

Some people waiting for the new iPhone have slept on the streets for days. They will all go home September 19th. But 600,000 homeless American's will not.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-19-14    
Topic: Cause

Naked Breasts Adorn Billboards For Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


Breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel, which has previously urged college students to touch each other's breasts and presented us with the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships, is, again, placing breasts front and center in its efforts to call attention to breast cancer.

The charity has launched a new billboard and print campaign which consists of naked images of woman's breasts adorned with the one word each woman in the photograph uses to describe her breasts. From sensitive, to doughy to squidgy to firm, the effort aims to get women (and everyone else) comfortable with examining breasts for lumps and discussing breast cancer in general.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-17-14    
Topic: Cause

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10 Universal Marketing Lessons from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


The climax of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has come and gone, but there are still plenty of people dumping freezing cold buckets of water on their heads to raise awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig 's Disease).

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge not only raised awareness about ALS, but it also helped many brands step into the spotlight and market themselves while supporting a great cause. And the best part: the Ice Bucket Challenge raised more than $94.3 million to fund future ALS research.

But there have been tons of awareness campaigns for diseases and disabilities in the past. What made the Ice Bucket Challenge so successful?

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by Steve Hall    Aug-29-14    
Topic: Cause

Promoter Forces Concert Goers to Watch This Guy Flip Out on Ecstacy Before Attending


Here's an interesting approach to festival promotion. Made Event, the promoters of electronic dance music concerts, including , Electric Zoo, has launched "Come To Life." The campaign encourages attendees to organically enjoy -- rather than with chemical enhancement -- the light show, the music and the energy of the crowds.

At the heart of the campaign is the message that concertgoers don't need to do drugs, particularly MDMA, (aka Molly or Ecstasy) to enjoy the festival.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-14    
Topic: Cause

Here's Why Lego Should Maintain Its Partnership With Shell And Why Greenpeace Should Support It


So Greenpeace is out with with an emotionally powerful ad that takes issues with a deal Shell and Lego signed to sell the toy maker's products at gas stations in 26 countries. The ad centers on Shell's Arctic drilling and focuses on the harm an oil spill could have on the environment.

The deal, signed in 2012, is similar to the deal the two had from the 1960's up to the 1990's. The ad, entitled Everything is NOT Awesome, urges people to tell Lego to end its partnership with Shell.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-14    
Topic: Cause

You Will Definitely Find A Better Hiding Place For Your Sex Toys After Watching This Gun Safety Ad


Latching onto the notion children do not respect boundaries or privacy when it comes to snooping around the house for fun items to play with, this gun safety ad from Evolve features two mothers talking to one another while their children run around the house and play.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-14    
Topic: Cause, Racy

When You're World Cup Team Loses, It's Bad. You Won't Believe How Horrifying It is For This Woman


In a PSA for the Tender Education and Arts #StandUpWorldCup campaign, a woman watches as her World Cup team appears to be winning and then doesn't. The look of devastation on her face turns to outright fear which is explained by the statistic that follows.

We won't give away the ending but we guarantee you will find it powerful.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-25-14    
Topic: Cause

If People Didn't Have Guns in the First Place We Wouldn't Need This PSA


OK so the Ad Council, in partnership with the National Crime Prevention Council and the Bureau of Justice Assistance, is out with a new firearms safety campaign entitled Safe Firearms Storage. The work, created by Merkley+Partners, features children basically begging their parents to use caution just as parents so often instruct their kids to use caution when doing things in life like riding a bike or swimming in a pool.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-14    
Topic: Cause