Newspaper Ad Asks 'Got Stumps' Above Story About Amputee


On Sunday, a stick on newspaper ad for tree service TBF Services with the headline "Got Stumps" appeared above a story about an amputee who lost the lower half of her leg in a car accident.

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by Steve Hall    May-12-14    
Topic: Newspaper

Colorado Restaurant Celebrates Pot Legalization With Paranoia-Reducing Pot Pairing Campaign


This week, Colorado restaurant chain Hapa Sushi in Boulder is celebrating the state's legalization of marijuana with a "weedy" print and in-restaurant ad campaign, Happy Legalization, created by TDA_Boulder.

The campaign consists of three ads, running in Colorado weeklies and monthlies. One of the ads, Pairing Menu, doubles as a hand-out menu. Another, Effective January, doubles as a table tent and as an in-restaurant poster.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-14    
Topic: Campaigns, Newspaper

Blank Pages in The New York Times Promote Upcoming Film


For the first time in its history, so says the release, the New York Times has run two blank pages in the A section of its newspaper to promote the 20th Century Fox film "The Book Thief." The blank pages appear consecutively carrying only the Times' logo, date and page number. The second blank page also includes a link to the film's website in 12-point type.

The underlying message of the advertising campaign, "imagine a world without words," we are told, echoes the film's narrative which follows a young girl in WWII Nazi Germany who begins to steal books from war-torn areas and share them with others.

Way to innovate, Gray Lady.

by Steve Hall    Oct-23-13    
Topic: Newspaper

Bowling Alley Uses New York Times Ad Ban For Publicity Grab


Today's tempest in a teacup comes to us courtesy of NYC-based Frames Bowling Lounge which wants to make a big deal out of the fact the New York Times has pulled one of its ad banners because it's too racy.

The ad banner shows a woman lying on a pool table (because, of course, all women do this) along with the copy, "Gentleman, It's Playtime" (because, of course, all men understand hot blonds who lay on pool tables want to have sex).

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by Steve Hall    May-21-13    
Topic: Newspaper

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The Guardian Launches First U.S. Ad Campaign


Touting its U.S. edition, UK-based newspaper The Guardian has launched its first U.S. ad campaign. The paper is well known for its Three Little Pigs and Own the Weekend ads.

The Guardian partnered with BBH New York to launch #VoiceYourView, a campaign that merges the Guardian's editorial voice with its strategy of open journalism.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-13    
Topic: Newspaper, Outdoor

Game of Thrones Dragon Attacks New York Times


Newspaper advertising? Does anyone still do it? It seems like a waste, right? Well, not if the creative garners all kinds of notoriety and publicity as Monday's Game of Thrones ad in the New York Times did.

The HBO ad placed the shadow of a dragon over a two page spread of not-real content. The stories themselves relate to the show. We're a bit surprised we're actually writing about a newspaper ad in 2013 but it just goes to show creativity still exists. Even if it is within a dying medium

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by Steve Hall    Feb-27-13    
Topic: Newspaper

Newspapers Are More Interesting Than A Bear Driving A Car


In an effort to convey just how newspapers can still command a reader's attention, DuvalGuillaume, on behalf of Belgium's Newspaperwork, gave three top newspaper advertisers a free, chauffeur-driven ride (and a newspaper to read) while attempting to distract them with silliness.

Everything from pantless chauffeur drivers to flaming runners to mediuan strip golfers to a bear driving a car to a man in a space suit to an American Indian on a motorcycle couldn't distract the advertisers from their newspapers
Hmm. Either newspapers truly are interesting or the advertisers where just busy attempting to find their own ads and where in the paper their competitors advertise.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-20-12    
Topic: Newspaper, Video

Newspaper Apologizes For Placing Gun Ad Next to Newtown Shooting Story


South Carolina's Rock Hill Herald placed an ad for gun shop Nichols Store adjacent to a news story about Friday's Newton school shooting. While the paper issued a profuse and, no doubt, sincere, apology along with the explanation the newspaper's layout was determined before the shooting, it's hard to believe no one caught this prior to printing. In any event, the newspaper's apology is below.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-16-12    
Topic: Newspaper

Yoko Ono Personalizes Five Copies of Ad She Created


To promote an upcoming Yoko Ono-exhibition at Sweden's contemporary art museum Moderna Museet in Stockholm, TBWA Stockholm asked Yoko Ono to create an ad called AD PIECE, in her trademark instructional way. The ad ran on page 3 in the Arts section of Sweden's largest newspaper, DN.

TBWA asked Yoko Ono to sign five copies of AD PIECE in the newspaper before it went into distribution. Thus making five subscribers of DN the lucky owners of a signed piece by one of the world's most famous artists.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 5-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Newspaper

Possibly the Best Ad For A Newspaper Ever


Adscam's George Parker brings to our attention an amazing ad for The Guardian created by BBH, London. The ad tells the well known story of the Three Little Pigs but with a modern twist. As the story unfolds, we see how it changes and how readers become intimately involved with the story through social media.

Parker writes, "A beautifully executed illustration of the power and interaction possible between traditional and digital media, and how this can rapidly and decisively change the public's perception and interpretation of the story."

Indeed. The ad truly captures how media works now and positions the paper (yea, an old school newspaper) as an important element in both telling the story and enabling other angles of the story to arise.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 5-12    
Topic: Commercials, Newspaper, Online