Not Another JCPenney Hitler Billboard Story


Last night, along with Evol8tion Founder Joe Jaffe, MRY Founder and CEO Matt Britton, Campfire CCO Mike Monello, I appeared on Bob Knorpp's The Beancast. In the podcast, we discussed The Wall Street Journal's list of brands doomed to die, consumer confidence and what it means for marketers, H&M's reaction to the Bangladeshi factory disaster, the importance of mobile and why, after all these years, many brands simply still do not get it, Reddit's native advertisiong play and, yes, that JCPenney Hitler billboard.

Give it a listen here.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-13    
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The Ten Most Interesting Advertising Trends of 2012


The Beancast is a weekly podcast that covers marketing and advertising with an ever-changing roundtable of experts. Each week, host Bob Knorpp focuses on 4-5 topics and gathers experts who can add insight and commentary.

This week guests Farrah Bostic, Saul Colt and Joseph Jaffe discuss some of 2012′s biggest topics in this annal wrap up of the podcast which averages 10,000 listeners each week.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-19-12    
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Beancast Podcast Takes on Super Bowl


Be sure to check out this special edition of The Beancast which takes a look at what to expect during the SUper Bowl in terms of advertising. We also took a look at the efficacy of the USA Today Ad Meter, agism in the advertising industry and Google's latest move which now defines ads as content in search results.

The podcast, moderated by Bob Knorpp featured The Martin Agency VP Account Director Tedd Aurelius, AdPulp's Dan Goldgewiger, Evol8tion's Joe Jaffe and Adrants' Steve Hall.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-12    
Topic: Podcast, Super Bowl 2012

Beancast Examines Scott Montgomery, Benetton, Face Recognition, Infographics


You may have heard of the Beancast. Created and produced by Bob Knorp, it's a weekly podcast about marketing and advertising. Last night, I joined the show along with Womenkind's Kristi Faulkner, Hopkinson Report's Jim Hopkinson and AdPulp and TalentZoo blogger Dan Goldgeiger. We discussed the Scott Montgomery's Advertising Age article in which he claimed agencies take far too much time to develop creative, facial recognition and its application to marketing, infographics and why they have suddenly made a reappearance, the Benetton kissing controversy and the implications of the apparent domination of mobile usage by minority groups.

It was a lively discussion and you can check out the show notes here, link directly to the podcast here or grab it off iTunes here.

by Steve Hall    Nov-21-11    
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Agency Moves, Ad Women Celebrated, Facebook Makes Billions


- Agency moves offices. Makes video. Makes statement. Gets all political. Carries big letters down the sidewalk.

- On his The Marketing Show podcast, John Follis discusses the growth and success of Help A Reporter Out, a site created by Peter Shankman that's designed to connect sources with journalists.

- AdWomen and I Have an Idea are set to debut their list of the World's Most Influencial Creative Directors. Each week, a new one will be revealed.

- eMarketer estimates ad spending on Facebook will reach $4.05 billion worldwide in 2011 -- more than double last year's figure of $1.86 billion in global ad revenues.

by Steve Hall    Jan-18-11    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Podcast

Babies Curled, Kindle Calmed, Facebook Placed, Meester Gets Wang


- It's not in English but the point is pretty clear: curling is a very, very strange sport.

- Amazon is out with a couple of less threatening Kindle ads that decidedly do not go head to head with Apple's iPad.

- Be sure to check out this week's Beancast in which some idiot named Steve Hall tries to sound like he knows what he's talking about when it comes to Facebook's new Deals offering.

- Murray Newlands is out with a new book, How to Make A Blog Book. Check out the Facebook page too.

- If you're Gossip Girl fan, you'll likely want to check out Leighton Meester in the new Vera Wang campaign when it breaks next summer. It's currently being shot in New York.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 8-10    
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SL Exists, iAd Discussed, Cadbury Mixes, Conan Goes basic


- Check out this collection of ads for products and retail outlets in Second Life. Yes, marketers, the place still exists.

- While the rest of the world seems to hate the Tiger/Earl Woods ad, some ad execs wished they had thought of the idea.

- It's finally out. KFC's bunless fried chicken sandwich. With bacon. And cheese. And an ad to pimp it.

- Hadji Williams, Peter Shankman and Adweek's Tim Nudd take on Tiger's Adness, why the internet sucks for selling stuff, the iAd revolution (it is, no, for real), and why nobody cares if Yelp lies about reviews or not.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-12-10    
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Ad Bloggers Bitch About Super Bowl Ads on Beancast


Last night, I was part of this week's Beancast with Bob Knorpp. Along with Adland's Ask Wappling, Make the Logo Bigger's Bill Green and AdScam's George Parker we skewered this year's Super Bowl commercials, Crapped on Google's Buzz and laughed at Edelman's study which claimed, in a nutshell, no one trusts their friends' recommendations any more.

In terms of the best Super Bowl commercial, we agreed Google was it. It was one of the few commercial that actually explained how the product worked and what it's benefit could be to people. The commercial wasn't perfect. There was debate on it's effectiveness in terms of the attention level it required to understand it and how that might be difficult during a drunken Super Bowl party. But George Parker made the point that, well, that's the point. The game and the commercial scream at you for three hours. The Google ad was a welcome and calming interlude between all the screaming. In that respect, it may have commanded a bit more attention that, say, Betty White getting thrown to the ground.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-15-10    
Topic: Podcast, Super Bowl 2010

Domino's Loses the Cardboard, Google Almost Loses $500 Million


Last night I had the pleasure of recording a Beancast episode with Make the Logo Bigger's Bill Green, Please Feed the Animals' and Lemonade Movie creator Eric Proulx and The Beancast's Bob Knorp. We discussed the recent Domino's recipe change and the importance of actually solving a problem as opposed to just throwing money at it. We riffed on the Cablevision debacle. We took at a look at the growing importance of the community manager in relation to the rise in importance of social media. We waxed nostalgic about the jingle and we laughed out loud at Google's $500 million Yelp offer.

Check out the show notes here. Download the podcast directly here or get it on iTunes here.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 4-10    
Topic: Brands, Cable, Podcast, Social

Volkswagen Pisses, Fat Boy Grunts, Nipples Flattened, Nipples Exposed


OK. Time to play catch up.

- For some inexplicable reason, images of people who've pissed their pants are supposed to sell Volkswagen GTIs.

- Those grunting and groaning sounds you hear from your son's room? It's not what you think.

- Verizon continues to slam AT&T.

- Those Japanese. They think of everything. For the ladies whose nipples get much too large for concealment in cold weather, try the USB Bust Beauty Pad.

- The long, frustrating road to "Strawberry Flavored Juice Drink Blend" and the idiocy of selling juice that really isn't juice.

- "Social ads don't drive clickthroughs. Unlike billboards."

- And then there's the whole exposed nipple thing American Apparel loves so much. NSFW>.

- Julia Allison. You've never hear of her (unless you're a social media troll and love Twitter) but she is now featured in a new Sony ad alongside Justin Timberlake.

- Be sure to check out episode 5 of AdVerve with Bill Green and Angela Natividad.

- Conde Nast ad pages dropped 43 percent (8,359 pages) in 2009.

- The Art Director's Club has a new look.

by Steve Hall    Nov-11-09    
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