American Copywriter Super Bowl Podcast Released


As promised John January and Tug McTighe have released their 2006 Super Bowl podcast in which they laud and lambaste the big game's commercials. We'll be listening. You should too.

Also, don't miss the Across the Sound Super Bowl podcast with Joe Jaffe and guest-host FRCH Design Worldwide's Kevin Dugan

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-06    
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American Copywriter to Podcast the Super Bowl


Tug and John of the American Copywriter podcast will combine chips, dip and beer with a podcast commentary on today's Super Bowl and, no doubt, some of the best ad commentary out there. They promise to make the podcast available as early as possible Monday morning making for the perfect commute to work after today's advertising orgasm. Visit the podcast site early Monday morning to get the podcast or just subscribe to the feed and have it sent to you as soon as it's published.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-06    
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Rocketboom to Sell Ad Time Via eBay, Retain Creative Control


The madly successful video podcast Rocketboom, which garners 130,000 downloads per day, has decided to accept advertising and will do so by auctioning off ad time on eBay. Rocketboom, produced by Andrew Baron and anchored by Amanda Congdon, will require the winning bidder to relinquish creative control and allow Baron and Congdon to create the ad. If the advertiser does not like what Rocketboom creates, the deal is off. Separate from the auction, and in the future, Rocketboom says they will consider any company and their post-roll ad.

UPDATE: Baron clarifies writing us, "The advertiser will relinquish all control. If we get a high bidder, they will pay us right away. Then we will make the ads and play them on Rocketboom whether they like the ads or not. They will understand that by placing a bid, they give up complete control to us to do what we will."

UPDATE II: The bid is up to $15,000. Not bad.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-06    
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Maybelline France Launches Podcast Beauty Series


Making an effective use of the podcast medium, Maybelline in France has, as pointed out by Adverblog, launched a series of beauty tip podcasts in both audio and video format for those who simply can't be satisfied with the already overflowing supply of beauty advice available in every other conceivable form of media

by Steve Hall    Jan-19-06    
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Human Choir Provides Sound For Honda Civic Ad


Eschewing the usual source for sound effects, Wieden + Kennedy London has created a two minute commercial for Honda UK and used a choir of humans to generate all the sounds in an ad for the new Honda Civic. The ad will be available, beginning today, as a video podcast. A microsite accompanies the ad which features a 3D-ish model of the car that people can view from different angles, a "making of" video and a service where visitors can sign up for a test drive.

by Steve Hall    Jan-13-06    
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Adrants Makes Podcast Debut on 'Across the Sound'


So we've finally jumped on the podcasting bandwagon or, at least, we've hitched a test drive with an appearance as guest host on Across the Sound. A few months ago, Joe Jaffe and Steve Rubel launched Across the Sound which covers new marketing, media and PR. In late December, Steve Rubel had to back out to focus on other commitments and Jaffe decided to bring on some guests hosts. Timidly, we raised our hand while, at the same time, cringing at the thought of hearing our own voice uttering non-sequitors and pointless blather we so often relish trashing here on Adrants.

During the podcast, we rambled on about the genesis of Adrants, Brandweek's fascinating insight into the apparent pointlessness of blogs, those three year old PUMA spoof ads (more here, here, here and here), Sprint's Ambassador Program, cable news network screw ups, Stormhoek wineries who doubled sales in less than 12 months by leveraging a blog campaign in the sales process and Intel's poor choice of tagline.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-06    
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Adrants to Guest Host 'Across the Sound' Podcast


Well we've sat around long enough debating whether or not to launch a podcast and, as is usually the case around here, we need a swift kick in the ass to get moving on just about everything. That swift kick came from Joe Jaffe, founder and co-host of Across the Sound, a podcast about new marketing, media and PR. Since his co-host, Steve Rubel has moved on, Joe has invited a few ad industry folks - UnderScore Marketing President Tom Hespos, The M-Show host John Wall, Carat Fusion Business Development Director John Durham and being Adrants Founder Steve Hall - to guest host the show. Our appearance should air in the second week of January.

It's not a permanent gig but it will be our first foray into another form of self expression. Since we seem to have so much to say here, another channel through which to shovel our babble might be a good thing. Or, it could be a disaster and we'll go down publicly as a blubbering idiot with a serious case of verbal diarrhea. But, either way, it should be great entertainment for you so subscribe to Across the Sound now so you don't miss one minute of our rise to podcast fame or decline into podcast flame.

by Steve Hall    Dec-28-05    
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Syndicate Announces 'Media Environment' Show Info


IDG World Expo has released details of the "Syndicated Media Environment" conference track at Syndicate, scheduled to take place December 12-14, 2005 at the Hilton San Francisco. This track will discuss how new syndication and social media tools such as RSS, blogs and podcasts are being applied by old and new media companies.

The Syndicate conference shows how syndication and social media tools such as RSS, blogs and podcasts are helping to change the way businesses do business. The "Syndicated Media Environment" track is one of four tracks and a timely topic following recent news of more and more people accessing TV shows on BitTorrent and pulling the programs down as an RSS feed. David Berlind of ZDNet explained that once a TV show is digitized and loaded into BitTorrent, "not only are the broadcasters completely disintermediated from the distribution of their content, so too is their adverstising business model." We tend to agree.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-30-05    
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Podcast Ad Network Launched


On the heels of Audible's podcast measurement service announcement, RadioTail has announced a podcast ad network that acts as a sales force and ad server for podcasters. Acknowledging the podcast elite's wariness about advertisers tainting their precious podcasts, RadioTail has launched a humorous site called SellOutBigTime where podcasters can upload their podcast and have parody ads appear in the podcast.

by Steve Hall    Nov-14-05    
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'American Copywriter' Podcast On Radio Talent Zoo


If you haven't yet heard the American Copywriter podcast team John January and Tug Mctighe stir things up, you can now find their weekly podcast on Radio Talent Zoo. Radio Talent Zoo is a network of podcasts concentrating on the communications industry and includes on hosted by Sally Hogshead.

On their podcast, John and Tug talk about advertising, marketing and popular culture along with a nice-sized portion of personal ramblings, tangential stories and occasionally successful attempts at actual comedy.

Linstening to American Copywriter 25, the first posted to Talent Zoo, we have to wonder if part of American Copywriter's contract with Talent Zoo had a stipulation that John and Tug *must* swear during their podcast because the most recent podcats is laced with all the favorites. Not that they didn't swear before nor do we have a problem with swearing but the ratio of swear to non-swear has leaped dramatically upward.

by Steve Hall    Nov-11-05    
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