Ethical Advertising: Balancing Profit and Responsibility


Maintaining an ethical approach to advertising is key if you work in marketing. Ethical branding shows that you care about the needs of your audience and take your social responsibility seriously.

Utilizing shady marketing techniques -- like manipulative pricing and false claims -- can land you in hot legal water and damage your reputation, too. This is a serious issue if you are marketing a growing brand and are trying to capture a share of the target market for yourself. Folks will turn their back on brands that exploit their data and use manipulative marketing tactics.

Conversely, ethically minded audiences will show greater loyalty toward firms that use recycled paper, protect their personal data, and ask for consent before pushing personalized PPC campaigns. This can help you craft a niche as a people-first brand and is sure to pay dividends in the months and years to come.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 3-24    
Topic: Opinion

7 Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Drive Results


It doesn't matter if you're talking about wholesale real estate or a more traditional real estate transaction; one of the most critical elements of this industry is and will always be marketing.

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by Becca Williams    Dec- 4-23    
Topic: Opinion

Ethics in Advertising: Balancing Creativity and Responsibility


In the ever-evolving world of digital advertising, ethics play a crucial role in maintaining trust between businesses and consumers. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has become an essential component of online marketing strategies, allowing companies to reach their target audience effectively. However, with great power comes great responsibility. This article will explore the significance of ethics in advertising, specifically in PPC management services. We will discuss the importance of balancing creativity and commitment to create ethical and effective PPC campaigns.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-17-23    
Topic: Opinion

10 Small Businesses to Launch in 2022


More and more people are choosing to work for themselves, and it's easy to see why. Self-employed entrepreneurs don't have to answer to anyone and get to set their own hours. Talk about a dream situation.

If you're ready to take the jump into self-employment, the first step is selecting what you're going to do. This article should help with that. So keep reading to find ten small business ideas you can use in 2022 and beyond.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-31-22    
Topic: Opinion

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How to Find New Clients as a Freelancer


If you have ever felt that your life needs a bit more excitement and that you cannot stand your regular nine to five job anymore, then you have probably given freelancing some thought. It is one of the most satisfying areas of work where you can find yourself. You just need to find your niche and start applying for jobs.

To get into the game, you'll need an updated resume with all your relevant skills. However, when you are new to freelancing, you'll want to find a regular flow of new customers. Here are a couple of ideas on how to keep your job flow steady.

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by Steve Hall    May-20-20    
Topic: Opinion

Why You Should Never Cut Marketing and Ad Spending During a Crisis


The current global pandemic is unprecedented for individuals and businesses around the globe. As stores close and consumers retreat to their homes, many firms are contracting their spending in hopes of weathering an economic disaster.

But many companies are going about this all wrong.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 7-20    
Topic: Opinion

Yes, We Are Still Talking About Booth Babes And, Yes, They Are Still Here to Stay


Whether you like it or not, booth babes are still very much a part of exhibitions. Despite the controversy, bans and threats you will almost definitely see a booth babe at the next trade show you attend.

Promotional models spend their time posing for photos with delegates and gawkers alike. Questions have been raised as to whether or not using booth babes can improve the effectiveness of your exhibit.

Let's, once again, take a deep dive into the world of booth babes.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-10-20    
Topic: Opinion

4 Biggest Marketing Blunders


It's incredible how some businesses today can fail so spectacularly in their marketing strategy. With bad example after bad example, you think that companies would learn from each other and know exactly what not to do by now.

But, when companies get sloppy, it shows in the quality of their marketing campaigns. They don't understand their audience. They misread the seriousness of a situation. They don't take the time to think about how their ad could potentially be interpreted wrong. Or, they aren't able to correctly anticipate the reaction from their audience.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-17-19    
Topic: Opinion

7 Tips On Writing Impactful Onboarding Emails


Onboarding customers isn't something that belongs just on your website. Email, as one of the most effective marketing tools is an excellent place for this too. However, you have to know how to make the right kind of impact with your customers.

Here are some tips you might find useful:

Understand the customers

The first step to anything is research - in this case, of your customers. For one, start paying attention to what people are already doing with your software. Use metrics to track their engagement, actions and reactions to different things. You'll get a lot of data about your customers from different analytics sources. All of this data should be analyzed and comprehended in a way that can help you understand your users better.

The fact is, without understanding who your customers are, you are shooting blindly. Avoid making this mistake and research everything you can.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 1-19    
Topic: Opinion

7 Emerging Advertising Strategies for 2019


Consumers never see the process, only the end results, but marketers are always busy finding marketing moves that align with current trends. As 2019 slowly rolls around, it's time to ramp up your advertising methods to meet your marketing goals.

Although 2019 is a new year, some 2018 marketing trends haven't yet lost their value and can still be applied. Marketing professionals must consistently find ways to seamlessly and effectively integrate new trends with existing trends. Since technology is constantly and rapidly growing, new consumer opinions and new laws and regulations must be considered while implementing strategies.

When considering new marketing strategies to implement in 2019, marketers pay attention to upcoming trends and government regulations. It isn't too early to figure out which marketing tactics to implement right away in the new year. We have compiled a list of the top trends to utilize in the coming year.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-18    
Topic: Opinion