7 Tips On Writing Impactful Onboarding Emails


Onboarding customers isn't something that belongs just on your website. Email, as one of the most effective marketing tools is an excellent place for this too. However, you have to know how to make the right kind of impact with your customers.

Here are some tips you might find useful:

Understand the customers

The first step to anything is research - in this case, of your customers. For one, start paying attention to what people are already doing with your software. Use metrics to track their engagement, actions and reactions to different things. You'll get a lot of data about your customers from different analytics sources. All of this data should be analyzed and comprehended in a way that can help you understand your users better.

The fact is, without understanding who your customers are, you are shooting blindly. Avoid making this mistake and research everything you can.

Segment based on activity

After you are done with your research, you can move on to segmenting your customers by their interaction with your software and their behavior. This is really important because this is the way you will know what type of content to send them and what kind of messages to offer. This way you get engagement, sharing and customers get actual value instead of getting some random content which would better suit someone else.

Create quality copy

In order to really capture their attention, the content needs to be good as well. There are many ways to write good copy - there are methods, and patterns which you can follow to create something really compelling but you might want to start by simply offering value.
Tell a story. Show, rather than tell. Format it for readability. These are the simple tips.
However, there is more to it.

For one, include some humor. Humor brings the walls down and people relax with you through the emails. Use more "You" and "I"than general pronouns. This creates the feeling of having a real conversation. Show them social proof. This shows them that other people have used and liked your software.

"Use active voice, harmony and dynamic in your sentences. Be persuasive by listing not the features but the benefits - the things your users will get as a result of using this software," says an email marketer at EliteAssignmentHelp, Gretchen Simpson.

Write Better Emails

With emails it can be really important how you write them as well. Grammar and spelling mistakes are a major cause of people leaving your email and hesitating to work with your brand. You may think that no one ever notices that - and partially, you'd be right. When there are no grammar or spelling mistakes no one is going to say a word but when there are, everyone notices and holds it against you.
So, use these tools to fix it:

ViaWriting and Writing Populist are grammar resources that can help you fix your grammar mistakes in an educational way - by providing tips and guides you can follow to fix them.

Big Assignments and Essayroo are online proofreading tools recommended in Assignment Services - and for a good reason. These tools can fix various mistakes ranging from innocent typos to major syntax ones.

Studydemic and Simplegrad are blogs with useful suggestions on writing. They can help you learn proper email writing style and thus manage to onboard more users.

OXEssays and Boomessays are editing tools suggested by Revieweal which said that they do an excellent job editing various types of documents.

My Writing Way and LetsGoAndLearn are writing guides which can give you tips on writing and editing your emails to perfection.

Customize and personalize

Each email needs to be customized to your customer. This means that if the customer just got their first success because of your software, you should send a congratulations email. When they finish their trial send a custom email. When they make a purchase send an email. You should follow them in their path and be there to help and celebrate with your emails. This is the value of the onboarding process for both you and your customer - you get to know each other and work together in a way, through your software.

This is why you should also present them with a friendly face from your company - a name and a person who is behind all of the helpful emails.

Provide just one CTA

Every email should have a CTA. One single impactful CTA. Not more. Some companies make the grave mistake of offering multiple and customers are really not good with choices. Most of them give up rather than to choose between too many options. So, send just a single compelling CTA that your users can follow and act upon.

Remain consistent

Consistency is the key in the onboarding process. You need to remain present for your user, keep reminding them of the benefits your services have and so on. Even if they don't bring conversions, trial users will eventually convert but you can be a good host and give them great content, fun updates and reminders and so on.

Onboarding through email is not only possible but it's also done by many tech companies across the world. Email is still among the most beloved weapons of choice and you should try using it for your company.

This guest article was written by Chloe Bennet, a content manager at UK Writings and State Of Writing websites. She helps with email marketing, blog posting and social media. Chloe tutors at Best Essay Services, an educational domain.

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