Yellow Up, Anderson Out, Nielsen Socializes, Blu-Ray Revealed


- Simba reports worldwide yellow pages revenue increased 2.8 percent to $31,62 billion in 2006. While a slight decline is anticipated for 2007, 2008 is predicted to see another increase. Who knew people still used yellow pages?

- As if you hadn't heard, DDB Chicago President Dana Anderson has left the building citing the need to spend more time with her daughter before she heads to college next year.

- That forward thinking company, Nielsen has gone all social networking on out asses with its Hey! Nielsen.

- Sometime you want to appreciate a commercial simply for what it is. Other times, you want to analyze to death all aspects of it and all the work that went into creating it. If you're interested in the latter, Sony's got a behind the scenes video covering the making of its recent Blu-Ray commercial.

- David Pitlyuk has a nice summary of the history of online video advertising and where he thinks it's going.

by Steve Hall    Aug-24-07    
Topic: Agencies, Social, Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages Joins The Living With New Syndicated Ratings Service


In what some might assume, incorrectly, to be an effort to save a dying medium, Yellow Pages publishers have banded together in support of a new syndicated third-party measurement system called Yellow Pages Market Reporter. The service is backed by ten Yellow Pages publishers and has signed up 12 agencies. The service is based on research done by Knowledge Networks/SRI across 75,000 Yellow Pages users in 125 geographic areas. Perhaps the research will prove prematurely prevailing wisdom wrong and find Johnny still needs that fat Yellow Pages book on his chair to reach the table.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 5-06    
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