Custom Vinyl Decal: Using The Tool To Drive The Business Traffic


When compared to the traditional modes of advertisement, such as banners, flyers, and postcards, vinyl decals are the most preferred option for businesses. One of the biggest reasons for a business to rely in decals is that it is not prone to wear and tear. Moreover, the other modes of advertisement succumb to damage and tend to fade over time. No wonder, the upcoming businesses rely on decals greatly and create their marketing strategy based on the usability of decals.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-25-22    
Topic: Specialty

How To Master Music Marketing and Get People To Listen


If you are a musician in today's world, one of your biggest questions is probably how to get people to listen to your music. Record labels are not really working with people who don't have a large fan base and all that's left to do is to self-promote.
But how?

Build an email list

Email list is one of the most essential things when it comes to marketing your music. Most artists simply forget or neglect to do it or they think that it's outdated. However, an email list is a crucial part of any marketing strategy.

You need to start building it before you even finish your album. A year earlier is a good place to start but you can definitely go earlier. Gather people, share useful and entertaining content and stay consistent.

There is no use releasing an amazing album when there is no one there to buy it. With a newsletter, you have someone to market it to and that could be a valuable source of attention for your music.

If you are not quite sure how to get people on that list, you could try offering one or two free songs in exchange for an email or offer an ebook on something from your industry. People love freebies and will usually go for it.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-12-19    
Topic: Specialty

MINI Gives Props to Other Car Owners With Branded 'Compliment Cards'


Like your friend's car? Or maybe the car some stranger parked beside you? Or maybe you just have a crush on someone (or their car) and you want to let them know? MINI has you covered. The car brand, with help from Boston-based BEAM Interactive, is out with a collection of "car compliment cards" you can drop on the windshield of cars you love or just to add some excitement to the boredom of the day.

Check them out on this Facebook page.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-14    
Topic: Specialty

Internet-Enabled Coffee Machine Demonstrates Singapore's Ability to Facilitate Business Ventures


Here's a pretty cool idea. Working with Strawberry Frog, The Secret Little Agency and Tellart, EDB, a Singapore-based government group which promotes the city as a business destination debuted The Coffee Connector at The Economist Big ReThink Conference last month.

Leveraging the notion that grabbing a cup of coffee is a great way for a couple of people to build a relationship and coupling that with EDB's goal of facilitating companies to create successful business ventures, The Coffee Connector demonstrated the value of strong relationships. Each party is then rewarded with a freshly brewed cup of Highlander Coffee and the beginning of a lasting connection.

The Coffee Connector is an ingenious, internet connected coffee maker that only works when two people are standing together squarely in front of the machine. In order for the machine to dispense coffee, the two people must introduce themselves by entering their names and indicating their interests.

The Coffee Connector is, of course, a metaphor for EDB's purpose and intent which is to present Singapore as a place for global companies to come together and connect in meaningful ways.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-24-14    
Topic: Specialty

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Coke Offers Israelis 3D Printed Versions of Themselves


To promote Coke's new mini bottle in Israel, Gefen Team came up with a mini-me themed promotion that nicely encapsulated the mini-ness of the new bottle.

Using the 360 degree scanning and 3D printing technologies, the agency built a 3D printing lab inside Coca-Cola's main factory in Israel. The scanner captured human figures in a couple of minutes. The agency then transformed the photographic images into a 3D model and high resolution 3D printers were then used to create mini-me versions of participants.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-22-13    
Topic: Specialty

Coke Social Robot Shares Hot, Half-Dressed Israelis With Homebound Teens


To make sure every teen in Israel was able to experience its annual Coca-Cola Summer Love festival, the brand, with help from Israeli agency gTeam, created the Coke Social Robot. Controlled by users at home, the robot helped those who couldn't make it to the event join the fun.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-16-13    
Topic: Brands, Outdoor, Racy, Specialty

Coke FM 'Magazine Dock' Solves iPhone 5 Docking Problem


Very, very cool. To celebrate the one year anniversary of Coke FM, the brand's online radio station, JWY Brazil turned an issue of Brazilian teen magazine Capricho into a speaker dock for an iPhone. With some simple die cuts, the agency turned the magazine into a lasting branded element. Well, at least for those who can't afford a real iPhone dock.

With the new iPhone making every existing docking station obsolete, this iphone magazine dock may have a longer than expected lifespan

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by Steve Hall    Sep-26-12    
Topic: Specialty

Applebee's Inflatable Dolls Hide Lunch Breaks From Bosses


Following it's ironic effort to make it hip to eat at Applebee's, the brand is out with a less ironic but questionably practical approach to encouraging more people to lunch at their restaurants. Believing that every cube-caged worker in America deserves to get out of the office for lunch, the brand has launched a line of Lunch Decoy inflatable dolls workers can place in their cube to trick their bosses into thinking they are working through lunch.

The dolls are available for $6.99 and come in both genders and a variety of ethnicities. The effort aims to call attention to the chain's Pick 'N Pair lunch menu. We're not sure the Crispin Porter + Bogusky-created tactic will be as foolproof as the brand would like it to be but it's sure to get a few laughs from the bosses who still possess a sense of humor.

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-12    
Topic: Guerilla, Specialty, Strange

Forget Jennifer Love Hewitt. Scarlett Johansson's Boobs Grace Sex Shop Business Cards

Image: TMZ

Alright. So while everyone is obsessing over Jennifer Love Hewitt's digital breast reduction, Scarlett Johansson's equally impressive chest is front and center on the business cards of a California-based sex shop called VIP. On the cards, Johansson can be seen wearing a black bra under an unbuttoned shirt.

TMZ discovered the business card and of the find, Johansson told E! News, "I applaud TMZ's, once again, award winning investigative journalism for securing the knowledge of my legions of Mexican fans."

According to TMZ, the store manager, who has no idea who Scarlett Johansson is, said the store owner ordered cards from a company, told the company he wanted a girl on the card and the company snagged the image of Johansson.

by Steve Hall    Apr-11-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Specialty

Ordering Pizza Online Finally Simplified


Back in the day when the web was born, the first thing everyone thought it would be good for, aside from porn, was ordering pizza. Today, porn still rules the internet and you can still order a pizza online. But things have gotten more sophisticated. And simpler.

We're not really going to discuss the online advancements of porn but we are going to highlight a very interesting development from Dubai-based Red Tomato Pizza. They've created a VIP button that you affixe to your refrigerator. When you press it, your favorite pizza is delivered to you.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-26-12    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Specialty