Ordering Pizza Online Finally Simplified


Back in the day when the web was born, the first thing everyone thought it would be good for, aside from porn, was ordering pizza. Today, porn still rules the internet and you can still order a pizza online. But things have gotten more sophisticated. And simpler.

We're not really going to discuss the online advancements of porn but we are going to highlight a very interesting development from Dubai-based Red Tomato Pizza. They've created a VIP button that you affixe to your refrigerator. When you press it, your favorite pizza is delivered to you.

How does it work? It hooks up via Bluetooth. You receive a confirmation text message right after you press the button. And you can change your order preference online at any time.

Red Tomato Pizza is sending the button to its most loyal customers with their favorite order preset based on their order history. Below are two videos. On is a cheesy, movie-style trailer that promotes the button. The second is a video explaining how the button works.

by Steve Hall    Mar-26-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Specialty