Coke Offers Israelis 3D Printed Versions of Themselves


To promote Coke's new mini bottle in Israel, Gefen Team came up with a mini-me themed promotion that nicely encapsulated the mini-ness of the new bottle.

Using the 360 degree scanning and 3D printing technologies, the agency built a 3D printing lab inside Coca-Cola's main factory in Israel. The scanner captured human figures in a couple of minutes. The agency then transformed the photographic images into a 3D model and high resolution 3D printers were then used to create mini-me versions of participants.

People were invited to participate in the activity and create their own virtual mini-me versions using a mobile app. Gamifying things a bit, each participant had to make sure their mini-me was happy by taking care of its basic needs (Tamagotchi-style) and its social well-being. There was even a virtual mini supermarket where people could buy more food for their mini-mes.

Users who participated in the activity were invited to the Coca-Cola factory, where they underwent a 360 degree full-body scan and received the 3D printed mini-me version of themselves within a few hours.

by Steve Hall    Aug-22-13   Click to Comment   
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