7 Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Drive Results


It doesn't matter if you're talking about wholesale real estate or a more traditional real estate transaction; one of the most critical elements of this industry is and will always be marketing.

But it would be a mistake to assume you're only marketing the property you're focused on now. In reality, there are two things you're selling - your properties and yourself.

In an era when real estate is becoming increasingly competitive and more professionals are cropping up all the time, "what you do" and "how you do it" become equally important.

Driving results with real estate marketing is often less the product of any one major move and is more about a series of smaller and more strategic ones. Therefore, to truly get ahead of the pack, there are several key things you'll want to keep in mind.

1. Creating Stunning Property Visuals

They say you can only make one first impression, so you'd better make it a good one. In real estate, most people will discover a property for the first time in the same way: through an online real estate listing. Therefore, that listing must be as strong as possible, and you must have the visuals to match.

After you stage the property, invest in professional photography to make the space come to life. If you can afford to do so, embrace technologies like augmented reality or virtual reality to give 360-degree views of rooms. Your goal is to help make it possible for people to envision themselves in the property in question.

2. Leveraging Social Media Platforms

While most people will find a listing for the first time on a site like Redfin or Zillow, remember that you're also marketing yourself. Now would be an excellent time if you haven't already started using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter/X.

Don't just post available properties, though. Post articles you think people will find interesting, answer questions, and more. Offer something of value on social media without necessarily expecting anything in return.

3. Cultivating Client Referrals

If you have a successful client experience, don't hesitate to ask for referrals. Yes, you know you've just sold someone a house, and they probably won't be looking again anytime soon. But they might have friends and family members who are, and if you want your name to come up in the conversation, sometimes you have to go out of your way to make that happen.

4. Optimizing Your Website for SEO

In terms of your own real estate business, most people will discover you online for the first time via a search engine like Google. This means search engine optimization (or SEO for short) is paramount.

Ensure all the pages on your site are keyword optimized - not just for general real estate-related keywords, but ones that relate to the specific areas you operate in. The higher you rank on Google, the more traffic your site will get.

5. Network, Network, Network

While building a network of potential clients is always recommended as part of your real estate marketing strategy, one must always appreciate the power of cultivating relationships with other professionals, too.

Attend industry events and try to meet other like-minded individuals in your area. Make friends with people and offer to help whenever you can. If someone ever has a transaction they can't handle, you might get a referral - thus building out the sources you can draw from in the future.

6. The Power of Content Marketing

Part of real estate marketing is to establish yourself as an authority. Content marketing is an exceptional way to do that.

Is there a real estate trend in your area that people have many questions about? Write a helpful blog post that sheds light or offers a unique perspective. Reach out to other industry blogs and offer to write guest posts or record videos for your YouTube channel.

If someone is going to enter into a real estate transaction with you, they're putting a certain amount of trust in your abilities. The more authority you can build, the more that trust will come naturally. Plus, the content you're creating won't just live on your website - it's also a great way to post more on social media sites.

7. Email Marketing Campaigns Work

Finally, don't neglect email marketing in the fast-paced digital world that we're living in. Collect as many email addresses as possible throughout your work and send as much helpful content as possible.

Did you just post a great new listing that will undoubtedly go fast? Give your email list a heads-up to make them feel appreciated. Did you just write a great new blog post published on your site? Send an email so that people won't miss it.

Only email people sometimes - just do so enough to stay at the top of their minds. That way, when they need a real estate professional, you're increasing the likelihood that the first person they call is you.

Be Proactive With Your Marketing Efforts

In the end, empowering your real estate efforts with a thoughtfully constructed, forward-thinking marketing campaign accomplishes several important goals simultaneously. The most immediate is that it increases your visibility, making it easier to attract potential buyers or renters. Marketing can also be a way to establish yourself as an authority in an admittedly competitive industry. Above all else, you want to ensure that people understand that yours is a voice worth paying attention to.

But in a larger sense, marketing is one of the components that allows you to drive successful outcomes. You're not just in it for yourself - you're ultimately along for someone else's journey, too, and you want to do whatever it takes to make that experience as satisfying as possible. You do all this and more by embracing strategic approaches like those outlined above.

As a real estate professional, you also help stay ahead of an ever-evolving market, ensuring you achieve the desired results for your property listings.

by Becca Williams    Dec- 4-23   Click to Comment   
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