10 Small Businesses to Launch in 2022


More and more people are choosing to work for themselves, and it's easy to see why. Self-employed entrepreneurs don't have to answer to anyone and get to set their own hours. Talk about a dream situation.

If you're ready to take the jump into self-employment, the first step is selecting what you're going to do. This article should help with that. So keep reading to find ten small business ideas you can use in 2022 and beyond.


You'll likely be able to do consulting no matter what your professional background is, as long as you have enough experience and a proven track record of success. This involves leveraging your expertise to help other businesses succeed.

Remember that your business insurance needs may vary based on the type of consulting you're going to do. And you definitely want to have some type of insurance in place if you're going to be advising other companies on what they should be doing.

Business insurance covers the costs of pretty much everything that could go wrong while you consult other clients. It can help with business errors, lost wages, property damage, and legal costs, among other things.

With the right insurance plan, it becomes much easier to let yourself grow a consulting business exactly how you want to. You won't have to waste as much time or energy worrying about what would happen if something went wrong.

Tutoring or Teaching

It's never been easier to teach something to other people online. So that makes this another great business idea to consider - especially if you're experienced in something that many people would like to learn about.

Copywriting or Blog Writing

You could also become a freelance writer. Lots of companies need copywriting and blog writing for their websites. You can connect with them on freelance job boards like Upwork and Fiverr. Just make sure that you have some good writing samples to show potential clients.


Many businesses wish to have written versions of important conversations, meetings, and interviews. Transcriptionists make this possible. They listen to audio files and type out what they hear. This could be a good business for you if you're a fast typer.

Home Care Services

The number of Americans aged 65 and over is expected to rise to just under 100 million by 2060. That's more than double the number of seniors there were in 2018. At the same time, many older adults choose to stay in their homes rather than move into retirement centers. This presents a business opportunity.

Home care services go into seniors' homes and help them with basic nursing support, household chores, and personal tasks like bathing and going to the bathroom.

This business would allow you to form meaningful relationships with older adults, and you wouldn't have to spend all of your time in an office.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting can be a surprisingly lucrative business. It could be the right one for you if you're passionate about animals.

The job is to essentially go and stay in someone's home to be with their pet while they're away. You may take the animal on a walk, play with it in the background, and make sure that it's fed and receives lots of attention.

As you can imagine, this gives you a lot of time to focus on other responsibilities, such as another side hustle or a part-time job you can do from home. So if you're looking for a supplementary small business idea rather than a full-time commitment, this one could be for you.

Cleaning Service

Everyone prefers a clean house over a dirty one. But many people are too busy to keep their houses clean consistently. You might be able to solve that problem by launching a cleaning service in your area. It could be a good option if you're someone who doesn't mean picking up around the house.


Dropshipping is a business that's all about marketing. If you're unfamiliar, the concept involves selling things on a website that another company creates and ships to your customers.

For example, you might sell t-shirts that another business prints and ships for you. That way, you don't have to deal with any inventory or logistics on your end. It's all about selling as many products as possible, and that's it.

This can be a good project for a marketing expert. If you create some great products, you could also make quite a bit doing this.


Are you passionate about photography? If so, you could also turn that into a small business this year. There are several different ways to do that.

For example, you could start taking pictures of families and couples for special occasions. Or you could become a wedding photographer. You may even be able to get paid as a wildlife or nature photographer if you're willing to go on some adventures.

Video Editing

Online videos have never been more popular. And every video on Youtube, Facebook, and every other site needs to be edited to stand out.

If you're experienced in this area, then you may be able to start a video editing business. You can make a good income by creating videos with great viewership.

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