Bank Targets Friends of the Dead


Sometimes Obituaries can be fun to read, especially if you don't know the person then you can either marvel at or snicker at the individual's life achievements crammed into a 250 word summery. With the recent intentional or unfortunate placement of a State Bank of The Lakes ad with the headline, "Dead End," directly next to the obits, reading about strangers life achievements just got, at least for a day, a bit more amusing.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
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Sex And The City Takes Over Page Six


Using the soon to be ubiquitous new online advertising unit, the New York Post has plastered Sex and the City all over its Page Six section background-style. The page contains logos, banners and a background image all designed to promote the release of the HBO series' DVD release. It's not a bad ad unit if you ask us. In fact, we dreamed up the same idea way back in 1996 but since we never did anything about it all we can do is cry in our puddle of spillt milk.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 1-05    
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Vespa Queens Looks For Queens in Vespa Ad


The Bitchless blog has pointed out that, leveraging its Queens, NY location to reach the gay audience, Vespa Queens has placed an ad in gay newspaper New York Blade. This really isn't news other than the the cute word play between the name of the Vespa dealer, Vespa Queens, and the queens who read New York Blade.

by Steve Hall    Oct-30-05    
Topic: Newspaper

New York Times Targets Bloggers on Site Meter


Brenner Thomas of Not Only But Also, noticed The New York Times has placed advertising on Site Meter, a website traffic measurement service that most every blogger uses to see how many people visit their blogs, where they come from and what stories they read. Thomas surmises its a strategy to get bloggers to simply write about the fact that The New York Times is advertising on Site Meter, as we're doing right now, to gain publicity among bloggers. As intriguing a strategy as that may be, it's more likely due to Site Meter's use of the Tribal Fusion ad network which serves ads to thousands of sites allowing the New York Times to reach a very broad audience. Site Meter just happens to be one of those thousands of sites.

by Steve Hall    Oct-27-05    
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LA Times Goes Hollywood For Growth


Hoping to reverse sagging circulation, the LA Time will increase coverage of Hollywood and celebrities, run shorter stories, and more cover more regional news. Great, all we need is another celebu-rag. However, Dean Baquet, formerly the paper's managing editor who became editor in August, says he doesn't want the reputation of the Times as a journalistic heavyweight to suffer. Baquet says he will remain committed to serious reporting but, at the same time, he's considering re-establishing a gossip column. While celebrity news coverage seems to be the means to survival these day, we already have Defamer, not to mention the other thousand media outlets that cover Tyra Banks and Jennifer Love Hewitt's obsession with their breasts. We don't need the Times going Hollywood as well.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 3-05    
Topic: Newspaper

Step Aside 'Vogue,' 'New York Times' Wants Ad Page Press


Not to be out news'd by Vogue's September ad page monstrosity, The New York Times Magazine announced today its upcoming fall issue of "T: Women's Fashion" has a total of 169 advertising pages – surpassing last year's debut issue, which had the largest number of ad pages since 1985 among any of its predecessor "Part 2-Women's Fashions of the Times" publications. "T: Women's Fashion" will be published on Sunday, August 28 and will feature actor Tilda Swinton on the cover.

by Steve Hall    Aug-24-05    
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Ad For Plastic Surgeon Leaves No Mystery


WorldUnfurled found an ad in a local Denver paper for Linda Huang, a plastic surgeon that carried the odd headline, "The Best Middle-aged, Female, Asian Plastic Surgeon in Denver" and wondered just how many middle-aged, female, Asian plastic surgeons there actually are in Denver. If this ad does anything, it certainly describes what you're getting very concisely.

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-05    
Topic: Newspaper

Ryanair References London Bombing in Ad Campaign


UK-based Ryanair, last Friday, ran an ad that referenced the recent London bombings to promote low fares. The ad appeared in UK newspapers last week with the headline, "London Fights Back," an image of Winston Churchill and a speech bubble that contained an alteration of a famous June 1940 speech and read, " "We shall fly them to the beaches, we shall fly them to the hills, we shall fly them to London!" The Advertising Standards Authority received more than 100 complaints regarding the ad but Ryanair has refused to pull the ad.

Ryanair Head of Communication Peter Sherrard explained the move telling the Guardian, "We are trying to ensure that the terrorists don't succeed in paralyzing people with fear, which is their primary objective, and that people continue to lead their lives as normal and continue to fly."

by Steve Hall    Jul-18-05    
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Boston Globe Launches New Section


This week, in yet another effort to save sagging circulation figures, The Boston Globe Launched Sidekick, a new, tab-sized section billed as "your guide to a better day." The section will be inserted in the main paper appear Monday through Friday. The section will include an enhanced television review section, more comics and puzzles and an interactive feature which will publish reader-submitted content, including pictures and message board commentary. Capitalizing on the poker craze, Sidekick will feature two poker columns. The section is being distributed within half priced editions of the Daily Globe in an obvious bid to build readership and subscriptions for the main daily.

Earlier this week, the Sidekick was promoted with a bit of street distribution activity. Though in a completely different category, we have to wonder what T-Mobile and Danger, make of the Sidekick mobile device, think of the Globe's choice of name for its new paper.

by Steve Hall    Jul-14-05    
Topic: Newspaper

Marketers Want More Metrics From Print

Print advertising was on the witness stand today at the annual Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Print Advertising Forum, held at the Grand Hyatt in New York.

The keynote address presented by Mark Kaline, Global Media Manager, Ford Motor Company, and Chair, ANA Print Advertising Committee, and Robert Liodice, CEO and president of the ANA, focused on current challenges in the print advertising space and the increasing needs of advertisers for improvements in marketing accountability.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-16-05    
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