Dentist Drill An Understatement in Orangina Commercial


When someone sends us some "virals," which by itself a complete non-sequitur, we usually hover precariously over the delete button but this "viral" from Romania sparked our interest enough to watch it to completion. If you've ever had dentist office fears and enjoy over-the-top horror references, you just might like this commercial for Orangina.

by Steve Hall    Aug-15-07    
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Language Barrier Causes Alien Attack


At first, we were ready to cast aside this little online "game" for Steape Travel Translators but the more we clicked, the more we laughed. Who knew French dining could be so humorous? Who knew translation was so important to getting a good meal? Who knew ordering desert could result in an alien attack? Indeed.

by Steve Hall    Aug-15-07    
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Mr. T is for Virtualization. Anymore Excuses? Punk, We Didn't Think So


Mr. T, the earring-sporting punk-squasher from our '80s childhood, occasionally makes quirky ad appearances in which - to our surprise - he never seems to age.

And neither do his cameos seem to share a rhyme or reason. In a complete 180 from that last Snickers jaunt he did (see link above), he's just appeared in a string of Hitachi ads for virtualization technology.

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by Angela Natividad    Aug-15-07    
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HBO Gets All Oblique on Our Asses with New -- er, Axed 'John from Cincinnati' Series


You may want to watch out for the deceptively simple-seeming John from Cincinnati - even if it's just to see the main title sequence, whose creative director, Angus Wall, was also behind Big Love, Rome and Carnivale.

A collaboration between Rock Paper Scissors and A52, the opening is unique in that it gives nothing away (not even main characters!), leaving us stewing in feelings of surfer's nostalgia and little more.

Check it out here. It starts out slow and, for some reason, occasionally brings Flipper to mind - then it kind of grows on you. All in all it ain't a bad way to burn a minute.

Update: We just got word from Jetpacks, DarnellWorks and reader James that the show got canned yesterday. Suxors. But apparently it was good, so if you want to rally for another season, hurry and try saving it.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-15-07    
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Land Rovers Says Footballers Should Piss Off


Land Rover is behind England in its quest to retain its World Cup rugby title. Created by Wunderman, this video which features World Cup winner Josh Lewsey and some freak who really loves football, sets the record straight when it comes to which sport Englanders are most passionate about. That, or England's fixation with the word "piss."

by Steve Hall    Aug-14-07    
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Verizon: A Blackberry Can Salvage any Star-Crossed Love


Who says a full-frontal hipster cowlick can't be romantic? Verizon's "It's the network" guy would beg to differ.

The far-flung French love affair is classic ad fodder for the desperate, downtrodden or simply unimaginative. So every time we see this ad for Verizon by jumP and Hungry Man, we wince. And maybe that's why it works. We're at the age when the classic romance has lost its day in favor of cynicism, spoof and televised mobile phone wars.

But Network Guy assures us it doesn't have to be good-bye - not if you still believe in fairy tales - and not as long as you have the latest Blackberry (which - ah, merci - we do).

This is one of those Kleenex moments.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-14-07    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Television

Dell Laptops: Powered with Care by Mod Devotchkas


While the '90s can't yet be packaged vintage, the '80s are fair game. This spot for the Dell XPS m1330 by Smoke & Mirrors and Mother brings us back to the stark black-and-whites, the bad music and the inaccessible pre-fembot women that so characterized that most disastrous of times for fashion.

Witness while a bunch of immaculately-dressed '80s gamines put together an oversized engine that then slides into the frame of a Dell XPS.

If Dell insists on pursuing every throwback avenue it can (note multi-color madness here), this effort is at least a decent one.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-14-07    
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kwp!: Outset Ad Jobs Ain't Glamorous; Why Lie?

Crap Job.jpg

A friend from Down Under sent us a couple of ads for firm kwp!, which, perhaps frustrated with the self-entitled glamazons who came a-knocking for ground-floor opportunities, decided to take a more, uh, straightforward approach.

This classified, for instance, spouts, "Help make ads. And coffee too."

To the left: "If you think this job is crap, wait 'til you see the pay." This version quickly ends, "Apply now, because chances are no-one else will."

Nice, kwp!. No one can say you didn't warn them.

Playing gofer does wonders for your ambition. Having had to fetch our fair shares of coffee and muffins, every new day only made us hungrier for the moment we could send our own interns' asses all over town for the one chocolate croissant left in a 30-mile radius at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Nothing makes a pastry taste better than the sweet smell of fear.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-13-07    
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Proof Fine Furnishing Uses Natural Prints to Say 1,000 Words


To suggest what fragile harmony can exist between man and nature, Proof Fine Furnishing sent us a couple of prints created by Leo Burnett, Singapore.

The tagline quietly reads, "Naturally attractive." You probably can't see it very well but the vase at left is actually composed of butterflies, which you can see more clearly if you zoom in on the PDF version.

We dig the elegance and attention to detail to the pieces, which demand a long look. These kinds of ads, in which you have to do the pursuing, are an undervalued commodity in an environment littered with competing messages.

Check out a lamp stand made of moths here.

by Angela Natividad    Aug- 9-07    
Topic: Good, Poster

Hard-Ass Sport, Longtime Legends, Hip-Hop Luminaries Join in Testosterone-Topia


Video game publisher 2K Sports has pulled digital firm EVB into its ranks to build a lifestyle marketing campaign called Football Resurrected.

A big plug for All-Pro Football 2K8, the virtual game boasts 300 pigskin "legends" including Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders, as well as a few familiar faces of underground hip-hop, including Hieroglyphics, Jurassic 5, Pep Love and even Rakim.

The site is pretty cool and the raps, which revolve entirely around "the resurrection of 2K Sports," are damn sound. It's all really clever and whatnot.

If the musical icons from our beat-banging youth aren't going to rap about their shoes or how cool they are or how lame haters can be or how love pounds you into submission, they might as well be rapping about football.

We're all just trying to get paid at the end of the day, right? Right.

by Angela Natividad    Aug- 9-07    
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