Gucci Media Planners and Creatives Work Together, We Think


We'd like to express our sincere appreciation for the creative and media teams behind this Gucci wallscape in New York City for the brilliance behind integration of media and creative. They actually worked together! When does that ever happen?

Placement doesn't get much better than this. Of course, the placement and creative could be a coincidental anomaly but we're going to ere (is that how you spell it?) on the side of optimism and give the creators here the benefit of the doubt. Unless, of course, someone wants to step forward and admit it was, in fact, purely coincidental.

by Steve Hall    Sep-27-07    
Topic: Good, Outdoor

Disney Uses Bananas to Promote 'The Jungle Book' DVD


Adrants reader Adam Silverthorne writes to tell us about some advertising he saw on a banana he bought this morning. While isn't altogether new, the tie in is brilliant. The ad is for Disney's The Jungle Book DVD. Complete with image of a monkey (chimpanzee?), the ad gets points for relevancy.

by Steve Hall    Sep-27-07    
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Copy Aids Oblivious Men In Lingerie Ads


Acknowledging the lack of control men have over their eyes when in the presence of a lingerie-clad beauty, these ads for Fayreform are quite blunt about what's being ogled in these ads. In fact, the copy teases by saying, "Bet you didn't notice the guy in the ape suit/armadillo/Tyrannosaurus Rex." Here's one instance where stating the obvious actually works. See the other two ads in the series here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-26-07    
Topic: Good, Racy

Lowe Turns Film Into Website Navigation Device


Stella Artois has done a nice job elevating the online video to something much more that a simple add on to a website. The Stella Artois site uses video (a "full length film" if you will) as a navigational element. Created by Lowe, the film was shot on the set of Ingmar Bergman's last movie by members of the crew that work on The Illusionist and pauses every once in a while to offer up navigational options.

by Steve Hall    Sep-26-07    
Topic: Good, Online

Facebook More Useful Than MySpace For Marketers


When marketers assaulted MySpace with pseudo profiles, the whole thing came off and a lame attempt to leverage social media. For some reason, this doesn't seem to be the case with the growing proliferation of Facebook profiles and groups. Perhaps it's because it's not so much about profile but, rather, groups people can join if they're interested in the subject matter of the group. Perhaps it's becasue Facebook has a cleaner structure. Perhaps, it's just that time has past and the industry has caught up.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-26-07    
Topic: Good, Social

'Fashion Walk' Boosts Clothing Retailer's Store Traffic


What do you do when you open a retail clothing store and no one comes? You take the store to the people, of course. That's exactly what Wexley School for Girls did for eco-friendly clothing company Nau in Seattle. The agency hired models to walk the streets of Seattle, Bellevue and Kirkland with a rack of clothing and handouts urging people to visit the store. Apparently, it worked with the Bellevue store reported a nice increase in store traffic.

by Steve Hall    Sep-26-07    
Topic: Good, Guerilla

Animated Storybook Highlights Sears Fall Fashions


Oh look. Sears is getting hip! Whether or not that ever happens doesn't really matter but we do like this new commercial from Y&R Chicago which has some nice video effects courtesy of Zoic Studios. The models in the ad were shot on green screen. The environment they inhabit consists of thousands of photographs which were then animated and served up as a story book. Nice work.

by Steve Hall    Sep-26-07    
Topic: Commercials, Good

DDB Chicago Packs Everything But Red Thong Into McDonald's Spot


Oh there are so , so many stereotypical elements going on in this DDB Chicago created, Biscuit-produced commercial for McDonald's. First, we have the classic male game of oneupmanship where the two guys in the ad try to out do each other over the prices they paid for their clothes and haircuts. Second, we have the classic female amusement over this alpha male trait.

Then, we have the woman illustrating the pointlessness of all this bravado and trumping them both by announcing she paid only one dollar for her double cheeseburger. And then we have the "I'm not gonna let a woman beat me" response from the men who begin bidding to buy her burger. And finally, we have an homage to the men-as-idiot trend made famous by Verizon's Dumb Dads.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-26-07    
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Gamers Melt Giant Ice Block to Win Halo 3


So Halo 3 is out. Everyone's happy. As part of the promotional fun, Pead PR held an event called Halo 3 Ice Block Buster. The promotion placed a one ton block of ice in Queen Elizabeth Square in Aukland which gamers, who were lined up at midnight yesterday to get their hands on the game could squirt water pistols at the block until it melted. Inside the block were 50 numbered tokens which awarded such prizes as Samsung LCD TVs, Xbox 360 consoles and Halo 3 games. It took four hours to get all 50 coupons out of the block. Game on.

by Steve Hall    Sep-26-07    
Topic: Good, Guerilla

Video Series Argues Billions Are Wasted Marketing to Girls


OK. Pay attention. If you are a marketer or an ad agency that markets products and services to tweens, teens and twenty-something females you owe it to yourself to spend some time viewing these videos from 3iYing, a New York based "all girl creative agency" which has filmed hundreds of girls reacting to ads for a series called Adflip. In each of the videos, girls tell us why the ads they hold in their hands cause them to flip the page and get ignored.

Commenting on the ridiculousness of many of the ads twenty year old Rosaura sees in her favorite magazine, she says there are "orgasm faces everywhere. It looks like they're climaxing right there on the page." One tween wonders why a Lot29 Juniors ad features a giant breasted girl in the ad saying, "I'm a junior and I don't look like this. What does she stuff everything in her bra?" Explaining why a Dodge ad got the flip, one girl says, "to market a car it's not like once it matches my lipstick, oh, of course I'm going to go and buy it."

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by Steve Hall    Sep-25-07    
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