HBO Voyeur Draws Idle Eyes into Dollhouse Worlds

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These spots for HBO Voyeur, developed by Jun Group in tangent with BBDO, made us feel more than a little nervous about what might be going on upstairs.

In this dollhouse menagerie, a family man is having an affair with the girl upstairs. And while we may not see all the details, the security cam does.

Two more here and here.

It's not totally clear what's happening in all of them but that's supposedly part of the fun of being a voyeur (until somebody tries to kill you, like in Hitchcock's Rear Window). The HBO Voyeur site also leads users to, which is essentially a bunch of people on a forum going on and on about how mysterious this all is.

They do have extra bits on the storyline though, which makes things peripherally more interesting.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-25-07    
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Cardboard Robot Brings Tin Man to Life in Streets of LA


Stardust Studios' Neil Tsai directed a new project for the Cardboard Robot art collective, a street art group led by Mason Brown.

Granted, the world doesn't need another jaded street art society, but we do think it's cool that the man-versus-machine discourse has come to factor into creative play on concrete avenues.

The result was filmed in downtown Los Angeles and onstage at The Source. It's an industrialist's Alice in Wonderland.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-25-07    
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Little Guy Pokes Fun At Big Guys' Phone Tree Hell


While it's hardly new for a telecom company to set itself apart from their more impersonal competitors by promising attentive, responsive personalized service, Gyro International has found a fairly (we say fairly because we know one of you wise asses is going to dig up some old campaign that did a similar thing, sling in our face and tell us we suck at providing advertising news) unique, simple and humorous way to do just that for client VCOM Solutions.

Using nothing more than a visual of a telephone keyboard and an annoyingly witty operator voice over, Gyro has delivered a simple message simply. Now whether or not VCOM actually does anything better than the big guys is another story entirely,

by Steve Hall    Jul-24-07    
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Don't Drink and Drive Message Delivered Without Blood and Gore


Heeding the results of recent research which finds young men don't believe all those horrific drunk driving crash ads becasue they never get that drunk, London's Department for Transport has launched a new Leo Burnett-created commercial that leaves the crash test dummies and dramatically heart wrenching approaches behind in favor of a bartender who spews forth imaginary advice from all the people in a guy life who simply wanted a beer.

As opposed to fear of death, this commercial uses fear of guilt as its vice Fear of losing one's license. Fear of explaining that to parents. Fear of jail time. Fear of embarrassment over having to explain all this to those in one's life. While we're not sure all that would go through our head prior to ordering a beer, the message is certainly a a more practical and relatable one.

by Steve Hall    Jul-24-07    
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Tequila With A Deer on the Label Tastes Better


Brent Terrazas points to a strange DavidandGoliath-created commercial for Cazadores Tequila in which a Mexican man envisions the creation of the perfect tequila. For inspiration, he "gazed into his agave fields" and saw...Russian ballet dancers....and a lot of other things. Finally, he sees a deer and that becomes his inspiration and the tagline for this commercial, "The one with the deer on it." Not your normal tequila marketing for sure but a very smart implementation of brand differentiation...even it is just about the label.

by Steve Hall    Jul-24-07    
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Ophelia Fancy Turns Tennis into Contact Sport

This is a little old but it begged for coverage. For tennis players who never felt the cotton polo was sufficiently breathable, lingerie brand Ophelia Fancy will help you get scandalously skimpy for the next match.

Hey, it's hard to find a decent costume that doesn't come out of a plastic Halloween tote bag. And with Ophelia covering our dress-up fetishes (with pasties!) and Hot Milk keeping expectant mothers delectably scant, there's really no excuse to go on a-porting your favorite cotton boy shorts, is there?

by Angela Natividad    Jul-24-07    
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Blood Bank Draws Blood While You Sit There, Watching


Adverblog drew our eyes to this video for Banc de Sang (the Blood Bank), a Catalunya-based org.

While watching the video we got that tense "dude, what are we waiting for?" feeling, ever aware that the red time bar at bottom was elapsing rapidly. The ending was a nice surprise. Great demonstration of the medium being incorporated into the message.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-24-07    
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Nestea Takes on Heat in Street Fighter-Style Combat Game


It's obviously not the real thing, but we're having fun with this new game Heat Fighter, a variation on the classic Street Fighter, created for Nestea by Lowe Roche, Toronto.

Players can be customized and the game has all the basic moves you'd expect in a fighting game, though the challengers (Solar, Cole and Mercury) don't seem super-challenging.

The little Nestea superchargers are a nice touch. We are actually kind of feening for some iced tea now.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-24-07    
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Soccer Moms: Get Paid to Do What You Do Best


We thought this campaign for bus drivers was cute. Considering we never saw anything besides MDUSD or some other such initials taking up (wasted!) space on the sides of our school buses, we think they'd definitely catch the roving soccer mom's eye. (Beware - she is an aggressive driver.)

And seriously: bus drivers make $16.25 an hour? What were we doing in retail all those years? We could have been in big yellow buses, navigating roads and paper airplanes, sitting on dirty shock-ready plastic seats, eyeing the bully who keeps pushing freshmen out the window, crying ourselves to sleep ... oh, never mind.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-23-07    
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In Case You Missed It, Hilary Has Her Own Obama Girl


Released in early July, we apparently missed this video featuring Taryn Southern gushing about Hillary Clinton Obama Girl-style. Offering to be Hilary's Oval Office maid or White House aid, Southern sings, "let's seal the deal with a hug and a kiss and put a hot chick in the Oval Office. And bringing on the lesbian vibe, Southern continues, "I know you're not gay but I'm hoping for bi."

more »

by Steve Hall    Jul-22-07    
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