Brad Pitt Helps Benjamin Moore Repaint Main Streets Across North America


The Martin Agency is proud to present its first work for Benjamin Moore since winning the account in February. Entitled Main Street Matters, the new campaign features a television commercial voiced by Brad Pitt with support from social media and digital ads.

The campaign urges Americans (or anyone, really) to vote for their favorite Main Street to be entirely repainted by Benjamin Moore. It's not very clear at first how to vote. (Click a state or provence on the map and then select a town within.)

Voting will be open through June 30 and painting and renovations will commence in 20 cities from July 2013 through May 2014

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-13    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity

Holland Tells America What's Really Cool


The Dutch government, with help from Mustache, has launched Holland. The Original Cool. It's a 3-year joint effort sponsored by the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions, KLM Airlines, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Marketing and aims to increase tourism from America.

Informing America Holland isn't just flowers and windmills, a two minute video touts some of the things AMericans give fancy names to but are simply a way of life in Holland. It sure looks inviting to us.

Currently, the video sits in the number two spot on Reddit's video page.

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by Steve Hall    May-15-13    
Topic: Campaigns

Lingerie Retailer Introduces Bras For MILFs


Would Stifler's mom approve? Lingerie retailer, True & Co. is launching a line of bras for MILFs. No, seriously. And while the sexual innuendo is loud and clear, the brand has defined MILF as Mom I'd Like to in provide the perfect fitting bra.

Using a Netflix-like algorithm to determine bras size (as opposed to the usual over and under measurements), the brand hopes to make the fitting process easier and more accurate.

A Mother's Day promotion encourages people to submit photos of their moms for the brand's Facebook MILF Gallery. Hmm. Wonder how this one will go over.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-30-13    
Topic: Campaigns

Campaign Compares Belief in Lottery to Stuff That Actually Matters


David&Goliath is out with a new campaign for the California Lottery that compares winning the lottery to believing in -- let's be honest -- far more important things like women's rights, landing on the moon and continuing to surf after a shark has bitten off your arm.

While one may very well wish to believe they will win the lottery and, hence, play it all the time, is it fair to compare that belief to important cultural events and personal achievement?

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-13    
Topic: Campaigns

Tourism Campaign Highlights Utah's Mighty Five


The Utah Office of Tourism has launched a new campaign, created by Struck, that highlights the state's five national parks: Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Arches.

The new campaign, which breaks today and includes broadcast, print, outdoor and digital, hopes to establish the Utah National Park circuit as a can't-miss adventure and offers visitors the tools they need to plan their own Mighty Five adventure. An online planning site helps create custom Mighty Five itineraries from 3-10 days in length.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-28-13    
Topic: Campaigns

Orbit Girl Returns With More Talking Food


Following the talking Falafel, Orbit Gum is out with two new talking food ads. In the first, a giant helping of meat and potatoes sticks around as annoyingly witty seat mates after the inflight meal has be cleared.

In another, a giant serving of talking nachos disrupts a polo match by taunting one bow tie wearing attendee.

Following each kooky scenario, our Orbit Girl, the very delicious Farris Patton, appears to tell us, "Don't let food hang around. Clean it up with sugar-free Orbit. Fabulous!"

The ads, created by Energy BBDO, are humorously creepy. We can't wait to see the talking bowl of chili.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-28-13    
Topic: Campaigns

StrawberryFrog's 'Ask Movement' Helps Launch Electric Car in India


StrawberryFrog India has crafted the "Ask" movement for the e2o - an electric car by India's leading auto company, Mahindra. The movement was launched on Monday with a digital film and social media campaign. It portrays 'asking questions' as a way of ushering in a better future. "Ask" resonates with India's increasingly bold, assertive and demanding youth. It reflects Mahindra's commitment to ask tough questions and enable higher standards.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-27-13    
Topic: Campaigns

Never Wear A Speedo in A Hot Tub


Apart from the fact a Speedo just isn't built to properly support or contain a real man, wearing one in a hottub full of bikini-clad babes and acting like your dad is, well, just not a good way to roll.

That scenario, along with two others, is the latest effort from Mentos and tells guys, "Don't Become Your Dad." So yea, don't snap your Speedo and slap baby powder on yourself when leaving the huttub, don't refuse a ride with two hot chicks and don't ever be that idiot who exclaims in the middle of a quiet library, "how about a phone that just makes phone calls?"

Yea, Don't become your Dad.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-22-13    
Topic: Campaigns

Carlton Beer Helps Men Avoid Dreaded Romantic Getaway


Ladies, ever look forward to a wonderful getaway with your man so the two of you can spend some alone time together? Ever wonder why your best laid plans to create such a scenario often times fail? Look no further than this latest Carlton campaign created by Clemenger.

No, really, it really is a coincidence!

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by Steve Hall    Feb-28-13    
Topic: Campaigns

Optical Illusions Highlight Hospital's Space Needs


The British Columbia Children's Hospital Foundation teamed with Dare to create a campaign to raise funds for the construction of new hospital. The chief need was more space to take care of children and the agency used an interesting optical illusion approach to conveying the message.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-20-13    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials