Cadbury Goes Olympic, Grolsch Gives Beer Away


- Some interesting Cadbury Idents running in Ireland during the Olympics.

- Check out this Grolsch case study that overviews their mobile-enabled campaign with the brand's famed Journt Von Des, a police inspector who never speaks but always gets his man.

- Here's that Singapore National Day video that asks citizens to have sex to raise the birth rate.

- comScore has announced the launch of comScore TabLens™, a monthly syndicated service providing insights into U.S. tablet ownership and usage. Based on a 3-month rolling sample of 6,000 U.S. tablet owners, TabLens will provide insight into tablet audiences, including demographics, content consumption habits and device ownership, to provide the industry with the most up-to-date look at this expanding tablet market.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-12    
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Levi's Helps Millennials Take Over the World


Writing in More About Advertising, Stephen Foster says Levi's has "lightened up" with a follow up to the Wieden + Kennedy-created opus, Go Forth Braddock. That spot, if you recall, pulled the heartstrings by focusing on American despair and how that despair, so says the commercial, motivates people to work towards a goal. Idealistic is an understatement.

The agency's new work, This is a Pair of Levi's, is far from a "lightening up" of the original. In fact, it pours on the hipsterific poetics as if the entire world suddenly and collectively participated in a gigantic hand-waving, come-to-Jesus beatnik meeting of epic proportion.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 6-12    
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In Alaska Size Isn't All That Matters


Alaska Communications is out with a beautiful new commercial, Great Alaska, that touts the state's vast size and the company's ability to connect people so it doesn't seem so vast. The commercial, created by Vitro, was shot at four frames per second with a miniaturizing filter effect applied resulting in an effect that perfectly communicates the intended strategy.

With the copy, "when you exist for the sole purpose of keeping Alaskans connected, you learn to treat small businesses like big businesses," the message of connecting people together in such an expanse is driven home.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-12    
Topic: Campaigns

NFL Thursday Night Football Gets Quirky


Just as we've all settled in for the Olympics, the NFL has decided its time to tout its Thursday Night Football and Fantasy Football with new work from David & Goliath. The campaign, entitled Serious Fun, is just that.

In one spot, Mountain, a jolly fellow asks, "Do you like winning? How about fun and high fives? Are you into those? No talk to me about man hugs." Somehow it all leads to football, Thursday night football beginning in September.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-31-12    
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'Moist And Tender' Slim Jims Help Emasculated Men Man Up


Before we get into this Venables Bell & Partners-created work for Sim Jim's new steakhouse strips, we have to ask, "Just what the hell are Slim Jims made of?" They don't taste like food and they certainly don't taste like steak. And reading the list of ingredients is enough to make one barf. But, like it or not, that topic is one for the food critics, not the ad critics. Onward.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-30-12    
Topic: Campaigns

Apple Shoots Self in Foot With New Windows-Like Campaign


So everyone is piling on TBWA for two its most recent Apple commercials in which a Dell Dude-like character comes to the rescue of people in the midst of various computing nightmares. The piling on is well warranted for one simple reason; Apple products are supposed to be so easy to use that you rarely have to call in an Apple Genius for help.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-29-12    
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Toyota Camry: For Those Who Make the Right Moves


Saatchi & Saatchi New York is out with a new Toyota campaign breaking today during the Olympics. The campaign is called Good Move and features stories of people who made the right decisions.

One humorous spot features a guy who runs into his old college girlfriends who turns out to be a wacko. A hot wacko but still a wacko. The spot ends with him saying "I dodged a bullet there" as he gets into his Camry with his family. WHich all play nicely with the ad's tagline, "Those who choose Camry, choose well."

A second spot features a young man who, every morning, arrives at the parking lot of a company to give whomever arrives first a cup of coffee. One morning, the company founder shows up and asks what the kid is doing. The two bond as the CEO shares he use to own a Camry "or five."

Future spots will follow the same theme and center on people who make the right decisions as they go through life.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-27-12    
Topic: Campaigns

Insurance Company Skills Compared to Olympic Athletes


Likening its ability to the human body's "amazing display of co-ordinated movement," Philadelphia's Independence Blue Cross, with help from Tierney, is positioning itself as the only company that can make the messy business of health insurance move with alacrity.

Shot by production Santa Monica-based Gartner in high contrast black and white, three spots feature a swimmer, a skateboarder and a hurdler performing their sport flawlessly. A fourth combines the three. SPots will air during and after the Olympics.

Television spots will be supported by radio, magazine, newspaper, billboards, transit, banners and a microsite.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-27-12    
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Robert Griffin is Ad Guy of the Week


Not quite akin to seeing Kate Upton in what seems to be every single commercial aired in the last three months, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin, within a week, has made appearances in an adidas an and, today, in a Gatorade ad.

The TBWA\Chiat\Day LA ad is routine famous athlete stuff. In this case, it's Griffin vigorously training in various scenarios with help, of course, from Gatorade.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-12    
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Kimberly Clark Addresses Menopause Head On


A new campaign from Kimberly Clark aims to open up the menopause kimono with personal stories from women going through menopause. Created by Organic, campaign also introduces five new products designed to address symptoms associated with peri-menopause and menopause.

Frank, personal stories from women going through menopause address issues and symptoms such as changes in intimacy, hot flashes and general change in lifestyle and mindset.

The campaign includes a new website which houses these stories along with in-depth, informational Q&A and product demos. The effort carries over to social media where a new Facebook page encourages engagement, a YouTube channel shares the stories and a Twitter account enables conversation.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-19-12    
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