Agent Provocateur Reveals Monica Cruz's True Self


For it's Fall 2012 campaign, well known lingerie brand Agent Provocateur has tapped Penelope Cruz's little sister, the equally hot Monica, for yet another cinematic outing of better-than-advertising proportion.

In the mini-epic, called Wilhelmina, we seen Cruz step out of a carriage into a dark, dingy and wet London street circa sometime in the 1800's. She enters a building and is led to a back room, a photo studio of sorts where a gruff looking photographer promises his camera will "photograph your true self."

Well, being a Cruz, Monica's true self is pretty steamy and dripping with intoxicating sexuality. As Cruz seemingly stands still in her full coverage Victorian gown, the camera's lens tells and entirely different and, to some, more interesting story.

We like the analogy here that says even the most demurely dressed woman can't truly be judged by outer looks alone. And by outer looks, we don't mean Cruz-hot. Any woman, no matter her level of hotness, possesses within herself something that is not externally obvious. A secret, if you will. This, of course, is exactly what lingerie brands pray upon when marketing their undergarments. More so, we would argue, than the outwardly obvious titillation factor.

Agent Provocateur has mastered this approach; positioning itself as some kind of uber inner fuel woman can call upon when needed...and reveal only to those truly worthy of her precious time.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Racy