Watch This Ad Which Took 90 Minutes to Shoot 2 Seconds of A Cat Driving A Car


Denver-based Pilgrim Advertising & Digital Marketing is out with a new campaign for AAA's Roadside Assistance. Hoping to combat old stereotypes, smartphones and the notion AAA is something their parents bought, the campaign works hard at "reinventing roadside is ways you never imagined" for Gen Xers.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-14    
Topic: Campaigns

Southwest Goes International, Frontier Goes Cheap


- Southwest Airlines is getting its passport and has launched a new campaign to tout its first international flights.

- Frontier Air is out with three new ads touting its super low, ala carte fares. And they're up about charging extra for checking your bags, selecting a seat and even the food and beverage. One. Two. Three.

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by Steve Hall    May-20-14    
Topic: Campaigns

Fallon Brings Back the Fanny Pack in Humorous Glue Ad


No! No! No! Please no!

High up on the list of fashion disasters is the dreaded fanny pack. It rose to infamy in the late 1980s and early-to-mid 1990s. And, for the most part, you don't see them anymore.

If Fallon Minneapolis has its way, the fanny pack is going to be reborn. At least on YouTube. In a commercial for Henkel's Locite glue. Hopefully, it'll be like trying to make Fetch happen. The fanny pack. Not the campaign. We wish the best for the campaign, Just not the fanny pack. Please, not the fanny pack.

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by Steve Hall    May-13-14    
Topic: Campaigns

If You Watch One of These Cree Light Bulb Ads You Will Want to Watch All Eight


Nothing could make us yawn wider then receiving a new campaign for a light bulb brand. But when the emails says "the campaign is a copywriter wet dream," our interest is peaked.

And this campaign from Raleigh-based Baldwin& is, indeed, peak-worthy. Featuring the entrancing Lance Reddick, known for his roles in Fringe and The Wire, we are thrust into a world of choice which pits the Cree LED light bulb against other, less innovative bulbs.

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by Steve Hall    May- 7-14    
Topic: Campaigns

Subservient Chicken Returns For 10th Anniversary. Will It Live Up to the Original?


When Barbarian Group and CP+B unleashed Burger King's Subservient Chicken ten years ago, the work was lauded as some of the best and weirdest ever to come from the brand. Well the brand is bringing the man in a chicken suit back for a redo. Sort of.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-28-14    
Topic: Campaigns

Two Tales Brewery Aims to Eradicate America of Idiotic Sagging Pants Trend


Whenever you see some idiot wearing their jeans halfway down their ass, don't you just want to walk up to them, punch them in the face and tell them they look like an idiot? Hey, maybe it's just us but we bet there are other out there who hate this fashion trend that, believe it or not, is still with us.

Working with Y&R Prague, Two Tales Brewery is out to put a stop to this fashion travesty by donating thousands of belts to those in need. For every six pack of Two Tales purchased, the brand promises to donate a belt to those in need.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-25-14    
Topic: Campaigns

In Strange Shift, Victor & Spoils Creates Non-Crowdsourced Traditional Bank Campaign


Well this is kind of weird. Remember when Victor & Spoils first launched and they made a really big deal about the fact they'd crowdsource cool, new digital work for their clients? Well apparently they've come full circle and are now creating traditional offline campaigns for banks.

The agency has launched a TV, radio, print, OOH campaign with, yes, some online landing pages, for the Community Banks of Colorado and Bank Midwest divisions of NBH Bank.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-16-14    
Topic: Campaigns

TNT Ponders the Drama of A Skunk in A Crowded Elevator


Duval Guillaume has launched a new international print campaign for TNT. The agency developed 4 new images which ask us to imagine how life becomes more interesting when you add some drama to it.

If you recall, the agency famously launched the Add More Drama with a stunt in Belgium that literally added all kinds of drama when people pushed a button.

These new images will initially be used in Germany and Mexico, and later in a number of other countries.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-14-14    
Topic: Campaigns

Holland's Pim de Koel Aims to Teach Americans What's Really Cool


Remember Pim de Koel? The guy from Holland who, last year, was all about what's cool and why Holland has it in spades. Created by Mustache, the video garnered upwards of one million views.

Now, Pim de Koel is back and he's pondering the question, "Can cool be taught?" In episode one of new video series, also created by Mustache, Holland's King of Cool grabs one American and teaches him Holland's original cool.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 8-14    
Topic: Campaigns

Watch These 3 Guys Fail Miserably at Home Improvement


These BBDO New York-created ads for Lowe's will give anyone who has ever engaged in a bit of home improvement a big chuckle. If you've been there, you know it never goes as swimmingly as you thought it would at the outset.

Three new commercials, Ceiling Fan, Bathroom Tile and Bench Swing, acknowledge this truism and promise to offer help.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 4-14    
Topic: Campaigns