If You Watch One of These Cree Light Bulb Ads You Will Want to Watch All Eight


Nothing could make us yawn wider then receiving a new campaign for a light bulb brand. But when the emails says "the campaign is a copywriter wet dream," our interest is peaked.

And this campaign from Raleigh-based Baldwin& is, indeed, peak-worthy. Featuring the entrancing Lance Reddick, known for his roles in Fringe and The Wire, we are thrust into a world of choice which pits the Cree LED light bulb against other, less innovative bulbs.

In one spot, Metaphorical, Reddick, holding a $100 bill, says, "Let's assume this is your money. And you'd like your money to stay your money. Then why do you continue to do this -- holds bill offscreen; it comes back with a chunk missing...eaten by a goat -- to your money? Save your hard-earned money... or feed it to metaphorical money goats."

Another spot, Grey Market, begins, "In light of the recent incandescent bulb ban, analysts have predicted the rise of an illicit grey market for the outlawed bulbs. He urges viewers to buy Cree instead or "stay beholden to the old ways, and attempt to navigate the shady, banned bulb underworld, trading jugs of grandpa's porch juice for bulbs out of a rusty hatchback from a guy with a tattoo on his forehead who goes by the name of Rattlesnake."

There are 8 spots in the campaign and they are all entrancingly awesome. We can't believe we just said that about a series of light bulb ads but, yes, it's true. Perhaps the best light bulb ads we have ever seen.

by Steve Hall    May- 7-14   Click to Comment   
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