Alice Cooper, George Lopez, Others Rap About Golf


Last fall Crowne Plaza Hotel hired Fallon Minneapolis to kick up a golf affinity program along with the hotel's Invitational at Colonial PGA Tournament. The agency put an odd combination of golfers together such as David Feherty, Natalie Gulbis, Dan Jenkins, George Lopez, Lee Trevino, and Alice Cooper and filmed the results. Alice Cooper in a conference room talking about golf is just way, way out of place. But, it seems to work. There's several spots in the series. One can be viewed here.

by Steve Hall    Apr-15-07    
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Killer Jeans Take On Killer Situations


Some print campaigns are just so odd they make you stop and look. This Killer Jeans effort is one such campaign. Touting its Immortal Jeans line, we've got a Disney Test Track/crash test dummy-style approach with the required auto babe. We've got the hipster base jumper and we've got a mine sweeper crew. Get it? Dangerous situations? Killer Jeans? Good. We didn't want to have to spell it out for you.

Bates Enterprise Mumbai created the campaign.

by Steve Hall    Apr-13-07    
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Montana Meth Campaign Instills Anger, Despair, Retribution


Watching these new Montana Meth spots makes one want to grab a gun, hunt down a drug dealer, stick the barrel of the gun in his mouth and blow his fucking head off. Yes, these new Venables Bell & Partners-created spots are powerful. Very powerful. Shot in single continuous takes and directed by the brilliant Darren Aronofsky, the four spots explore the effect of Meth not just on the individual but also on that individual's friends and family. A girlfriend gets sold for drug money. A mother gets hit by her drug-addled son while he steals her money. An overdosed girl gets dumped at the hospital by her "friends." A husband and wife lock their out-of-control son out of their home. Powerful stuff, indeed.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-13-07    
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MSVU Says 'Don't Come Here,' Students Respond in Droves


Putting that reverse psychology argument to rest, Mt. St. Vincent University contends it worked for them -- and they have data to prove it.

Alongside Extreme Group MSVU launched Good Thing, a campaign that courts savvy new students by telling them not to attend the university because it would ruin their small class sizes and good vibe. Shirts were printed with "Seriously. Don't come here. We've got a good thing going."

Featured at Empire Theatres, a popular hangout, and online, early creative consists of sharp graphic design (1, 2, 3) then, later, more casual animation (4, 5, 6) instead of ho-hum study-on-the-lawn photos. Nice work.

Apparently future co-eds thought so too. Applications leaped 7.8 percent and visits to the site saw an 18.5 percent jump compared to the same time in 2005. Who'd have guessed disinterest -- even feigned disinterest -- is magnetic?

by Angela Natividad    Apr-13-07    
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NASCAR Has Something to Prove, Uses Tees to Get Mean


Debates over the legitimacy of racecar-driving as a "real" sport aside, there's one sport we never get tired of playing: mouthing off, a pastime NASCAR leverages in the ads for its Busch Series races.

To add texture to this most stimulating of face-offs, the ad-splattered organization features talking heads on ad tees. Iron-on drivers trash each other, make fun of their over-the-hill future selves and call out sluggish competitors.

Credited to BooneOakley, the campaign will run on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2, FOX and SPEED, as well as during the Nextel Cup races. Prints and Internet banners will also be floating around in NASCAR-oriented publications and sites.

The ads are compelling enough to inspire us to buy a NASCAR shirt, though we'd be bummed if we stood around waiting for them to talk and they just ... didn't.

For the buzzkills who respond to trash-talk with "WTF, mate? Got something to prove?!", NASCAR prepares the perfect slogan: Hell yeah, fucktard! "We've got something to prove." We added the first part, but we know that's what they meant.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-11-07    
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Talking Socks, Mike and Mike Take on Athlete's Foot


MS&L Digital helped launch this weird new site called Get Your Game Feet On, a perhaps dead-on attempt at making Novartis' Lamisil AT Gel more jock friendly.

We weren't deeply moved by hosts Mike and Mike's feel-good product pushing (it's really hard to take feet seriously) but we kind of liked the hoop shot game and thought the talking socks were sort of funny. That is, until we remembered Lamb Chop and got really bummed out. It's not every day that your favourite talking sock dies.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-10-07    
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HBO Brings Sopranos Closer to Home


To promote their Sopranos DVDs, HBO gives us two spots entitled Pole and Hair.

Pushing the objective of "[Bringing] home the Sopranos -- permanently," spots include insider nods to the Badda Bing strip club and Paulie Walnut's skunky hairdo. They were directed by Harvest Films' Baker Smith for Venables, Bell & Partners, and edited by Phoenix Editorial & Designs.

Unless you're an avid Sopranos watcher you're probably going to be all "OMGWTFBBQ?!" That's okay, because that's part of why they're so funny. We often stare sadly up at our ceilings at night and wish we were born in the mob. Sure there's sporadic death and violence, but the mobsters' otherwise zany antics (oh, and piles and piles of black market money) seem to make decent compensation.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-10-07    
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Milk Earns Passionate Flair with Promolac


In lieu of your typical "Got Milk?" stint, Promolac ties milk to everyday passions. Who'd have guessed the stuff of cow udders could be sexy? Not us. Then again, sex and dairy aren't strangers, and it's definitely less "eh?" than this.

Put together by Eva of Santiago, Chile, the copy reads "I drink." Adpunch has more from the same campaign. The others aren't sexy, but they're pretty to look at, and we were getting tired of that bland family sitcom humour-type stuff people are always pulling to push milk.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-10-07    
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PROMO Launches Advergame for Advertisers


Inspired by the menagerie of ad-smothered games, someone took it upon himself to go, "By gad - we should make ad games for advertisers!" This dangerous stream of thought yielded the PROMO Marketer's Challenge, a drably-coloured trivia challenge on the ad industry -- complete, of course, with ads.

The purpose of the game is to get talk out about PROMO magazine, which covers promotions and integrated marketing and is prepping for a relaunch. Redesign teasers are interspersed not-so-subtly throughout; in fact, we've played enough times to merit a free subscription CPM-wise. Are you listening, PROMO? Your SPREADS are engraved behind our EYELIDS.

by Angela Natividad    Apr- 9-07    
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Ford Pairs Fetuses and Fuel for Enviro-Friendly Campaign

Green is hot, with everybody from Lexus to New Belgium promoting environmental initiatives. To keep apace, Ford of Europe launches an interesting campaign to promote vehicles powered by Flexifuel, a fun little term for bio-ethanol.

Sentimentally pinned "For the Next Generation," the effort features images of "ecologically sensitive animals all on the verge of birth," using a motherly touch to remain anatomically correct and imagine the insides of mothers without actually invading animals to create them.

The work is lovely but there's something completely bizarre about using fetuses to sell fuel. Well, stranger pairings have happened. wryly notes it'll definitely win the hearts of Pro-Lifers.

The campaign kicks off in Sweden.

by Angela Natividad    Apr- 7-07    
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