5 Steps to Create And Motivate Brand Advocates


I have become fairly accustomed to analyzing the behavior of our customers' brand advocates in order to better serve our clients and develop our own Best Practices. Plus, it's just interesting to understand what motivates people to do stuff for your brand that, to be honest, they don't really have to do.

Remember Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs? Fascinating stuff. To boil it down, there are needs every human has, and we take care of the most basic ones first, then we progress to needs that have to do more with our self esteem and personal growth - this is where brand advocacy fits in.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-21-14    
Topic: Brands

4 Ways to Become the Number One Brand in Your Category


Competition. It's a way of life. There's no way around it but there is a way to win. How? You have to outwit, outlast and outplay your competitor. No, this isn't Survivor the TV show (remember that?). It's business. And in business the stakes are much higher.

So how can you outwit, outlast and outplay the other brands in your category? Here are four ways from AdClarity:

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by Steve Hall    Jan-21-14    
Topic: Brands

4 Reasons Employees Are Your Best Brand Advocates


More and more companies are starting to implement strategies and systems to leverage influencers to become marketing and brand allies. And they are doing it with great success. Whether it be content marketing, social media or word of mouth, often times your employees are your best brand advocates. In this article, we will touch on:

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by Steve Hall    Jan-14-14    
Topic: Brands

Hispanic Band Kinky Helps Honda Sell Civic Coupe


Today Orci announced the release of the latest Hispanic effort for the new 2014 Honda Civic Coupe. The campaign, which focuses on the Coupe's fun, youthful and stylish attributes, airs on national Spanish network and cable TV, and also includes online, mobile and video executions.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-14    
Topic: Brands

Jen Selter's Amazing Ass Landed Her Endorsement Deals


If you use Instagram, no doubt you have heard of Jen Selter, the 20-year-old New York woman who joined Instagram in March 2012 and rose to fame because of her stunningly curvaceous ass. If not, you aren't one of her 1.4 million (and growing) followers.

Selter, who began taking belfies (butt selfies) of her ass after she began working out following high school, has endorsement deals with New York water brand NY20 as well as nutrition supplement company Game Plan Nutrition. She's also had offers from Nike, Lulumon and New Balance. While she won't share details of the deal, she did tell the New York Post the deals will earn her "a lot more than a [college] graduate would be making. So take that all you Harvard MBA types.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 4-14    
Topic: Brands, Bright Ones, Celebrity, Racy

Canada Revolts Against 150th Birthday Logos, Designer Proposes Alternatives


In reaction to five proposed logos for Canada's 150th birthday, Canadian Designer Ibraheem Youssef, who was appalled at the quality of the proposed logo, took it upon himself to rally other Canadian designers to come up with something better.

To showcase the work, Youssef launched The150Logo to rally support and plead the country not to go down the path of mediocrity.

We're pretty sure anyone who looks at the official proposed logos versus those highlighted on The150Logo will clearly see how bad the official ones are and how much better Youssef's are.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-12-13    
Topic: Brands

Kmart's 'Jingle Bell Junk' Urges Men to #ShowYourJoe


You know, after seeing Kmart's Draftfcb-created Ship My Pants and, to a lesser degree, Big Gas Savings, you wonder what the agency could possibly come up with next that would be even remotely interesting. Well, George Parker be damned, the agency has delivered again with Show Your Joe, a co-branded effort with Joe Boxer.

In a ad, six men dressed in a tux on top and boxers on the bottom perform jungle belles with, yes, their junk. And this is how we sell underwear in 2013. Your grandmother will be horrified!

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by Steve Hall    Nov-18-13    
Topic: Brands, Creative Commentary, Racy, Strange

Yawn. Oh Wait. Not Yawn! Model Falls Down Manhole, Strips to Underwear, Lands in Marks and Spencer's Wonderland, Loses Clothes Again, Goes to Oz


OK, that ridiculously long, search engine-unfriendly headline pretty much tells the story but it is, indeed, a magically crafted one. And it has Helena Bonham Carter! Along with the Alice in Wonderland theme, there are touches of Little Red Riding Hood, The Magic Carpet (with a hot guy), the Wizard of Oz and...Helena Bonham Carter.

The model is question is Rosie Huntington-Whitley and the work was created by RKCR/Y&R for Marks and Spencer. Enjoy.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 5-13    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity

Sony Has Another Colorful Orgasm


They've done Balls. They've done Paint. They've done Zoetrope. They've done Bunnies. It's done Pyramids. They've done Bubbles. So why not an entire town?

Yup, that's exactly what Sony, with help from McCann London did to hype the new Bravia 4K TV. It's a wonderfully colorful epic Which results in the covering of an entire town with millions colored pieces of paper petals, biodegradable, of course.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 1-13    
Topic: Brands

5 Business Branding Lessons Inspired by Halloween Characters


Happy Halloween! It's a time for costumes, spooks, candy, and branding lessons for small businesses. That's right, a time to take a look at what business branding lessons we can learn from Halloween characters. Take a guess at which character best represents an issue your brand is facing.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-30-13    
Topic: Brands, Opinion