Jen Selter's Amazing Ass Landed Her Endorsement Deals


If you use Instagram, no doubt you have heard of Jen Selter, the 20-year-old New York woman who joined Instagram in March 2012 and rose to fame because of her stunningly curvaceous ass. If not, you aren't one of her 1.4 million (and growing) followers.

Selter, who began taking belfies (butt selfies) of her ass after she began working out following high school, has endorsement deals with New York water brand NY20 as well as nutrition supplement company Game Plan Nutrition. She's also had offers from Nike, Lulumon and New Balance. While she won't share details of the deal, she did tell the New York Post the deals will earn her "a lot more than a [college] graduate would be making. So take that all you Harvard MBA types.

In sharing her photos, which consist mostly of her wearing workout gear and tight dresses, Selter aims to motivate people to stay in shape. Of that goal, Selter says, "The only way you will see results is if you stay consistent."

Selter has cultivated a large social following. In addition to her 1.4 million Instagram followers, Selter has 510,000 likes on her Facebook page and 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Selter, who lives with her mother in New York's Upper West Side, gets her motivation from within and says, "It's cool seeing your body transform. That's what motivates me. Fitness isn't just about looks. It's about how you feel."

How does Selter's mother feel about her daughter's Instafame? "I'm very proud of her because this is a girl who didn't want to go to college and she was able to build up this social media in such a way that she has become famous and she is an inspiration and motivation for so many people."

Right now, hundreds of brands are knocking on Selter's door.








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