Axe Prepares Men For Sex

Brenner Thomas succumbed not yet aware of the Axe ad campaign messaging, went out and bought some of the company's shower gel then, checking the campaign out, commented on heavy intertwining of sex to sell the product, writing, "As I've said before, male showering is marketed as a requirement for meeting the standards of the other, cleaner sex. But Axe takes this a step further. Attractiveness isn't the end goal of showering here; sex is. The Axe website makes their intentions clearer than a horny freshman at a sorority party. The splash page features suggestive images of a shower's ceiling lined with mirrors, and bathroom with towels engraved with "His," "Hers," "Her Roomate's," "Her Sister's." You can just see the famous jocks of Heathers punching it in. Even the loading icon is horny. It reads "Your Mojo is Loading." And I guess that's what Axe really is, a mojo-enhancing lube for heterosexual sex.

by Steve Hall    May-24-05    
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Gwyneth Paltrow New Face of Estee Lauder


Putting professional models out of work left and right are Hollywood actresses scooped up by fashion brands gloming a trend to hawk their latest smells/lotions/clothing. Today. it's Gwyneth Paltrow's turn. She's signed a mulit-year deal with Estee Lauder to be the brand's face for its line of pleasures fragrances and makeup. Ads featuring Paltrow will debut during the 2005 holiday season.

Paltrow, 32, follows Elizabeth Hurley, Liya Kebede and Carolyn Murphy as the brand's makeup, skincare and fragrance celebu-spokesmodels. Estee Lauder execs gushed predictably sachrin sweet praise on Paltrow's iconic stature which we'll spare you from but if you want the full on corporate blather, you'll find it all in the company's press release.

by Steve Hall    May-23-05    
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Urban Outfitters Highjacks Crown Farmer

Don't Steal Our Shirts

According to clothing company Crown Farmer, the Urban Outfitter chain has "stolen" two of the company's designs, cut them up, placed red x's over them, affixed them to the backs of vintage blazers and is, apparently, marketing them without Crown Farmer's permission. The two t-shirt designs say "the stuff you huff" and "take pills and chill"

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by Steve Hall    May-23-05    
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Disney Japan Brand Tarnished With Mob Links


Last Friday it was reported Tokyo Disney developer Oriental Land Co. had been outsourcing the resort's cleaning to Chuo Kohatsu, a company said to have ties to the Japanese mafia or Yakuza. The cleaning contract was signed in 1984 with a Kohatsu executive whose older brother, Saburo Shiga, is now said to be part of rightist group Zen Nippon Aikokusha Dantai Kaigi. Oriental Land President Toshio Kagami apologized and said the company will not renew its contract with Kohatsu.

by Steve Hall    May-23-05    
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Abercrombie T-Shirts Promote Drinking. Not Really


While Abercrombie & Fitch will explain it away as some sort of reverse psychology, others think the new alcohol themed t-shirts promote underage drinking. With slogans like "Sotally Tober," "If you can read this, you need another cocktail" and "Bad girls chug. Good girls drink quickly," there's no hiding the message. However, no kid is going to wear a shirt that says, "Gee, drinking is really bad. You shouldn't do it." At least these shirts might spark discussion about drinking and older folks ought to realize most kids aren't stupid enough to think A & F would promote drinking any more than they would promote Nazism.

by Steve Hall    May-17-05    
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Diabetes Association Gets Sugar Money, Says Sugar Unrelated to Disease

While we don't pretend to be a medical expert, we've certainly heard sugar has a little something to do with a disease called Diabetes. Well, after sugary soft drink marketer Cadbury Schweppes entered into a three-year, multi-million dollar alliance, American Diabetes Association Chief Scientific and Medical Officer Richard Kahn seems to think otherwise and told Corporate Crime Reporter, in an interview, "What is the evidence that sugar itself has anything to do with diabetes? There is no evidence."

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by Steve Hall    May-16-05    
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CareerBuilder First Super Bowl 2006 Advertiser


Yesterday, announced its intent to advertise during the 2006 Super Bowl. It is the first company to make such an announcement.'s reports its 2006 marketing strategy will include national outreach and grass roots promotions in local markets. It will include primetime network and cable television, local radio, print, interactive and stadium ads. The campaign will be complemented with advertising support from the more than 130 newspapers, 48 television stations and Web sites of owners Tribune Company, Gannett and Knight Ridder.

And, yes, those chimpanzees will be back.

by Steve Hall    May-11-05    
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Condoms Come to Prime Time

Ad Age reports Trojan plans to air its condom ads during prime time rather than the usual fringe and late night dayparts. Trojan CEO James Craigie promises the ads will be tame and safe for all dayparts. It's unclear whether the networks have yet accepted the ads.

by Steve Hall    May-11-05    
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Nasty Video Highlights Burger King


While we are highly doubtful Burger King or Crispin Porter + Bogusky officially had anything to do with this, the prominent display of Burger King in this white boy rapper video, called F'ing Yo Mom's in the Ass, is certainly worth noting. Burger King gets considerable screen time in this video which is just weird enough to get passed around virally as it already has having shown up on CollegeHumor. The Whois site registration info is not hidden leading one to perhaps believe the site is legit, then again, we're talking about CP+B here who would never register a site blindly - a telltale sign of marketer involvement.

Given the subject matter of the video and the rest of the CD's content, it would be very surprising if Burger King actually had any involvement with its creation. Then again, stranger things have happened and marketing isn't what it used to be. Perhaps it really is just a couple of dudes having fun. Perhaps not.

by Steve Hall    May-10-05    
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Nike Butchers Tiger Woods 16th Hole Moment

Money Shot, Butchered

When Tiger Woods made that famous 16th hole shot, leaving the Nike golf ball hanging on the edge of the cup, swoosh visible for two long seconds before dropping in, the ad industry speculated wildly over over how Nike would turn this moment into a commercial. Well, three weeks passed, nothing was released and the industry gave up hope. In the meantime - actually, the day the shot occurred, Joe Jaffe, pointed out this perfect opportunity for Nike and created a spec spot on his own. Simply and without un-necessary editorializing, Jaffe's version illustrated the miraculous moment and ended quietly with "Just do it." It took a fantastic sporting moment, which needed no additional explanation, and commercialized it beautifully.

While all had given up hope Nike would take advantage of this moment, a Nike-created spot finally emerged a week or so ago. It was about as timely as that Bud Light Super Bowl spot making fun the previous year's Janet Jackson nipple slip. Did it really have to take that long for client and agency to get their shit together? The spot, using the same imagery from the famous day and interspersed with black screen/white type banal messaging, closes with a lame, inside joke about how Woods should have, at least, landed the ball in a way that made the Nike logo more visible.

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by Steve Hall    May- 8-05    
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