NBCU Goes Whor- er, Networking to Push Cheadle


These days it's not enough to appear on a social networking site; you have to be, like, married to one.

On that note, NBC Universal has inked an agreement with Going.com to promote Talk to Me, a new Don Cheadle film.

And like all online community courtships, the hope is to build a loyal network of people that will hopefully lift their asses off their ergonomic computer chairs and schmooze at prearranged promotional gatherings in cities like New York, Boston and San Francisco.

But unlike MingleNow, which is pretty loyal to Anheuser-Busch, Going.com is a promiscuous bedfellow. Le gasp.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-25-07    
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Scion Woos Wee Deviants with Sheeple Death Warrant


After reluctance on our part and a helluva lot of persistence on theirs, Scion finally won us over with their Want 2 B Square thing. We even almost dig the cars. Almost.

But if we had a scrap of distaste left for the dumpster-esque vehicles, it's wiped away with this new Little Deviant effort they've launched for the xD, put together by the same guys who built Want 2 B Square.

The game could ride on the merit of its description alone:

"Send the sheeple from the streets and find them in the highrises. Knock the stuffing out of them and collect their blood. It can be used to your benefit. Turn that awful bleating into awesome bleeding."

Violence against sheep? Shameless bloodlust? We'd leap into a Scion right now but we'll be distracted with the Deviant site for awhile. The goth vibe and sadistic humor remind us of old-school computer games like The Seventh Guest - a nice little throwback.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-24-07    
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Pringles: Make a Hero Out of Chips, Win Movie Tickets


Riding the coattails of Spiderman III, Agency.com, London has put together this weird video contest for Pringles. The idea is to throw together a video with Pringles as the star. We'd call it a stretch to make a hero out of potato chips, but it can't be any less off-putting than getting rescued by a spider suffering from involuntary costume changes.

Entries made thus far are pretty broad. This one is like America's Funniest Home Videos, except without Bob Saget. And for some reason that we're failing to wrap our brains around, this one involves a crab. (The animation's pretty awesome, though.)

Winners get 12 months unlimited Cineworld passes, valid at all UK theatres and at Cineworld Dublin - not a bad deal.

Pringles last did the CGM thing in March, when they were courting new jingles. Guess Spiderman's not the only one suffering from an identity crisis.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-24-07    
Topic: Online, Promotions

Heinz Pours Ketchup on Catch Up Lady

PH--Heinz 5700th Wedding Anniversary Bell Photo--FINAL.jpg

While it's no big deal to be inundated with press releases on a daily basis, Kaitlyn over at Catch Up Lady was pleased to receive one from Heinz the other day promoting its Heinz 57th Anniversary Wedding Bell promotion in which the company gives away a commemorative Heinz 57 porcelain bell and hosts. Because the company is approaching its 5,700th giveaway, the company will choose one lucky couple who's been married for 57 years and throw a $5,700 party for the couple and 57 of their friends in their home town. To enter, couples send in a copy of their marriage license.

Census Bureau information indicates there's a pool of 1,667,000 people who were married in 1950 to draw from. Pretty good odds considering many won't even hear about this promotion.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-07    
Topic: Promotions

Site Asks 'What Good is Your Old Phone?'


MindComet is behind this What Good is Your Old Phone effort which encourages people to submit videos of them trashing their old cell phones because, of course, on June 29, everyone is going to run out and buy the iPhone making all existing cell phones useless.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-07    
Topic: Online, Promotions

Agency Wants to Get Into Your Pants


Purportedly, this was created to sell something. What, we have no idea. Created by Traction and called Institute for Practical Underpants, the site goes the route of institutional professor as expert and has goofy little characters which introduce you to various styles of underpants.

After an elaborate tour of the underwear making process, the underwear-faced cartoon dude sums up saying the purpose of underwear is to "cover your ass and make your package look good...kind of like advertising." All of which, yes - this does promote something - points to Traction's website which proudly states it wants to get into your pants. In terms of agency new business effort, we have to admit, we've never seen anything like this before and we actually like it.

by Steve Hall    Jun-21-07    
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Nokia Wants Your Creativity For Its Young Creatives Competition


If you're sick of the awards, sick of out of shape body types in Speedos, sick of guttural gutter bar talk, check out Nokia's Young Creatives Competition:Film. It's a promotion that pits 20 two-person teams against each other in a 48-hour competition to shoot, edit, produce and deliver a :30. One tool is allowed in the competition: the Nokia N931i. It's all here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-07    
Topic: Promotions

Reyka Vodka Offers Chance to Win Trip to Iceland


Who knew things could be so exciting in Iceland? They've got giant marionettes. They've got sweater-clad (yes, you read that right. Not bikini-clad) cuties in the form of former GusGus singer Hafdis Huld promoting vodka. And they've got a contest in which you and nine of your closest friends can travel to the country for the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. There, you can explore puffins, volcanoes and amazing good (we've tasted) vodka.

We can't think of a better way to get out of the soon to be oppressively hot city, take in some music and drink vodka. And Hafdis Huld would be quite the pleasure too.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-07    
Topic: Good, Promotions

Levi's Courts Scandinavian Beats. Their Jeans, However, Still Suck


We actually really dig this gritty promotion called Levi's Sounds, a collabo between Levi's and VICE, even if the object is pretty typical: To build brand awareness by conducting an open call for fledgling bands, all of which are seeking the opportunity of a lifetime (or at least the next six months). Participating countries include Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland.

So if you're a Scandinavian band with some beats and a dream, join the contest. Submissions are all due by mid-August and the winner should be announced in November.

Winners can record a CD produced by Knut Schreiner of Turbonegro and released under NIGHTLINER, a sublabel that belongs to Universal. Oh yeah, you also get to do a Levi's ad campaign.

We suffer from a love/hate relationship with Levi's because its ads are so consistently stunning and their product remains consistently crappy.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-14-07    
Topic: Promotions

Silver Surfer Makes Waves in the Underground


20th Century Fox is using this Silver Surfer trailer to entice roving eyes on the commute between Jersey and Manhattan on the PATH line. It's slated to run the entire month of June.

This is a really interesting idea. Submedia has a patented tunnel system that turns static images into moving pictures right outside a train's window. Beats staring at the LavaLife ads slathered all over the Bay Area's BART train interiors.

We actually want to watch Silver Surfer now, even though we've been burned one time too many by superhero films that, far from authentically adapting a comic book concept, really just suck the love out of nostalgic fans.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-14-07    
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