Well Endowed Bikini Adjuster Can't Be Held


Upon viewing this interrogation of a nicely endowed, bikini clad beauty who, after the interrogator leaves the room and tells her co-workers "guys, we don't have enough to hold her," adjusts her bikini top to, well, hold her better, we were ready for this to be something entirely different than the program promotion it turned out to be.

by Steve Hall    Jun-13-07    
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Wipe Up A Mess, Win A Kitchen Makeover in Bounty One Sheet Challenge


Bounty wants o make it really easy to win a kitchen makeover. With its One Sheet Challenge, all one has to do is use one of their paper towels to wipe up a dirty mess and share the dirty details of the cleanup in a 100 word write up. The best out of the first 50,000 submitted stories will receive a $30,000 kitchen makeover. There's also an $8,000 second place makeover and a third prize that provides a year's supply of Bounty towels.

This being the ad industry, we assume one of you is creative enough to come up with clean up story so compelling, the judges would have to, hands down, award you first place. So have at it.

by Steve Hall    Jun-13-07    
Topic: Promotions

Ford Edge Goes on Vacation, Gets Raffled Off, Funds Tom Joyner

Ford Edge on TJ Fantastic Voyage.JPG

"Gas prices are so high even cars are taking a vacation from driving these days," said a pressie this morning, followed by the image at left and this Tom Joyner Cruisin' shot with the Ford Edge.

This is for Tom Joyner's Fantastic Voyage, with heavy sponsorship from Ford Edge. The self-titled "Ultimate Party with a Purpose" raised over $1 million to benefit the Tom Joyner Foundation on Royal Caribbean International's Navigator of the Seas.

The Ford Edge on board was later adopted by Aubrey Wagner, who won the contest and got to speak on the Tom Joyner Morning Show today.

If somebody wants to shoot $1 million in our direction we'll raffle off an honorary Adrants martini glass - real olive included - and bestow two-line ranting rights on some future edition, contingent on if we feel like it and if some martini company wants to sponsor our glass giveaway.

We'll even throw in a cheesy line like, "Drink prices are so high, we're giving away free martini glasses in hopes you'll one day pay us back in alcohol content."

by Angela Natividad    Jun-12-07    
Topic: Promotions

Jersey Beckons Price-Scalded, Closeted (Not that Kind of Closeted) Manhattanites


For Jersey's Newport Associates Development Corporation, agency woods witt dealy & sons put together a clever campaign that revolves around a family just getting by in NY - inside a closet that belongs to the wife's in-laws.

The answer to their problem is just one stop away from Manhattan. "Get more out of New York. Move to New Jersey," the ads admonish.

We recently cooped back in with our parents for a few weeks to save cash in preparation for our own move to New York. Some aspects of being back with mom and pops just don't jive with our imagined adulthood. Like the violating way they have of throwing doors open - bathroom doors, bedroom doors, doggy doors - at all hours of the day or night.

more »

by Angela Natividad    Jun-11-07    
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Paramount Wants Your Booty In Its Movie


So we're guessing this is going to be like The Pussycat Dolls but in movie form. As part of its promotion for the movie How She Moves, Paramount Vantage is conducting a MySpace contest which will award three people an all expenses paid trip to movie set to appear in one of the movie's scenes. Starring...well...no one, the movie follows the story of a girl who, after her sister's death from a drug overdoes, returns home from her sweet private school life to the crime-filled streets of her neighborhood where she takes up competitive step dancing.

Those interested in appearing in the booty-shaking dance-fest have until June 11 to send in their MySpace profile information to the contest's MySpace page. Once chosen and footage of their movie appearance is shot, paramount will place it on the promotional site as well as the profile pages of each of the three winners.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 7-07    
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Transformers Marketing Dives Deep ... into the Playskool Family


We're not completely sure how we feel about this Mr. Potato Head Optimash Prime (an undoubtedly subtle plug for the upcoming Transformers movie), but it's somewhere between "OMG OMG!!!1111111" and "Dude, I think I actually need one of those."

Nice one, Hasbro. Nice.

by Angela Natividad    Jun- 6-07    
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Forget the Jetpacks - RAY GUNS Have Finally Arrived


For Weta Workshops, which makes action figures and other collectible props for movies and stuff, New Zealand's Touch/Case Next gives us SteamPunk ray guns.

And best of all, the ray guns are real (if not really deadly, at least really for sale). Models like the ManMelter 3600ZX and the FMOM INDUSTRIES Wave Disrupter are "constructed from metal with some glass parts," and only 500 of each is being manufactured.

Tell us that doesn't bring your lawn dart-loving '80s baby out to play, and we will glower at you in disdain.

For our own purposes, the Goliathon 83 dissolves seven-ninths of an elephant in 10 earth seconds. We could really use that kind of power whilst standing in line at the post office.

by Angela Natividad    Jun- 6-07    
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Free Ice Cream For Everyone! As Long As You're Black


As part of a promotional campaign to introduce the new TBS show Tyler Perry's House of Payne, ice cream trucks branded with the show's characters made stops in various neighborhoods, malls and events in Atlanta, Birmingham, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte and Memphis in an effort to draw African-Americans to the show which debuts June 6. Free "POPScicles" in honor of LaVan Davis' character, Curtis "Pops" Payne were freely distributed to all. Yes all. Pay no attention to our nasty headline writer.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 6-07    
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Between Films, Scorsese Works for AmEx


Voila: an American Express ad for The Members Project, resulting from a collabo between Lost Planet and Martin Scorsese, via Ogilvy. It is surprisingly likable.

Poking fun at self-satisfied cause-whoring like Gap (red) and Kenneth Cole's Are You Putting Us On?, the spot includes Ellen, Andre Agassi and Sheryl Crow, sitting against a generic backdrop and admonishing the sympathetic to go forth and make a difference.

For those whose ears automatically perked up at Scorsese's name, there's no gunning-down for the cause. But amid the usual vagaries about doing your part, a casually-dressed guy (Tim from the office next door!) suddenly walks across the shot and points out the importance of keeping Lake Winnipesakee clean.

This sparks confusion between the stars and a general, if hesitant, admission that Lake Winnipesakee is probably worth keeping clean.

The spot ends with an empty stool and the usual closing jibjab about submitting your idea to website X. The winning entry gets not $10,000 (the going idea rate) but a whopping $5 million, which may mean this contest is actually worth someone's while.

by Angela Natividad    Jun- 4-07    
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For Bigger Balls, Get the Corvette of Golf Equipment


Bored with being the khaki-shorts man's sport of choice, golf gets ballsy in a campaign called The Balls to Go for It. This is for Callaway's Top Flite D2, the must have for ball-chuckers who "never lay up - never wuss out."

Site features include Smack Talk 101, E-Insults and the Wussipedia, a user-compiled list of on-course faux pas.

Hrm. We never thought a sport could suffer from a midlife crisis. Then again...

by Angela Natividad    Jun- 4-07    
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