Coffee Shops, Canada Horrifies, Workplace Defaces, Dell Over Tries


- Get your free, steaming cup of Eight O' Clock Coffee when the brand gives the stuff away at nine U.S. malls on black Friday, the perennial number one shopping day of the year.

- Jesus fucking Christ! Could this spot....and this one be any more blunt in delivering its "prevent accidents" message? Via.

- Dell's got some weird shit going on with its IT Room viral wannabe project.

- Advertising or Peanuts has re-branded and re-focused and will leave behind what it claims to be a "creepy advertising house of mirrors" that is the world ob advertising blogs in favor of a daily column written by "a different advertising big-brain for every day of the week." Nice but it might be nice to add a "home" link to individual story pages to easily get to the main page without the hassle of cutting the URL. Link your header logo. It's the easiest solution. Oh, there's a link at the bottom of the page. Not so obvious.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-12-07    
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Philly Inquirer Uses New Media (Eh?) to Promote, Spoof Old Media


The Philadelphia Inquirer is launching a campaign called "The Return of the Flying Pigs" with the help of Gyro Worldwide. See all the creative goodies.

The campaign promotes the Philly Inquirer's increase in daily circulation, the highest among America's top 50 newspapers.

The campaign aims to both bow to and spoof traditional major motion picture marketing. It includes film trailers, magazine inserts, movie posters and other forms of traditional media that are also being heavily promoted on "new media" (online?), though we're not sure how.

Cute. That's all we can think of besides, "At least it's not an anti-piracy campaign." Because we really hate watching anti-piracy ads in movie theatres. (We paid to get in, right? Assholes.)

by Angela Natividad    Nov-12-07    
Topic: Promotions, Publishing

Red Bull Launches Writing Contest in Britain

red balls.jpeg
Red Bull has added yet another promo to its growing line of user-created forrays.

The company that brought us the annual flying wonder-ridden Flugtag and Art of Can contests is now asking UK consumers to write its next TV ad.

Called the Red Bull Tall Story Contest, the brand artfully positions yet another CGM pandering campaign as an a kind of literary contest, by asking consumers to write a "witty short story."

Entries should follow in the spirit of its long-running cartoon spots, where someone gets wings after downing a Red Bull.

Adverblog says Red Bull will be promoting the contest with half a million pounds using radio, print and online advertising, in addition to on-campus student promos.

by Albert Kugel    Nov-12-07    
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Orange Enlists Poke, Which Launches Never-Ending Web Paaaagge...


UK mobile telecom Orange hired Poke to come up with a never-ending take on the microsite.

The Good Things Should Never End site includes "100s of wind-up phone chargers [...] as giveaways," hidden in its nooks and crannies, says Poke's Iain Tait, putting method to the madness of spending your workday descending this flash-based world of wonder.

Kudos for the Easter Eggs. They're so under-used.

by Albert Kugel    Nov- 8-07    
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Staged Skits the New Conference Booth Babe


Booth babes, with their sexy little outfits and bursting cleavage, are now passe. In their place comes the staged exhibit hall skit. Courtesy of No More Landing Pages, we get the babelicious heroine saved from certain death by superheroes from ineffective landing pages. A little theater to spice of exhibit hall blues. Who can complain with that?

by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-07    
Topic: Guerilla, Industry Events, Promotions

Google's Troops Seek Golden Child in Untilled Pockets of the Universe


Google's a lot like college: you can stay on and get laid, or you can travel the world recruiting for the cause.

To add fuel to its fire, the search and ad giant is sending its more enlightened acolytes to far-off places -- where they actually have to ask the natives whether they know what Google is -- in order to find tomorrow's brain children.

There's something to tell the kids when you're older: "After two years of organic buffet schmoozing, I hit Andhra Pradesh to find the ad algo junkies of tomorrow. It was fuckin' awesome. I think I changed the world."

by Angela Natividad    Nov- 5-07    
Topic: Human, Promotions, Word of Mouth

Kajeet Launches Malfunctioning Pets Mystery to Get Text-Happy Kids on the Hook


For its client Kajeet, Philly-based Red Tettemer launched an 8-part webisode campaign called The Mysterious Mystery of the Malfunctioning Pets. One episode will be unveiled every week on Dudeworld.

Kajeet provides pay-as-you-go cell phone service for kids. Participating tweens will be able to help decide the ending.

A few seconds into the first episode we heard this high-pitched scream, the likes of which we haven't experienced since Sailor Moon.

After you cross the threshold of age 13, you just can't process that kind of sound anymore. Some small part of us died.

Anyway, the episode was cute. If our pets malfunctioned, we'd probably just sell them.

by Angela Natividad    Nov- 5-07    
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No More Landing Pages to Descend Upon NY in Superhero Garb


No More Landing Pages, which conducted a mock strike at ad:tech SF, is hitting ad:tech NY in capes and tights.

Among other heroes evangelizing the battle for increased conversions and better ROI, meet Landing Page Man, who is pompous and lame; Conversion Girl, who sexes up conversion quality; and LiveBall -- who (not unintentionally) frequently suffers from that other kind of balls resulting from Conversion Girl, who uses him to get what she wants. (Um, conversions and increased ROI. Like any smart sexbomb?)

If the spectacle isn't enough to get you running (yellow tights and blueballs always do it for us), there are grab bags too. Hit the Cyber Cafe on the 4th floor of the Exhibit hall for a chance to get an iPod Touch, maybe a Shuffle or some sort of office "weapon."

We're guessing branded staplers but hoping for lawn darts.

by Angela Natividad    Nov- 5-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Promotions

Home Depot Shopping Carts Spout Text-Based Marketing Messages


This unnecessarily long article by Forbes, chock-full of handy-dandy survey data, tells us one -- well, two -- important things:

- A new concept is born: "shopper marketing." (Known to you traditionalists -- har har -- as in-store advertising.)
- Concept shopping carts are getting outfitted with a text messaging device, courtesy of Modstream. It's appearing at Home Depots in 8 states.

The idea is that shoppers, which haven't warmed much to video-outfitted shopping carts, will take advantage of coupons, or marketing messages, or whatever-else, at their fingertips.

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eBay France Auctions TV Space to Product Vendors


While the eBay we know and love is busy terrorizing holiday icons, eBay France highlights buyers' individuality with a little bit of TV love.

Its new campaign, eBay c'est vous (eBay: it's you!), orchestrated by BETC EuroRSCG, encourages online sellers to buy ad space in TV spots for products in a given category.

Adverblog explains that 10 product categories will go up for grabs, with sellers bidding for each space. Money collected by eBay will be donated to a charity called Planete Urgence.

Very "web 2.0." (Can we ban that phrase forever?) The big question is how the ads are going to be put together. Our guess is that there will be guidelines similar to what sellers fill out when they put items up for auction. That'll keep things nice and organized.

by Angela Natividad    Nov- 1-07    
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