Mountain Dew MDX Teams With Plum TV For X Games Promotion


Pepsi's Mountain Dew and Plum TV are getting together during the Winter X Games in Aspen January 26-30 to promote Mountain Dew MDX. During the games, Mountain Dew will sponsor nightly shuttles outfitted with cameras to capture nocturnal reveler's escapades to be broadcast on Plum TV in Aspen, Vail and on the Mountain Dew MDX Be Noctural site. Also, a party hosted by Mountain Dew MDX will be held at the Sun Deck on Ajax Mountain where antics will also be captured for Plum TV broadcast.

Stay tuned for videos from the event. We'll post them as we receive them.

by Steve Hall    Jan-25-06    
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Coke, Fox, 'Sporting News' Launch 'Best Damn Guide to Football'


Sporting News and Fox Sports Net have teamed to create the "Best Damn Guide to Football," a guide to all things football, sponsored by Coca-Cola North America's Full Throttle Energy Drink. Starting this week, three million copies of the 12-page, 4x6-inch guide will be distributed for free at convenience stores across the country when customers purchase Full Throttle. The booklet features short items and articles that range from Super Bowl history to best player nicknames, tailgating recipes and advice for throwing an "estrogen-free" Super Bowl Party.

The "Best Damn Sports Show Period" hosts ­Chris Rose, John Salley, Rodney Peete and Rob Dibble ­also share their opinions about the most important football facts, as well as the hottest cheerleaders. The guide will also be inserted in Sporting News magazine's February 3rd Super Bowl preview issue, hitting newsstands on January 25th.

by Steve Hall    Jan-20-06    
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Bud, Two Hotties, Parties Combine For SI Swimsuit Promo


In a perfect alignment, Budweiser has signed on as exclusive promotional sponsor of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue and will also team with SI supermodel Molly Sims who will appear in the brewer's point of sale material. Budweiser will host pre-issue promotional parties in 50 cities on February 13. Budweiser will also place a six-page fold out in the issue featuring FOX Sports Best Damn Sports Show Period hottie Leann Tweeden.

by Steve Hall    Jan-12-06    
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NBC Promotes Olympics With 'Las Vegas' Mini-Movie


NBC is leveraging its Monday night show Las Vegas to help promote the network's Olympic coverage. A two and a half minute mini-movie will appear in tonight's episode as well as appear on 10,000 movie screens. Chevy's in on the deal two and will feature several of its vehicles in tonight's episode and in the movie which follows fans of Olympic medalists from Vegas to Torino. The mini-movie morphs from a real storyline in the episode.

It appears to be one of the most integrated promotions/product placement in recent memory and, as is always the case with these things, it'll either bomb or succeed seamlessly. I guess we'll be watching Las Vegas tonight.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 9-06    
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Desperate Housewife Makes Fictitious Career A Reality


Perhaps in a nod to her 'Desperate Housewives' based former career as model or perhaps simply because she looks good near hot cars, Chrysler had Eva Longoria on hand Sunday to introduce its new concept car Imperial. She joined Chrysler big wigs on stage in the new car uttering the words, "I'm desperate for one of these cars." So cute. Now go back to the 'Desperate Housewives' and do what you do best: lie, cheat and kiss other wive's husbands.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 9-06    
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Ad Age Sends Back iPod, Adrants Keeps It


Ad Age has been doing some important journalism this week reporting on the holiday swag it has been receiving from PR and media companies. We do miss our time toiling in the media prisons departments of agencies where we'd generally receive more gifts in one year what most people would hope to receive in five but we sure don't miss the slave labor hard work and long hours put in to get those gifts pump out 300 version of a media plan for whiny account managers and self-important clients.

more »

by Steve Hall    Dec-16-05    
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News Flash: Alex Bogusky Has No Hair!


A new online campaign for the Jennifer Anniston, Kevin Coster movie Rumor Has It has played sweetly into our fluff and puffery-filled world of journalistic nonsense. Online marketing firm Pod Digital Design has created RumorMaker, a site that lets visitors create their own front page tabloid scandal about a friend complete with photograph and snarkish commentary. If there's no photo or snark available, visitors can choose from several provided choices. We couldn't resist temptation and had a bit of fun with Alex Bogusky and his hair.

by Steve Hall    Dec-15-05    
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Stylish Saturn Sky Promoted With Stylish Press Package


GM, to introduce its stylish new Saturn Sky roadster and to position the vehicle as a compliment to one's fashion versus a nice hunk of metal to park in the garage, GM PR agency Weber Shandwick sent journalists a package of information that aligned perfectly with the communications message of style and fashion. An iPod. A black one no less. On the iPod were images of the new Saturn Sky and a video which conveyed, through a very stylish channel, the car's element of fashion. Notably and thankfully, the package contained no traditional, overly wordy, superlatively saturated, presumptuously pretentious, bombastically boastful, pompously proud, cavalierly conceited, smart-aleck snooty press release. Oops...there is one. It's on the CD that came with the package but it's secondary to main focus of the communication and, thankfully, it's fairly superlative-free.

The entire package, including the beautifully designed outer packaging; the CD which contained the above mentioned press release, images of the car and a video and, of course, the stylishly black iPod, beautifully delivers the Saturn Sky message.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-05    
Topic: Promotions

Lost Sock Street Posting Promotes SciFi's 'Triangle'


The sidewalks of New York are always filled with interesting postings, odd imagery and, yes, ads. Bucky Turco spotted one of those "I've lost my cat" type postings on a street pole which turned out to be a promotion for Sci Fi's new show, Triangle. The posting shows a picture of a sock with the headline "Lost" and provides tear off tags with a link to, a promotional site where visitors can enter a sweepstakes to win a home theater system, a television and an Xbox 360. Actual "lost socks" with the logo were placed in various laundromats too. Cunning created and executed the promotion.

Turco didn't like the Xbox tie in but we think the over all promotion is intriguing enough to warrant notice and create awareness of the show. Only time and Nielsen will answer that question.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-05    
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Virgin Mobile's Hot Box Fondling Angels Cause Complaints


As part of a promotion for its Hot Box cell phone, Virgin mobile Canada created some Christmas wrapping paper that shows angels kissing and fondling one another. Ottawa's Alan Dean wasn't too pleased when his 12 year-old daughter was handed some of the paper as part of a promotion following a screening of Harry Potter at the Famous Players Coliseum. Mr. Dean had no kind words for Virgin Mobile marketers telling the Ottawa Citizen, "Somebody had to have their head screwed on wrong to put out a promo like that at a family theater. Even though they said they wanted to hand it out to 18-year-olds, it doesn't matter. It shouldn't have been on the premises." Oddly, we agree. It's just a little sick.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-05    
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