Sony Ericsson Phones Get Spectacular 3D Introduction


Maybe the guy who went to all that trouble (worth watching every year) to decorate his house with Christmas trees and then computer-programmed them to synchronize with Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizards in Winter" might just be interested in the new 3D laser projection technology currently in use by Publicum Media for Sony Ericsson. It'd sure be easier than stringing 25,000 lights all over the exterior of his house.

Publicum created a seven minute 3D projection called When Fairy Tales Come True which was shown to an audience of 10,000 at the Vilnius City Town Hall in Lithuania. It's purpose, other than to entertain, was to promote the Sony Ericsson smartphone Satio and Aino.

by Steve Hall    Nov-24-09    
Topic: Outdoor

Restaurant Lies. Quadruples Chowder Sales


The Denver Egoist shares the story of an underwater billboard hoax/viral/stunt/lie in which Ivar's Seafood Restaurant placed billboards underneath the Puget Sound. They told the media the boards had been placed there in the 50's by Ivar's founder who, as the story goes, thought people would one day travel beneath the Sound in submarines. The founder wanted to make sure his advertising message was there for all to see.

Of course, the story is fake and the boards were placed there just weeks before the story was planted and the boards hauled up. While this hoax/viral/lie was making the rounds, an ad campaign touted the fact Ivar's would roll back its chowder pricing to 1950's levels in celebration of the discovery.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-18-09    
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Gatescapes: Urban Beautification, or Just a Cleaner Graf?


Place-based marketing? Yikes. Something that would be at home in the Dept. of Ad Creep, Mediacy, Inc. has found a way to cover up the graf found on the gajillion corrugated gates around cities using some type of specialty vinyl. Yeah full-color graphics with adhesive back! (Available only for NYC and LA markets as of right now.)

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by Bill Green    Nov-13-09    
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But Wait, There's More...

- Coca Cola Velcrola.

- Speaking of Starbucks.

- A little Captain out of 'em.

- Putting the AE in date.

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by Bill Green    Nov-13-09    
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Volkswagen Pisses, Fat Boy Grunts, Nipples Flattened, Nipples Exposed


OK. Time to play catch up.

- For some inexplicable reason, images of people who've pissed their pants are supposed to sell Volkswagen GTIs.

- Those grunting and groaning sounds you hear from your son's room? It's not what you think.

- Verizon continues to slam AT&T.

- Those Japanese. They think of everything. For the ladies whose nipples get much too large for concealment in cold weather, try the USB Bust Beauty Pad.

- The long, frustrating road to "Strawberry Flavored Juice Drink Blend" and the idiocy of selling juice that really isn't juice.

- "Social ads don't drive clickthroughs. Unlike billboards."

- And then there's the whole exposed nipple thing American Apparel loves so much. NSFW>.

- Julia Allison. You've never hear of her (unless you're a social media troll and love Twitter) but she is now featured in a new Sony ad alongside Justin Timberlake.

- Be sure to check out episode 5 of AdVerve with Bill Green and Angela Natividad.

- Conde Nast ad pages dropped 43 percent (8,359 pages) in 2009.

- The Art Director's Club has a new look.

by Steve Hall    Nov-11-09    
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Bus Ads Hijack Events Ads. Then GIve Back


Duval Guillaume, which always does interesting work, is out with a new campaign for transportation company De Lijn which recently increased its nighttime schedule and wanted to make the public aware.

Rather than create an entirely separate campiagn that simply announced the change, the agency latched onto the notion people use the buses to get to and from evening events. Cutouts with the tagline, "whatever you are planning tonight, also plan your transport," were placed over already existing posters promoting events.

The idea, of course, was to simply grab the attention of people reading about certain events and frame the bus message around the original event listing.

A secondary element of the campaign made it possible for the promoters of any posted event to have their event promoted on the actual buses by uploading their poster to a website.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-09    
Topic: Outdoor

Vacant or Not, Paris Hilton Doesn't Like Being Called Vacant


Apart from the photo usage rights issue which Adland covers here, is it really any wonder a witty wannabe designer at an outdoor company selected a picture of Paris Hilton and slapped the word "vacant" underneath her to promote the fact the billboard is available? Of course not.

Whether or not Paris Hilton is actually vacuously vacant in the head is beside the point. She (with a lot of help from the media) portrays herself that way so it is without surprise she's become the poster girl for celebu-stupidity.

Hilton has voiced her displeasure with Wellington-based Media5 for using her image without permission. Hilton's manager, Jamie Freed, told Stuff the billboard company could expect to her from Hilton's legal team.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 9-09    
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That's My Billboard! No, It's Mine! No, Mine! Waa! Waa!


Pity the poor wild posting. It's under attack by New York-based Public Art Campaign. Specifically, the group is targeting NPA, a company which maintains a collection of specific wild posting locations.

Public Art Campaign representatives Sunday were seen around Manhattan with buckets of white paint covering NPA wild posting boards. According to Gothamist, less that an hour after the boards were whitewashed and non-commercial art applied, NPA had reclaimed the boards are reposted them with commercial messaging.

It's like two kids fighting over a toy (Mine! Mine! Mine!) until it breaks. Which then leads to a dueling temper tantrum of epic proportion.

According to the New York Times, five people were arrested in association with the standoff.

by Steve Hall    Oct-27-09    
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Twitter Gets Dirty, Tweets Recycled, Boobs Jiggle


- Check out Tweeagle, "a real-time collection of the dirtiest words and wordsmiths on twitter."

- OMG! MINI has "entered a new era of the brand's social media marketing" with...a MINI Facebook page! OMFG! Can you believe it?

- The Meijer Headless Horseman is making his way through Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Columbus.

- Into jiggling boobs? Uh, man boobs that is. Then you'll love this Identity Guard commercial.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-26-09    
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Another Reason Not to Go to A Dodgers Game


Baseball games are long. They play is painfully slow. There's little to no action on the field. Mostly, it's just a bunch of men adjusting their balls and spitting on the ground. Occasionally, a player will actually hit a home run and some idiot will push a little kid out of the way so HE can catch the fly ball.

If you find yourself bored or even falling asleep during this yawn fest, there's no yet another way to experience baseball without actually having to experience it. Several digital billboards fashioned to look like an actual scoreboard will display the real time game scores of Los Angeles Dodgers home games.

Awesome. Except for the fact there's now going to be a whole new kind of game time party. The kind that occurs underneath a billboard where people drink in public and become a general nuisance to traffic causing added police detail to be deployed and taxes to be raised to cover this added detail.

OK so it might not play out exactly that way. But it could.

by Steve Hall    Oct-19-09    
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