Billboard Says 'Police Roll Doobie'


OK, this is just weird. Completely unimportant in terms of relevant advertising news but amusing all the same. Where stoned billboard workers pissed off at someone? Did they run out of letters trying to spell something out? Did the police actually roll a doobie? Please, we need our morning fix of irrelevance.

UPDATE: One commenter surmises this to be a teaser for a music store or iPod. As in "police, roll ing stones and doobie brothers.

by Steve Hall    May-19-05    
Topic: Outdoor

BBC Billboard Crashes


As outdoor advertising gets more and more sophisticated using fancy digital technology, it was only matter of time before one of these fancy boards crashed. Captured by flickr member Kris Cohen, this BBC billboard is suffering under the weight of its Microsoft/Shockwave powered technology. We're sure Microsoft and Macromedia are playing the blame game on each other as they try to explain the mishap BBC.

by Steve Hall    May-18-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Bell South Bullshit About BS Ad


Upon seeing a new Dialog Communications Inc ad campaign running in Western Kentucky claiming they take the BS out of phone service, Bell South has issued a cease and desist order.To avoid the cost of litigation, Dialog has decided not to contest the order, and has begun pulling the advertising.

The newspaper, TV, direct mail and outdoor campaign, created by advertising agency BOONE/OAKLEY, Charlotte, features the large headline. "ell outh," and below that, "We take the BS out of phone service. Dialog Telecommunications." It goes on to state that Dialog phone service has "no hidden fees, no extra charges, no BS."

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by Steve Hall    May-13-05    
Topic: Campaigns, Outdoor, Policy

Real Estate Agent Poses in Bikini on Billboard


Long Beach real estate agent Wendy Heath decided it was time to spice up her real estate advertising so she's running a billboard on which she appears, wearing a bikini, with her dog, who asks in a thought bubble, "Got Milk?" "Got Real Estate?"

While Heath loves the board, her real estate company, First Team, predictably, does not. First Team Manager Rich Rector was not pleased. "It is absolutely not something that First Team can be a party too. It is totally unprofessional. Would you look at this billboard, and ask, 'Is this the person you would want to represent you in the biggest purchase of your life?" Come on, Rich, live a little.

by Steve Hall    May-12-05    
Topic: Outdoor, Strange

Times Square Nike Board Builds Personalized Sneakers

Launched last week, a new Times Square billboard for Nike allows people to manipulate the board's imagery using SMS to build their own sneaker which can them be purchased online at a web address sent back to the person's phone. The board only accepts manipulation between noon and 1PM and 3PM to 5PM. It's an admirable effort towards increasing time spent with the brand. Though, with the number of people passing by, SMSing the board, it's a wonder it won't explode responding to all the requests.

by Steve Hall    May- 9-05    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Outdoor

Provocative Imagery Promotes Holland Festival


Promoting it June 1 through 26 run, the Holland Festival, a collection of art from all over the world, is using outdoor posters featuring hot bodies holding weapons. We're sure there's some sort of tie in here but we're not artsy enough to know. flickr user mediafact caught these images.

by Steve Hall    May- 6-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Sony PSP SoHo Billboard Under Construction


Sony is constructing a billboard in SoHo for its PSP. flikr user 02b grabbed this shot of the 3D board currently being constructed at Houston and Lafayette. It could be interesting. That is, until people start climbing the board trying to play with the giant replica or, worse, try to steal the thing.

by Steve Hall    May- 5-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Man Attempts to Look Disinterested in Lingerie Ad

Where Is That Bus?

Men love to see women in lingerie but it gets a bit awkward when in public. After all, the purpose of lingerie isn't really to simply cover body parts. If that were so, all underwear would be one color and one style. The purpose of lingerie is to titillate. Trouble is, titillation in public can, as we said, get awkward or a guy. This photo, captured by flicker user, alteredNate, illustrates the point. Here's a poor guy, just trying to catch a bus but while waiting, he's forced to stand bext to a giant lingerie ad. You can just hear the voices in his head. "Hmm...damn, she's hot. I'm just gonna will see...can't look like a perv but whoa she is fine! Alright, calm're in public for christ's sake! Easy. OK....I'm thinking about...yes...I need to remember to bring milk home and's not working...oh yea...the car...I gotta change the oil...ok...there we go...yea...the oil...umm...I gotta get Mobil 1...hmm....oil...the that hot body...oh DAMN, this isn't working...alright if I just place my briefcase in front of me....there...oh thank god...there's the bus...careful to work."

by Steve Hall    May- 5-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Kids Orthodontist Billboard Links to Porn


A Salt Lake City teaser billboard campaign for, it is assumed, a children's orthodontist containing the URL was taken down by Reagan Outdoor after many people, who typed in by mistake, were whisked to a page full of porn links. Sexually frustrated Utah resident jokes aside, the campaign, while pulled by Reagan, is still running on competing billboard company boards. The proper link leads to a site containing a video of children, filmed in shadows, confessing to the distress experience because of their ugly teeth.

by Steve Hall    May- 4-05    
Topic: Online, Outdoor, Strange

Bicycle Ads The New Human Space Medium


Bike advertising seems to have, suddenly, become as popular as human space advertising. Similar to Bike Ads, Promotion N Motion uses bikes but the three wheeled, backwards tricycle style bikes. Mounted on the bike, above the driver, are large billboard-like banners on which advertisers can place their messaging. Currently Promotion N Motion serves the San Francisco area. Priced at $35 per hour, per bike weekdays and $50 per hour, per bike on weekends, it's quite an economical means to deliver, in a novel manner, a local message.

by Steve Hall    May- 1-05    
Topic: Outdoor