Big Ass Bus Booty Pimps Wax Jobs


So what's the next best thing to getting some ass? Staring at some while you drive out to the Hamptons. Yes. Courtesy of European Wax Center, you can stare at all the ass and mouthwateringly delicious abs you want. Just don't let your mind wander too far. The last thing we need is drivers drooling all over their steering wheels or trying to readjust their package while driving.

Shot by photographer Henrik Halvarsson, the visuals grace jitney buses and encourage viewers to snap a picture and visit the brand's Facebook page for a discount coupon. Thank you, Strawberry Frog.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-22-12    
Topic: Outdoor, Racy

Milwaukee Milks Olympics For Full-Term Pregnancy Campaign


Just like all those "big game" Super Bowl wannabe ads, media outlets this week are currently filled with wannabe Olympic ads. One such ad comes to us from Serve Marketing for the Milwaukee Health Department's effort to reduce the infant mortality rate.

The ad features a baby named GianCarlo who assume the iron cross position. Past efforts have made residents aware of elements positively and negatively affecting infant mortality such as immunization, smoking cessation and breast feeding. This current effort aims to tout the benefits of a full term pregnancy not that a woman usually has control over that sort of thing but what do we know? We're just an ad critic.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 1-12    
Topic: Outdoor

CougarLife Is For Motherf*%ckers


Sure to incite a bit of neighborhood outrage, CougarLife has placed a billboard on Sunset Boulevard in the 90069 zip code, an area the marketer says has more cougars per capita than any other zip code. The copy reads, "CougarLife. For Motherf*%ckers"

by Steve Hall    Jul-19-12    
Topic: Outdoor, Racy

Soda Brand Leverages Bloomberg's Stance on Super-Sized Soda


Yup. It was only a matter of time. In response to the soda debate and that hilarious Mayor Bloomberg ad, soda company Zevia has launched a transit campaign in Manhattan that agree with the City's recent campaign highlighting the need to make smarter soda choices.

Zevia's ads, designed by Studio Number One, agree with the city's campaign and state people need to "stop pouring on the pounds." Additionally, the campaign calls for the elimination of artificial sweeteners. The ads read:

- "We believe in smarter soda choices, not just more soda choices"
- "We believe the City is right"
- "We believe we can stop pouring on the pounds"
- "We believe soda should be free of artificial sweeteners"

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-12    
Topic: Outdoor

Sunglasses Offer Voyeurism of Sexy Axe Ads


As AdFreak correctly correlates, this new work from Axe in Australia which reveals racy videos to those who wear special sunglasses references the world represented in the movie They Live. For the outdoor installation, passersby are given sunglasses to wear. The glasses reveal scene of a dog swimming in a room full of water, a monkey and a pair of couples getting it on.

by Steve Hall    May-23-12    
Topic: Outdoor

I Want My Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes!


Here's a quickie. JWT Sydney created some outdoor signage for Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes. The execution has the cereal box inside glass casing along with several spoons attempting to find there way to the cereal. Now if only the unit dispensed actual cereal. The work is supported with other outdoor, radio and TV.

by Steve Hall    May- 8-12    
Topic: Outdoor

Abuser Dragged From Victim on Interactive Billboard


The UK's National Centre for Domestic Violence is out with an interactive billboard campaign in Eustis Station. On one board, a man can be seen yelling at a woman. Passersby are asked to drag the man away from the woman by visiting a website on their mobile phone.

When the person does visit and drag the man away, the man progresses across four other billboards along with copy that reads, "an injunction will put distance between victim and the abuser." A fifth board provides a phone number which can be called.

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by Steve Hall    May- 7-12    
Topic: Outdoor

McDonald's Receives Calls About 'Falling' Billboard


So Arnold created a billboard for McDonald's to promote the restaurant's new banana bread. The billboard shows an image of the bread with a cut slice affixed to a portion of the board that, itself, looks cut off from the rest of the board. It's an effective use of a billboard extension.

But, more interestingly, passersby are calling McDonald's to inform them the billboard is falling down. Apparently, they don't know what a billboard extension is. Oh well. Anything for publicity, right?

by Steve Hall    May- 5-12    
Topic: Outdoor

Ashton Kutcher Looks For Love on Dating Site


This is beyond hilarious. Popchips, with help from LA-based Zambezi, teamed up with Ashton Kutcher and, in one day, transformed Ashton into four different colorful characters - a flamboyant fashion designer, a sensitive Harley-loving biker, a new age hippie, and a Bollywood film producer.

The campaign promotes faux dating site, World Wide Lovers. The video leads to a Facebook page on which people can choose one of the four Ashton characters and have him deliver a message of love or, if things aren't quite so rosy on the relationship front, a Dear John message.

In addition to the online elements of the campaign, out-of-home will appear in six markets (Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, Boston, Phoenix and Denver).

Be sure to check out additional video below which highlight each individual character.

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by Steve Hall    May- 2-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Online, Outdoor, Social

Hot Girl, Fat Guy Deliver Mixed Message For Hook Up Site


Well here's an interesting approach to promoting a hook up site. Established Men, a site that "connects ambitious and attractive girls with successful and generous benefactors to fulfill their lifestyle needs," is out with a billboard campaign. This one, spotted in Boston by an Adrants readers, has a bit of a twisted message.

The billboard carries the headline, "When your daughter asks you why she has to study for her her this picture" alongside an image of a young, fit woman with her arms around an older, far-less-than-fit man.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-30-12    
Topic: Outdoor, Racy, Strange