ADC Awards TBWA, Fembot Goes Gay, LeSportsac Zips


- TBWA\Chiat\Day took the Art Directors Club Gold Cube medal for Advertising and R/GA took the honor for Interactive Media. All the finalists can be viewed here. (PDF)

- I'm a gay man trapped in the body of a fembot.

- Bag seller LeSportsac has hung a "zipper board" on Lafayette near Bong in New York.

- The New York Festivals Interactive Media Advertising Awards show will take place April 27th at the Daryl Roth Theatre.

- AdOfDaMonth has launched and promises to nominate one each each month as the best in the word as determined by a jury of ten creatives.

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-07    
Topic: Agencies, Industry Events, Outdoor, Strange

Svedka Encourages War-Mongerers to Drink Up


The fembot vodka icons of Svedka are back with a politically provocative slogan: "Make cocktails, not war."

Wish our presidents thought that way. Well, maybe this one does. The Svedka campaign is probably just a thinly-veiled attempt to get us all to warm to the idea of robot rule before, after a short-lived golden age meant mainly to ease the transition, they all kill us for the sake of efficiency.

It's all just like Flight of the Conchords said it would be - except they failed to mention a critical component of our overtaking would be the T and A factor of said robots.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-17-07    
Topic: Outdoor

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Illuminate Brazil, Stage Rescue


Beamvertising is back and bringing the Ninja Turtles to life outside the big screen.

For the Brazilian film Tartarugas Ninja, the beamvertised Turtles enacted a mini-rescue against a building, utilizing its actual dimensions, which made the show that much more realistic. We admit it came as a comfort to us to watch them in live action. We have always wanted them to be real.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-13-07    
Topic: Good, Guerilla, Outdoor, Promotions

Job Site Blows People, Not Just Smoke, Up Executive Ass


We are people of generally strong constitutions -- except when it comes to the perplexingly magnetic appeal of Goatse, which now transcends geek-realm and affects your average nine-to-fiver.

A reader points us to Boing Boing reporting on a commuter-tunnel-cum-executive-colon, courtesy of a job-hunting site in Hamburg. The idea suggests you don't have to crawl up an exec's ass for a dream job.

Generally speaking, anyway.

The poster has fundamentally changed the meaning of "Get in my belly!" for us forever.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-10-07    
Topic: Outdoor

Criminals Featured on Anti-Gun Billboards


The Maryland EXILE program which aims to control gun use has launched a billboard campaign that features the names of actual convicted criminals. One board reads, "Solothal 'Itchy Man' Thomas got life in prison for carrying a gun. Wonder what his new nickname is?" and refers to Solothal Thomas who was convicted of shooting a man 15 times and is currently serving a life sentence. Want ad fame? Just go commit a crime. Oh wait, that's not what Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein says the message should be. According to him, "The purpose of the billboards is deterrence.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-07    
Topic: Outdoor

Guitar Hero Returns, Land Rover Moves, Tribune Privatizes


- The Seventh Chamber, Kontraband's Viral seeding agency, is launching a new Xbox viral to mark the release of Guitar Hero 2.

- Manhattan based Submedia is unveiling a new technology for use with industry-standard 6 by 4 light boxes with a new campaign for Land Rover's LR2. A total of 15 displays, which contain no moving parts and become four-second movies as viewers walk past, will be rolled out in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami this week.

- Cynopsis reports, "Tribune Company, with its strategic review process concluded, announced a transaction which will take the company private, with shareholders receiving $34 per share in a two-stage plan."

- Omnicom's Chuck McBride-created Cutwater just snagged the $360 million Jeep creative account.

- Writing ever so eloquently, "You'll very probably get laid off, what with the fucking deluge of account losses and reviews this sad excuse for an agency is currently looking at," the always opinionated George Park sounds off Draft/FCB's claim everything is just fine.

- Here's an inventive use of an elevator to promote a forklift.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-07    
Topic: Newspaper, Outdoor, Video

Floating Balloons With Puma Goodies Mezmerize

Graffity corner_150.jpg

We apologize for not highlighting earlier when it occurred in mid-March. We meant to. really, we did. Somehow it got lost in the pile of "publish me!" requests filling up our inbox. Usually, we just let these missed pieces dies a happy death but this work from ADK and 60 Layers of Cake for Puma's Travel Golf collection is too mesmerizingly beautiful to just toss in the trash can.

On March 17 in Antwerp, 2,000 golf ball shaped helium balloons attached to Puma golf items were sent aloft to float down Meir, a busy shopping street as well as near taxi stands, train and bus stations. People were free to take the items. Labels were attached to the balloons that described the collection and directed people who grabbed them to the Puma website. The effort aimed to convey the "packable, portable and playable" qualities of the line.

Several images of the work can be viewed here, here and here. You can also drink in the beauty of this "Travel Light" campaign in a video here.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-07    
Topic: Best, Guerilla, Outdoor

Ad Display No Match for Bouncing Boobs


We already know that Wonderbra likes playing with the space between magazine pages, and they've taken that concept outdoors. This scrolling display can't seem to do its job because of all the, uh, baggage on Wonderbra's well-endowed model. Clever. Maybe Viagra or even Aussiebum should start paying attention, considering this isn't the first of the bra company's campaigns that can go both ways.

Do you know what kind of bra ad would really catch our eye? A dramatic expansion, a violent pop, and mass hysteria. Are you paying attention, Wonderbra?

by Angela Natividad    Mar-29-07    
Topic: Brands, Good, Outdoor

Mirror Ad Appears, Disappears, Appears, Disappears, Appears...


Here's an interesting combination of vanity and technology in the form of a mirror that displays ads except when you look directly into it. How nice. It's a mirror when it's supposed to be a mirror and it's an ad when it's supposed to be an ad. And it's distracting too. Annoying enough to make you look. Polite enough to let you look.

by Steve Hall    Mar-27-07    
Topic: Good, Outdoor, Poster

Morning Show's Great 'Thongs' Will Crack You Up


On a local billboard, a St. Cloud, Minnesota radio station promises its morning show is so good it will crack you up...literally...with "Great Thongs All Day." We'll take the thongs. We're not to sure about that crack though. We're sure the Mothers Against Exposed Thongs cause group will be on this one in no time.

by Steve Hall    Mar-25-07    
Topic: Good, Outdoor, Radio