Gigantic Anti-Drinking Ads Prove Funny As Hell When Drunk


One of our zillions upon gazillions of Facebook buddies snapped a picture of himself beside this ad for After Too Many, that anti-irresponsible-drinking campaign by Grey, SF. Who'd have guessed it would make such a positive impact on (completely inebriated) college students?

The text reads, "My BEER told me to PUKE on my girlfriend." Monsieur Le Smirk at right seems close to doing just that. Yeah, it's all fun and games until it actually happens, right?

by Angela Natividad    Aug-27-07    
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Local Beauties Populate Fashion Brand Store Openings


Amsterdam's BSUR has put together a print and outdoor campaign for fashion brand Turnover. The models in the ads were recruited across 23 cities in Europe and were photographed by fashion photographer Jan Welters. The campaigns announces new retail store openings in Tilburg, Breda, Eidenhoven, Enschede and Almere.

by Steve Hall    Aug-23-07    
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Hal Riney Thinks a Big Crack Will Get San Francisco to Prep for Disaster

ARCBA crack2.jpg

For the American Red Cross Bay Area, Hal Riney launched a campaign called "What Do We Have to Do to Get Your Attention?"

One interesting effort was a set of shaking bus shelter ads. But the show-stopper was Supercrack, which isn't nearly as exciting as it sounds: a huge artificial crack down the middle of Union Square in San Francisco.

In an ideal world, the initiative sparked a burning desire in Bay Area denizens to prepare for a major earthquake, which could come at any time.

Unfortunately, if you've lived in the Bay Area most of your life like half of Adrants has, you're used to the occasional earthquake. And you're probably not going to shove off to the nearest Target and stock up on rations.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-23-07    
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Bus Back Ad Causes Drooling, Admiration, Anger. Pick One


If you were driving behind a bus that had this Bee Lee model emblazoned across it's back, would you:

A. Revert to the age of 14, start drooling, fiddling with yourself and ultimately slam yourself into her, crash into the bus?

B. Serenely admire the exquisite beauty of the models body and appreciate it for a higher art form?

C. Act like a crazy cause group freak and report Bee Lee as an appallingly insensitive company guilty of objectifying women?

Seriously, we really want to know.

by Steve Hall    Aug-22-07    
Topic: Outdoor, Racy

Alluring Blond, Radioactive Soda Can Tease Chicagoans


Flickr user 0595 (now that's original) found this billboard in Chicago near Fullerton and the Kennedy Expressway ans hasn't a clue what it's for. Neither do we but we thought it was interesting enough and some of you might want to prove how much you know about this business by figuring out who it's for.

by Steve Hall    Aug-22-07    
Topic: Outdoor, Strange

German Engineers Wish They'd Built the Subaru Imprezza


Subaru makes good cars. At least that's what Consumer Reports says year after year. But why do most their cars look, well, so pedestrian. While that's one person's opinion, it seems, according to a recently launched campaign for the Impreza (which does actually look better than past models) created by DB Canada, German engineers are jealous of Subaru's performance.

The campaign consists of an onslaught of television, out-of-home, online, print, direct and cinema. The cinema ad broke late July and the rest is coming soon to Canadians country-wide.

The cinema ad, which you can view here, features four German engineers out for a joy ride in the Imprezza. They cruise the test track to the tune of Falco's Amadeus until they are met with the disapproving eyes of their senior engineer who mutters disgust in German.

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Even 4.5 Inches Can Provide Pleasure


For all you men who than stupendously hung, fear not. This recent IRN-BRU outdoor board just might help sway prevailing wisdom that bigger is better. Of course IRN-BRU's got some serious girth itself so it still falls into the bigger is better category in one respect. Sorry, guys. I was trying to help. At least IRN-BRU's provided a bikinied, sexy-looking lady to look at. Maybe that will lift your spirits to greater heights.

by Steve Hall    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Outdoor, Racy

Independent Healthcare Not Up on Star Trek Trivia


Adland has an image of a Buffalo-based Independent Health billboard which reads, You Deserve the RedShirt Treatment which, apparently, refers to the company's red shirted staff. It's a fairly innocuous headline until you realize the definition for Red Shirt, according to Wikipedia, is "A redshirt is a stock character, used frequently in science fiction but also in other genres, whose purpose is to die soon after being introduced, thus indicating the dangerous circumstances faced by the main characters. The term comes from the science fiction television series Star Trek, in which security officers wear red shirts and are often killed on missions under the aforementioned circumstances." Oops. Of course, not that many people passing this billboard would actually know that so guess it's all good.

by Steve Hall    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Outdoor, Strange

Boyfriend Tells Beauty Mags They Make His Girlfriend Feel Ugly


Now this isn't a new thought or anything but a guy in New York's East Village went to the trouble of hanging this banner from his building just to share his less than loving feelings towards beauty and fashion magazines which, as we all know, paint a fantastically fake image of what a woman should look like. That, or his girl friend really is ugly and he wants to demonstrate his undying love for her.

by Steve Hall    Aug-14-07    
Topic: Magazine, Outdoor, Trends and Culture

'Billboards are Idiots' Protesters are a Mite Confused Themselves


Here's an interesting one. Billboard Advertisers are Idiots is an effort to get billboard advertisers to stop "blighting" the landscape with their ads.

The whole thing is a little muddly - offending advertisers are listed as "not idiots," with an image of the board and contact info of the media planner if available. The idea is to wage peaceful war by calling these people and getting them to promise not to advertise on billboards anymore.

Apparently this move wasn't the greatest, considering around August the site seems to experience an identity crisis. It decides to call it quits, and then comes back, determined to be ridiculous and not vindictive.

Well ... good job!

by Angela Natividad    Aug-14-07    
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