Twitter Gets Dirty, Tweets Recycled, Boobs Jiggle


- Check out Tweeagle, "a real-time collection of the dirtiest words and wordsmiths on twitter."

- OMG! MINI has "entered a new era of the brand's social media marketing" with...a MINI Facebook page! OMFG! Can you believe it?

- The Meijer Headless Horseman is making his way through Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Columbus.

- Into jiggling boobs? Uh, man boobs that is. Then you'll love this Identity Guard commercial.

- "The platform allows advertisers the opportunity to promote their product through the largest internet tool since Google, without having to hire a celebrity endorser, run a large campaign, or place page adds on websites." Here come more sponsored tweets.

- Oh and something Twitter-related that's good. Recycled Tweets gets rid of al those useless, boring tweets and turns them into useful tweets. And a penny is donated to charity for each recycled tweet.

- Yet another racy (and banned from YouTube) fashion commercial.

by Steve Hall    Oct-26-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Outdoor, Social