Scooter Challenge Enables Driver's-Eye Snapshot of Ads-in-theMake


RBLM's holiday card not only greeted us personally but also cleverly showcased their new creative effectiveness tool: the Scooter Challenge.

Find out how your work holds up streetside by uploading your own ads, then getting a view of how it looks from a scooter's perspective. RBLM admonishes detail-happy ad-heads to keep it simple. We agree, we like the idea and we dig how they got it out to us. Boy are those guys smart.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-22-06    
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Wieden + Kennedy Recruiting Again For WK12


It's that time again. Aieden + Kennedy wants your creative ass. Or at least the asses of 12 people who think they're creative and can "solve" the agency's invitation to the fourth semester of it's school for young, uber-creatives.

by Steve Hall    Dec-22-06    
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Smirnoff Mistletoe/Swamp Thing Creature Nailed on Camera


Kevin at PR Blog keeps us updated on that mistletoe demonstration he saw recently. Shortly after our original post DIAGEO expressed concern via e-mail because they worried about kids' exposure to the alcohol-related event.

Impressive follow-up - we remain as gratified with the campaign as we were when we heard about the heckling children.

We're also pleased about finally getting to see the swampy mistletoe man with our own eyes, which was all we cared about anyway. He doesn't much look like he's wearing his favourite suit but everyone else seems to be having fun.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-21-06    
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Lowe Gives Worst (And Best) Gift Ever


From the Chia Pet to a Fez hat to a Christmas ham for a vegetarian to handcuffs to cheesy romance novels to really bad Christmas sweaters to a nose hair trimmer to assorted doilies to Ken the Art Director to, yes, the fruit cake, Lowe foists upon us the worst gifts anyone could hope to receive this year in a video called Worst Gift Ever. However, the agency redeems at the end of the video as Lowe lets us know they've partnered with TORCH to provide really great gifts to students who really need them.

by Steve Hall    Dec-21-06    
Topic: Agencies

CL&S Dancing Holiday Card Returns


New York agency Catalano Lellos and Silverstein always seem to come up with dance-themed holiday cards and this year's is no exception. They've created Cirque Du CL&S, a full blown stage production complete with faced cartoon characters and audience participation. It's odd. It's quirky. It has a funny ending.

by Steve Hall    Dec-21-06    
Topic: Agencies

Another Agency Sucked Into the Publicis Vortex


Leo Burnett held out for a while. Digitas held out longer. But, today, Publicis Groupe announced it will acquire Digitas for $1.3 billion or $13.50 per share. We're sure George Parker will have a lot to say about this one.

by Steve Hall    Dec-20-06    
Topic: Agencies

Holiday Cards See Nostalgic Twist


Sparked by a handwritten note marked "How do you ask a Ninja for a free hug?", Twist Image disseminates its take on the holiday card, which is less holiday card and more video collage of happy 2006 moments. Some inclusions: the "free hugs" guy, the live-action Simpsons intro, Animator v. Animation and the viral OKGo treadmill video.

Lee Hopkins claims this is the best Christmas card he's ever seen. While we think those are strong words, we're inclined to agree, and not merely because they remembered to include Ask a Ninja (which automatically grants all-star status). We wish the cats at Twist an equally happy holidays.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-20-06    
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Fully Dressed Playboy Employees Don Christmas Sweaters


OK, then. Anytime we receive an email from Playboy, we're more inclined to open it than an email from, say, In response to our call for entries relating to Sullivan Higdon & Sink's We Love Holiday Sweaters holiday card, Playboy Enterprises Public Relations Manager Traci Coulter sent us a picture of her and three others decked out in cheesy Christmas sweaters found at Salvation Army shops for a recent Santa Crawl the foursome embarked upon. Cute. But, Traci, which one is you in the picture? We need these important facts for completeness, you know.

by Steve Hall    Dec-20-06    
Topic: Agencies

Arnold Staffers Pole Dance at Office Christmas Party


Oh it wouldn't be an agency Christmas party without pole dancing, would it? Of course not which is why several Arnold staffers, during the agency's Boston in-office Christmas party, headed into creative director Pete Favat's office, where, apparently, a pole is in place to hold up the ceiling and did a little pole grinding. The Boston Herald's Inside Track reports there's a video on the agencies Intranet of employee Lawson Clarke doing dance moves while dressed in a red Santa bikini. Those of you at Arnold reading this....please oh please provide us more dirt. You know you want us to scoop Inside Edition, don't you?

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long. Here's the video of Clarke.

UPDATE II: Oops. It's gone now. Damn. Should have saved it.

by Steve Hall    Dec-20-06    
Topic: Agencies

Agency Fantasies Indulged: Ad Firm Makes Music Video


Once upon a time we noted ad people would rather shoot movies than make boring ads. To illustrate this desperation we get tons of contrived holiday videos. But considering adland's love of video production in general, you'd think more artists would be thinking, "By gad. I'll get Ogilvy to position my bikini-clad models!"

Well, U2 did. Nix the bikini model part. For "Window in the Sky" they tapped Modernista, the only agency we know that self-promotes to an audience that perhaps prefers to remain unawares about agencies lurking behind brands. The resulting video is gorgeosity and includes multiple musical influences, icons and audiences.

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by Angela Natividad    Dec-20-06    
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