Cannes Lions: The Calm Before the Tempest


Just wanted to do a quick update before Cannes consumes me and I lose my will to blog while sober.

Arrived yesterday: five-hour train ride from Gare de Lyon to the Cannes station, which appears to be dead-center of nowhere. You can immediately tell who came from the city because we're all still in coats, looking grimy and sordid.

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-21-09    
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'Advertising Can Be Bad. Come Do Some Good.'


Productivity isn't always about the next "Got Milk?". To get creatives elbow-deep in their local community soup kitchens, Cossette/New York produced the a clever little intro for Agencies in Action's website.

It tackles the upcoming Cannes Lions debauchery head-on, kind of uglifies the whole thing, and wraps up with the tagline in that leads this article.

Go do good, guys, in addition to all the other good things you do anyway.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-19-09    
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Mullen Welcomes Boston Ad Community to Swanky New Offices


Last night Mullen welcomed clients and friends to its new digs at 40 Broad Street. For forty years, the agency was housed in a really sweet mansion (well, two. one burned down but that's another story) North of the city but felt it was time to leave the woods and become a city dweller.


At the gathering were many Mullen folk including CEO Joe Grimaldi, Chief Creative Officer Edward Boches, Director of Account Service Alex Leikikh. Also in attendance were Boston Ad Club President Kathy Kiely, a&g CEO (and newly appointed Boston Ad Club Chairman of the Board Andrew Graff, Freelancer Vashti Brotherhood and many others.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-09    
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UNIQLO Calendar, Lady Parts Auto, Nestle Copywriter Wanted


- Recapping Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World.

- JWT could use Nestle copywriter.

- Lady Parts. Auto services.

- VW tweetnalysis.

- Disney, Asus partner on kiddie Netpal comps. (Via @FredCavazza.)

- UNIQLO calendar.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-18-09    
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Destructive Commentary: 'The Client is an Idiot'


You've heard these all before, right? "I can't think of one time when the account person made one positive difference in the work or on the account," "So, how does it feel to be an order taker?", "The only time I need an account person is when the lunch bill comes," "Can we please just give him what he wants?", "The client will never approve that idea," "The client wants the logo bigger" and the current classic, "We need something that'll go viral."

Yes. Destructive Comments. Courtesy of Cranial Garage which even went to the trouble of putting together a fight song video pitting creative against account management and to ask the industry to contribute to its list of Destructive Comments.

Have at it. We know you've got some good ones.

by Steve Hall    Jun-17-09    
Topic: Agencies

Hey, SMB. Don't Get a Mascot; Hire an Agency!


To drum up some biz-nass in its home state Kansas, the Russell Agency cobbled together this low-budget spot called "Bob's Mops." In it, a desperate business owner dons a saucy gorilla suit and dances on the street for would-be mop clients, ultimately scaring most innocent bystanders away.

We like gorillas that dance; more importantly, we like agencies that are trying to reach out to their communities, particularly small businesses, which need all the creative help they can get. Ya just don't see enough of that.

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-17-09    
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Draftfcb Can't Manage Its Clients, Gets Abused


Seriously? We thought we'd never have to say this again. Really, we did. After's Subway video debacle, we hoped an important lesson was learned by ad agencies in the business. Apparently not so we'll say it again:

"Attention ad agencies. Don't DON'T. DO NOT DO THIS. Do not create a video where you publicly masturbate, backslap and attempt to hipify yourself with viral goodness in front of the industry all in the name of cool factor and winning new business."

And do not ever compare your work (before it's even had a chance) to classics by telling us "It's right up there (in my opinion) with 'Truth in Advertising' and 'When I grow up I want to be in advertising.' Doing so just sets you up for failure.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-15-09    
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Chiat Goes to High School, Unveils True Agency Life


In some sort of Mean Girls meets Teen Witch Meets Twenty-Something Ad Hotties, we have Chiat High. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like; a bunch of primadonnas, a jock, a wimp, a collection of geeks and a love story with a happy ending. Yea, it's the high school cafeteria known as Chiat.

And you know what? This is the best representation of ad agency life we've seen in a long time. The primadonna's (account managers) prance with self-importance, the jocks (creatives) think they're better than everyone else, the tools (media) actually have heart but are afraid to express it and the nerds (traffic) get run over...over and over again.

Oh yes, some think this is yet another step down for a once great ad agency but we think someone's finally got agency life right.

And at Chiat, the lowly media planner scores with the hot AE. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-09    
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Gyro Worldwide to...Make Industrial Strength Cereal?


Perhaps because they were sick and tired of being confused with a worldwide sandwich conglomerate, Philadelphia-based Gyro Worldwide is changing their name to...Quaker City Mercantile? Wait, what? Gyro/QCM is an ad agency right? So now they're shedding their sub shop image for...some kind of cereal-focused trading exchange?

People! We're in the marketing business, right? We're supposed to make it easy for people to know what brands are, what they stand for and what they do. Right? Right?

But maybe that's old school thinking because Gyro/QCM doesn't really want to be clearly defined as a traditional ad agency, rather, "a company that aims to produce much more than advertising." And that will do so by "drawing on Philadelphia's recapture Philadelphia's mighty industrial past and weave a new version of this greatness into its future."

Wait, what? Now we're "weaving greatness?" WTF does that mean?

We give up.

by Steve Hall    Jun-12-09    
Topic: Agencies, Strange

They May Not Smile; But Ask Nicely, and You'll Get a Pirhouette


Heh. This is clever. For the New Directors Showcase at Cannes, Saatchi & Saatchi released a video in which some ordinary guy barks marching orders at the Buckingham Palace Guard -- and, amazingly, they obey, even when he asks them to do little leaps, jump on each other's backs, dance to reggae and "RIDE 'IM LIKE SEABISCUIT!"

At this point the stunned crowd gets the sense that this is a stunt, and there is much cheering and carrying-on.

Let's hope this wasn't an intern's stolen idea. In any event, if the New Director's Showcase is something you dig, hurry up and enter here.

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-10-09    
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