Site Hopes to Find Work For Laid Off Goodby Employees


It's never a good thing when an agency lays off people. But that is the current plight over at Goodby Silverstein and Partners which recently lost several clients. Coming to the aid of these recently unemployed Goodby staffers is JD Beebe who created Grab Some Goodby, a site that has gathered together information of the recently laid off making it easy for those looking for talent to hire.

Nice work, JD. Now everyone go to the site right now and check out the talent

by Steve Hall    Feb-15-12    
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Ladies, We Have the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift For Your Man


Ladies, stumped for ideas on what to get your man for Valentine's Day? Yea, yea, yea. We know it's really your day and us guys are supposed to shower you with flowers, chocolates, dinner and the best sex you've had all year but the man in your life deserves something too, right?

Well, if you're feeling so inclined, check out Kirin's Beer Bro-Quet, a bouquet of, yes, beer. Created by Y&R Singapore for Kirin Mini Beer, this lovely bouquet will ceetainly put your man in good spirits and, perhaps, actually give you the best sex you've had all year rather than just phoning it in.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-12    
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Triumph Seeks Agency, Ten Weird TV Ads

- Guess best ass contests, quit smoking bras, tourism bustiers and stuffed animal bras haven't worked for lingerie brand Triumph. They are seeking a new agency.

- Benihana is out with a new commercial that harkens the chain's beginnings when celebrities like The Beatles, Muhammad Ali and The Rat Pack flocked to it.

- The Marketers Ball (called Affiliate Ball when at Affiliate Summit)will return again to ad:tech San Francisco in April. If you are interested in sponsoring the event email Darren Blatt at or call 818 825 3972.

- A campaign from Spencers, a personal injury laf firm, features a series of real accident videos on YouTube accidents with the player being challenged to determine whether those involved have grounds for a claim.

- On Monday following the Super Bowl be sure to head over to TiVo where you will find a detailed analysis of hoe TiVo subscribers viewed the game and the ads.

- Ten of the weirdest TV ads in historey.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-12    
Topic: Agencies

Shark Jumped: Shit Ad Agencies Say


New York-based Bold Worldwide is likely to be the last entity to get in on the Shit People Say meme. Having actually worked in this business, we can say the shit that gets said in this Shit Ad Agencies Say is pretty close to the actual shit ad agency types say.

AgencySpy gets a mention but apparently Bold Worldwide hasn't heard of Adrants. Plus one to you, Kiran!

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by Steve Hall    Jan-31-12    
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Toyota Invents Baby That Doesn't Poop


Toyota is out with an extended version of its Saatchi & Saatchi LA-created commercial for the Super Bowl. Called Reinvention, the ad takes a look at what things might be like if Toyota didn't stop reinventing after it reinvented the Camry.

From a reinvented couch made of bikini-clad hotties or male Chippendale types to a baby that doesn't poop and can time travel to a blender that plays Lionel Richie to curtains...made of pizza, the world would be a very different place if cars weren't the only thing Toyota reinvented.

Witty stuff. We like.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-30-12    
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Shit Nobody Says About Advertising


This really isn't that funny but what the hell. Everyone wants there five minutes of fame on the Shit (fill in the blank) Says About (fill in the blank) bandwagon. Even Target Marketing which sent in Shit Nobody Says About Advertising which highlights, well, shit nobody says about advertising. Give it a watch.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-30-12    
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New Reality Show to Offer Junior Art Director Jobs


So Mark Burnett is working on a new show which will air on one of the four major networks. It's called The Job and it's a bit like The Apprentice expect for advertising. No, it's not that other show, The Pitch, which was having trouble getting agencies to participate. Which makes perfect sense. Given the show's concept, what agency in their right mind woud want to risk having an Subway pitch-style disaster on national television? But don't worry. This show is different. It aims to offer up a Junior Art Director position at a major ad agency to the winner.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
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Clients Think Account Executives Are Just Bimbos With Big Boobs


Here is yet another one of those perception pieces that takes a look at how advertising people see each other. According to this graphic, planners think they are Steve Jobs. Creatives think they are artists. Clients think they are the messiah. And account executives think they are as cute as a Barbie Doll.

But planners think creatives are a bunch of babies. Account executives think the client is the devil. Creatives think planners are donkeys. And the client thinks all account executives are hotties with huge tits bursting out of a low cut top.

Let the stereotype debates begin.

by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Agencies

Evol8tion Brings Together Madison Avenue and Mountain View


If you're familiar with Joe Jaffe, author, former agency guy, Jaffe Juice blogger and Crayon founder, then you know the man is passionate and has a lot to say about whatever's on his mind. And he's got quite a lot to say about his new venture, Evol8tion, an "innovation agency" that aims to bring the agencies of Madison Avenue together with the early stage technology startups of Mountain View in order to orchestrate "brand soul mates."

What the hell does that mean? It mean that Joe firmly believes technology does and will play an important role in the future of advertising and that the fusion of creative ideas, story-telling and technology can make anything possible.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-24-12    
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SocialBridge Will Improve Your Agency Relationship, Prevent Break Ups


This is one of the somewhat cooler promotions we've seen for an agency workflow/collaboration system. Who knew we'd find it amidst our white paper series. The promotion is for SocialBridge which apparently makes it really easy to collaborate, share assets, comment on proofs and give approval with co-workers and clients in virtual work rooms.

But let's talk about the promotion. It's that classic, almost smarmy comic book approach to the break up and make up. Apparently SocialBridge can cure relationships of all kinds. Even the messy ones between coworkers in agencies and between agencies and their clients. Check it out. Yes, you do have to register for the white paper to see it. Fair warning and your choice but we like the promo and we think the offering is worth checking out..

by Steve Hall    Jan-24-12    
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