Whitehouse Hangs Out on Google+, CP+B Slammed


- If you're into Juicy Couture...or at least their advertising.

- The Whitehouse enters the world of Google+.

- Slate has a minimum of kind words in its piece about Crispin Porter + Bogusky and its loss of the Burger King account.

- Peter Berg is out with new work for MINI, Another Day, Another Adventure

- Is Imogen Thomas the new face of Caprice lingerie?

- Lego launches a social media community.

- If tweeting, blogging, Liking and Plus-ing isn't enough for you while watching the Super Bowl now you can also play Chevy Game Time. Yea, there's an app for that.

- Check out the new brainstorming tool, Thinkerbot, from Nail Communications

by Steve Hall    Jan-23-12    
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Agencies Pinterest'd, Latino Ads Awarded, Spies Recruited


- Michael Glass is out with a Pinterest collection of advertising agency office space. Very cool.

Cultural Strategies is launching "The Social Revolución", the first official SXSWi Latino Awards, Lounge & After Party in 2012. They are actively seeking sponsors and nominees.

- Really, really love the new Volkswagen Golf R? Well, there's an iPad app for that. From AKQA.

- Top Gear is celebrating there approach to 10 million fans on Facebook...by blowing up a caravan when they do.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-19-12    
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Infographic Highlights 2011 Social Media Milestones


The Barbarian Group has created an infographic that summarizes the milestones that occurred in the world of social media during 2011 across such platforms as YouTube, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Facebook and Foursquare. Such milestones include YouTube's launch of movie rentals, Twitter's acquisition of Tweetdeck, announcement of Facebook's planned IPO, Twitter reaching 100 million users, Foursquare reaching one billion check ins, Facebook's launch of Timeline and the launch of Google Plus brand pages. Check it all out here.

by Steve Hall    Jan-19-12    
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Famous Leo Burnett Speech Gets Animated


If you've been in the advertising business for any length of time then you are certainly familiar with Leo Burnett's "When to Take My Name Off the Door" speech he gave in 1967, four years before he died at the age of 79. The speech, as the title implies, is about the certain circumstances under which Mr. Burnett would require his name be taken off the door.

Animation company Lobo had their way with the speech creating an animation to go along with Mr. Burnett's words. We like the finished product.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-17-12    
Topic: Agencies

Whirled Creative Presents...Epic Santa Dog!


This is hilarious. And awesome. And epic! It's Epic Santa Dog and it comes to us courtesy of Whirled Creative, a Venice, California creative shop. In what is truly one of a wackiest holiday videos we have seen in a long time, Epic Santa Dog engages in some epic frolicking, stuffed animal humping and, for no apparent reason, machine gun shooting. Hilarious. Awesome. Epic!

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by Steve Hall    Dec-22-11    
Topic: Agencies

Warning: Sexy Santa Video Not What It Appears


Good God, this is disturbing! If you haven't already seen it, we won't give away the ending but be warned, it isn't pretty. Social media company Denizen created this Santa-themed holiday video for gaming company Destructoid. The video has already been viewed 1.75 millions times across several platforms and has been shared on Facebook 83,000 times.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-21-11    
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Agency Enlists Kids to Work on RFP


Two makes a trend, right? So we guess children in agency holiday cards now deserves to be labeled a trend and, it would seem, we can expect to see a lot more kids standing in for their parents in next year's batch of holiday cards.

Last week, we had a children-based holiday effort from Metal Creative. This week, we have one from St. Loius-based Infuz. The agency created a video, Santa's Little Helpers, which features staffers' kids taking over the agency and responding to an RFP from the North Pole.

Oh come on. What's not to love about a bunch of kids running around the office pretending to be adults...including a full on creative hissy fit?

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by Steve Hall    Dec-21-11    
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Weird Ways to Get Fired, Mortar Chalks Boards Holiday Card


- Another agency holiday card stop motion chalk board-style.

- KLM, you know, the airline that now lets you socially hookup with a seatmate, is out with Passport, an app which "turns people's journeys into inspiring movies."

- Time Magazine has named Jim Beam's Bold Choices one of its top ten TV commercial of 2011.

- Blammo Worldwide unleashes the truth behind the myth of Santa Claus. And it isn't pretty.

- 9 Really Weird Reasons For Getting Fired

- Modea's Wisdom Tree of Wishful Wonders app ties with Facebook, where you can select the friend for whom you need a gift suggestion. Then, after answering a series of (not-so-serious) questions, the app will serve up a gift suggestion for that friend, which can be shared via Facebook.

- Wow. That wasn't very exciting.

by Steve Hall    Dec-20-11    
Topic: Agencies, Mobile/Wireless, Strange

Agency's 'Cool' Holiday Card A Yawn-Worthy Snoozer


So when we receive what's billed as the "coolest Christmas card of the year," we expect something, well, pretty cool. Sadly, we only received "sort of cool" or "far from cool." It's a video. Yawn. It's a song. Yawn. It's from an ad agency. Yawn. It's one of those all text deals. Yawn. It focuses on social media. Yawn. It's for a charity. Yawn. OK, that's always worthy. It's about Santa. Yawn. It bills itself as the coolest Christmas card of the year. Double yawn (for calling yourself cool and...OMG... offending people by saying Christmas instead of Holiday). It's three minutes long! ZZZZzzzzz......

It's one redeeming quality is the stab it takes at Google+ with the lyric, "I also joined Google+ but I think that one's a bust." Anyway, give it a watch. Maybe we're just in a bad mood and you'll love it. We still love you, MGH! Especially the work you did for Marco's Pizza.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-19-11    
Topic: Agencies

Jim Beam Tattoo'd, More Holiday Wishes


- Jim Beam's Fred Noe, as part of a Strawberry Frog-created campaign, promised to get a tattoo if the brand's Facebook page gained million fans. The page did and Fred got his tattoo. The Jim Beam logo, of course.

- The evolution of television courtesy of UPC.

- If you can't physically be with your loved ones for Christmas dinner, Wieden + Kennedy's Virtual Holiday Dinner will have you interacting in no time.

- Well here's an interesting holiday card. Lights, inflatable characters and a snow machine in one of Design Kitchen's Conference rooms are all activated by tweeting a message tagged #holicray to @designkitchen.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-15-11    
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