Barton F. Graf's 'One Continuous Floor' Parodies Barbarian Group's Superdesk


In one of the drollest video deliveries we have ever seen, Barton F. Graf 9000's Gerry Graf and "spacial philosopher" Rose Sacktor offer a tour of the agency's office highlighting its amazing features such as its one continuous floor, see through materials otherwise known as windows, discontinuous desks and poles that prevent the floor above from falling on your head.

Nothing like dry wit to sensationalize normality.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 8-14    
Topic: Agencies

This Agency Offers Up Its Employees For Valentine's Day Love Connection


Meg has a big smile. Meg looks really happy. Meg likes to drink really big Cosmopolitans. Meg has (we think) red hair. Meg dreams of running a factory in Allentown. Wait, what?

Well, at least that's what her mini bio says on Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners' Ranch Love, a site on which anyone can answer a few questions and get matched with someone at the agency. We ended up with Meg. We sent her a nice Valentine's Day wish. Maybe she'll reply. Maybe she won't.

Either way, Happy Valentine's Day, Meg!

by Steve Hall    Feb-14-14    
Topic: Agencies

What Agency Creatives Want From Account Managers


As I said in part one of this two part series I wrote for Central Desktop which examines the relationship between agency account managers and agency creatives, it's a partnership that can be both positive and, at other times, disastrous.

And while neither account managers nor creatives want to work in a disastrous relationship, fostering a positive working relationship can be quite challenging.

In part one, we heard from account managers and what they need from creatives. Now we hear from the creative side. What do they need from account managers in order to create the stellar work everyone wants?

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-14    
Topic: Agencies

What Agency Account Managers Want From Creative


It's an age-old battle...uh. excuse me...relationship between agency account managers and agency creatives. It's a relationship that, at times, can be the best kind of relationship and, sadly, at other times, can be the most disastrous.

Of course, no account manager or creative truly wants the relationship to be disastrous (unless they are one of those sadistic types who gleefully revel in the face of manufactured conflict), but all too often the relationship between account management and creative breaks down.

In this two-part series for Central Desktop, I'm taking a look at this relationship by reaching out to those on the front lines. This first part will focus on what account managers want and need from their creative department. Next week, part two will examine what creatives want and need from their account managers.

Let's dive in...

by Steve Hall    Jan-27-14    
Topic: Agencies

DDB Uses Snapchat to Hire Creatives


Hmm. We wonder why this took so long. After all, ad agencies tend to jump on the latest fad the same day it becomes a fad. DDB Olso has launched a creative student contest and they're using Snapchat to recruit.

Of the effort, DDB Oslo Creative Director Finn Knudsen said, "There is nothing more beautiful than an idea so pure, simple and powerful that it can be explained in a sentence. So when looking for young creative talent to join us here at the agency, we figured Snapchat would be the perfect medium to find them. There is a lot of good talent and many good ideas out there, but if you manage to pitch your idea in less than 10 seconds, you're probably one of the best."

Why does this feel creepy?

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by Steve Hall    Jan-23-14    
Topic: Agencies

On the First Day of Christmas, My Client Said to Me...


Well someone had to do it. And Boston-based Winsper decided to be the one. Gathering together the 12 things (yes, we know, there are way more than 12) clients say to agencies -- some reasonable, some not so reasonable -- the agency turned the whole thing into a 12 Days of Christmas-style holiday card. No, they aren't going to win any prizes for their vocal abilities but you've got to love the epic, head-bashing ping pong ball shot at the end.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-23-13    
Topic: Agencies

Maurice Levy + Chinese Dragon + Cheerleaders = Awesome Holiday Card!


Seems Publicis Groupe has outdone itself in the holiday card department this year. Last year, the agency took over YouTube with a message from Maurice Levy. This year, they're taking over YouTube again but this time they've incorporated the use of one's webcam to deliver content based on the number of viewers.

The webcam detects how many people are watching the video and based on that the video's content changes. What changes? More players are added base on the number of viewers. Depending upon how many viewers, you may just see Maurice sitting at a desk or you might see a full blown party complete with confetti, a Chinese dragon and cheerleaders. Levey, indeed, is becoming quite the YouTube sensation.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-17-13    
Topic: Agencies

Victor & Spoils Transforms Dove's 'Body Evolution' Model Into Santa Claus


Crowdsourcing agency Victor & Spoils has had a bit of fun with the Dove Body Evolution video. For its holiday card this year, the agency has done it's own version of digital manipulation, transforming the Dove Body Evolution model into Santa Claus. The video begins with the statement, "Ad agencies go to disturbing lengths to create the perfect image." And then, "Guess we're no different." The model is then transformed into St. Nick.

Let's just hope Santa Claus 4 doesn't go in this direction.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-17-13    
Topic: Agencies

This Agency Holiday Card Will Force Eggnog Through Your Nostrils


OK so maybe this agency holiday card isn't really that funny or scary but it does give a jolt to those who work at Baltimore-based Planit. For this year's holiday card, the creatives decided "scare the cheer" out of fellow employees by tricking them into thinking they were just singing Christmas carols in front of a green screen...until a "monster" hops out of a box and "cares the cheer" out of them.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-16-13    
Topic: Agencies

The Martin Agency's Mike Hughes Dies at 65


Very sad news in adland this morning. The Martin Agency President Mike Hughes died Sunday at age 65 after a battle with lung cancer. He was diagnosed 16 years ago. Hughes, who joined The Martin Agency in 1978, was instrumental in transforming the agency from a local shop to an agency in the national spotlight.

Speaking to the Richmond Times-Dispatch about Hughes, Crispin Porter + Bogusky President Jeff Steinhour said,"The Martin Agency is and has been one of the finest creative agencies in the country, and much of its prowess was delivered by Mike's will to make them great. I had the opportunity to compete against Mike over the years and he was a cagy and wise agency boss whose zeal for this tough business never left him -- even after he had achieved so much."

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by Steve Hall    Dec-16-13    
Topic: Agencies