How the Transition to Digital Affects Agencies' Current Processes


When I was working for a high tech and B2B ad agency that was experiencing growing pains caused by the transformation from small to mid-sized to large, I developed a traffic and production management system using a Mac and FileMaker Pro. No, really. Seriously! Prior to that system, there were nothing more than memos and email to convey information from account management to creative to production to traffic and back. It was inefficient, and many times information was lost in transit.

The FileMaker Pro system introduced job tickets and a workflow that, to the best of FileMaker Pro's limited capabilities, aided in making sure the right people saw the right information and that the process was properly documented. This included a listing of those responsible for various aspects of the job, due dates, production specs and, if lucky, the creative brief.

It was far from a perfect system and rife with the limitations of early-stage FileMaker Pro. At other agencies I worked for, trafficking jobs and managing workflow ranged in sophistication from a simple phone call to a handwritten note to typed, four-part forms to email to clunky dumb terminal antiquation.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 8-12    
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Obama, Romney Duke It Out Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Style


Courtesy of JWT Brazil and Agencia Casa, one version of the U.S. Presidential election will be determined by Rock 'Em Sock "em robots...powered by tweets! Yes, the agency has cobbled together an app, Tweet Punch Out, that delivers a punch every time a person tweets Obama or Romney. Currently, Romney is leading in hits almost four to one. Read into that whatever you choose.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 5-12    
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One Agency's Snarky Approach to Parking Lot Rules


Not all agencies are located in a city where mass transit is the main means of transportation to and from work. In some cities, believe it or not, people actually get into their cars and drive to work. And because they do, they need a someplace to park.

Making sure its employees have plenty of space to park and working to insure :squatters" don't occupy those spaces, Rochester-based Partners + Napier placed several witty no parking signs in its lot to ward off non-employees.

The signs take pot shots at shoppers, partiers, interviewees of competing agencies, coffee shop junkies, cheapskates with threats of "ginormous" fines and towing. Funny stuff. Give the signs a read.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 5-12    
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Buyral Promises Your Video Will Go Viral


With a humorous look at the not-so-untrue underbelly of what makes a video go viral, john st. gives us Buyral, a service that guarantees your video will go viral. OK, so not really but it guarantees a few laughs and gets a nod for a nice agency self promo.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-12    
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Jeff Goodby Enlists Kids For Pro-Obama Effort


Jeff Goodby along with Rich Silverstein has leveraged one of the strongest motivators in advertising, children, to advocate for President Obama. The project, which is not official GS&P work, gathers together a selection of kids to render a bleak outlook of the future. But a future that doesn't have to be so bleak if these kids' parents would just cast a vote for Obama.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-29-12    
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H&M Drips 'Tude, Litter Genie Goes Hair Band, Ford Awards Mustangs


- Check out H&M's new short film featuring Joel Kinnman that's just dripping with attitude.

- Today JWT New York is launching the second music video in its digital series for Litter Genie. In "I Haz A Pie Row Tek Nic," Walter and his band of cat friends, The Awful Pawfuls, rock out in an ode to the beloved heavy metal hair bands of our time.

- Who knew surfboards worked on land?

- Ford has just awarded the first of four customized Mustangs to the winners of its Mustang Customizer contest.

by Steve Hall    Oct-24-12    
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Five Ways to Grow Your Agency with Inbound Marketing


Perhaps you've heard of inbound marketing? If you haven't, listen up. Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on making it easy for customers to find you. It flips traditional marketing on its head. Instead of an interruptive model, inbound marketing advocates the creation of content (blogs, videos, whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, seminars, etc.) that is of interest to potential clients who, because of inbound marketing strategies put in place, will easily find it.

In other words, when a potential client searches for a great agency, they will find you instead of your competition.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-24-12    
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Agency Flips Pitch Process, Offers $100K in Services to Most Deserving Brand


In advertising, we're all familiar with the agency pitch process whereby brands put out RFPs and agencies come knocking on the door with their best ideas. Well, one agency, Blue Collar Interactive, is flipping that process on its head with JumpStart, an effort which will offer $100,000 in agency services to the small business that demonstrates the greatest need for a marketing jump start.

That's right. $100,000 in agency services. Of the offering, Blue Coller Interactive Partner and Account Director Rob McCready said, "It has always been a goal for our agency to make connections with people who believe in hard work and have a clear vision and passion for their business. We realize that it hasn't been the easiest of economic times for business owners and entrepreneurs, so we want to help energize a passionate business that needs our help by offering $100,000 in agency services. We're looking for a unique and inspired business who offers a great product or service - a small dog with big fight."

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by Steve Hall    Oct-24-12    
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Ryanair Cabin Girls, Zombie's Teach CPR, Celebs Dish Barney's


- Ryanair is up to its old games again tantalizing travelers and taunting the Advertising Standards Burea with its new 2013 Cabin Girls Calendar.

- Barbarian Group has launched a new campaign for Pepsi using productivity startup TaskRabbit to give its consumers an "extra hour" in their day.

- Several celebrities are none too pleased with Barney's for depicting a few Disney characters as super slim models for a window display.

- Everything is zombie-themed these days. Why not a CPR effort. And, surprisingly, it makes perfect sense.

- Yo Gabba Gabba begets The Goon Holler Guide Book.

by Steve Hall    Oct-23-12    
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Five New Laws of Content Marketing


Ah, yes. Content Marketing. The current panacea of every marketer's woes. Snarky as that may sound, content marketing does, indeed, play an increasingly important role in today's marketing mix. Dovetailing nicely with social media, it provides brands a marketing method that is much less in-your-face and far more informative than traditional advertising.

A new whitepaper, part of the Adrants whitepaper series, from communications firm Moveo posits five "laws" that can aid brands stepping foot into content marketing waters. The whitepaper explores:

  • The relationship between content consumption and perishability
  • The mission-critical role of the content curator
  • The impact of source reputation on perceived quality
  • How agencies and brands can create compelling content
Download the whitepaper now to find how how your brand or agency can achieve the most from content marketing.

by Steve Hall    Oct-23-12    
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