'Laptop' Mag Caught Lying About Circulation


The honesty in circulation crackdown the federal government launched has nabbed yet another lying publisher. Edward D. Brown, president and publisher of Bedford Communications, publisher of Laptop magazine, and Director of Circulation John Jay Annis were caught dumping 15,000 copies of Laptop on a distributor that would never distribute them. That's because the distributor was actually an undercover operation set up by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey just to catch crooked publishers. Brown told the distributor he didn't care what happened to the 15,000 magazines as long as there was a paper trail that would make everything look legal. Arrest warrants have been issued for Brown and Annis.

by Steve Hall    Oct-27-05    
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Camel: Killing People Since 1913


This Camel ad sort of screams, "Killing People Since 1913." That's something to be proud of as an advertiser.

UPDATE: While the photo appears to have been removed from the link, you can view it by clicking on the image in this post.

by Steve Hall    Oct-25-05    
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Animal New York Un-Hibernates, Hosts Party


To celebrate its re-emergence from hibernation, culture mag Animal, along with the now corporation which is celebrating its thitd year, are co-hosting a party at Blvd. 199 Bowery beginning at 7PM, October 26. The Animal invite features Gawker hottie Jessica Coen and states (begs) press from the New York Post, New York Daily News, New York Times, Newsday, New York Observer, The Onion and Metro are encouraged to attend. The now corporation version of the invites are here and here.

Also promoting the party are buttons which read, "Please bring these buttons or suffer, it will entitle you to the most important aspect of being a VIP: not having to wait in line. In fact, that's about as far as our VIP thing goes (We may have a VIP room, we don't know yet, it's a little elitist for our tastes. Please feel free to give your remaining 3 buttons to celebs, powerbrokers, well paid artists, or anyone in the media." Cute.

Not missing a chance to diss the competition, the invite directs RSVP's be sent to thefadersucks@animalnewyork.com. See Animal creative here.

by Steve Hall    Oct-23-05    
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Sun Server Poses As Playboy Centerfold


Sanj send us pictures of a unique for Sun Computer which places its computer server on a velvet couch in front of a roaring fire reminiscent of your typical Playboy centerfold spread. The ad even includes the Playboy like interview with statements such as, "I Love - naughty ROI talk, multiple platforms, dimly lit data centers." We like it. After all, how excited can you get about a server?

by Steve Hall    Oct-21-05    
Topic: Magazine

'Blender' Rolls Out "Rock & Roll Hollywood" With Bash


Blender magazine and Cadillac will hosting an event, October 27th at a private Hollywood Hills mansion to celebrate Blender's inaugural "Rock & Roll Hollywood" November issue. Sponsored by Cadillac, Aldo, Absolut Vodka and St. Pauli Girl Beer, Blender's "Rock & Roll Hollywood" bash will combine entertainment's two most decadent lifestyles, music and film, into one memorable event.

Reportedly, 500 actors, musicians, entertainment insiders and tastemakers will attend to frolic in luxury suites, drink specialty cocktails, enjoy deluxe gift scwag bags and listen to a soundtrack provided by DJs Samantha Ronson and Brent Bolthouse. Live music will be supplied by The Shins, who, as the Rock & Roll Hollywood cover star Natalie Portman observed in Garden State will "change your life." We'll see. Also performing will be LA three-piece, The Like, recently covered in Blender's Almost Famous" feature.

Cadillac will have on hand its latest models including the Escalade ESV which will take guests from Sunset Boulevard to the secret party location, as well as be displayed outside whoever's fancy mansion the party is at. Guests will also be swarmed with advertising campaigns displayed by Absolut and Aldo while lowly St. Pauli Girl beer is served. Someone please invite us!

by Steve Hall    Oct-21-05    
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Mountain Dew Launches MDX Energy Drink


Mountain Dew has introduced a new energy drink, MDX, and will launch a BBDO created ad campaign called Be Nocturnal, consisting of two spots, "All Night Long" and "Sunglasses At Night," October 22 during the World Series to introduce the drink. Print and radio will accompany the television. Check it all out here.

by Steve Hall    Oct-20-05    
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Watchmaker Taps Claudia Schiffer for Ad Campaign


Watch company Ebel, which has featured Nicole kidman, Johnny Depp, Charlize Theron, Uma Therman and Meg Ryan in its ads, has added supermodel Claudia Schiffer to the list. The black and white ads were shot in party capital Ibiza by photographer Patrick Demarchelier

by Steve Hall    Oct-20-05    
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Energy Drink Says No to Sugar


Here's an intriguing campaign for New Zealand-based energy drink V. In the ads, hot models (naturally) scold a cube of sugar as it tries to read Penthouse, electrocute itself by sticking a fork in an outlet and attempt to camcord a topless sunbather. It gets the idea across quite well. See all the ads here. And for the detail nudges out there, don't get all up in our boxers about whether these ads are new or not. We have no idea nor do we care. We just like them.

by Steve Hall    Oct-20-05    
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Study: Consumers Like Custom Publications


Fifty-eight percent of consumers are "very aware" or "somewhat aware" of custom publications and once they were presented with specific examples of custom publications, 93% of respondents were familiar with at least one type of custom publication, according to a new national poll conducted for the Custom Publishing Council by Roper Public Affairs this summer. The survey, "Americans' Relationship with Custom Publications and the Companies that Provide Them," found that 85% say that if they are going to get information from a company, they'd prefer to get it in an interesting collection of articles, rather than an ad.

Though only 58% immediately knew the term "custom publishing," once surveyers explained what custom publications were – e.g., a magazine from the manufacturer of an automobile that you drive – 80% said they often find interesting information in these magazines and 75% said that they felt better informed after reading these publications.

by Steve Hall    Oct-17-05    
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Tango Doubles Rate Base


Tango, a magazine about lofty issues such as love, life and the pursuit happiness, has doubled its rate base to 200,000 effective with its February 2006 issue. The magazine, which launched as a quarterly, will also shift to bi-monthly publication in 2006. Tango has also hooked up with P & G which most recently chose Tango as its media partner to promote the second annual "National Date Night": a "national initiative designed to motivate couples to spend that much needed time with their spouse."

by Steve Hall    Oct-14-05    
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