Tango Gets Romantically Gooey With Readers


Tango magazine in concert with Yahoo Personals has created a contest called Big Moment which seeks moving stories from its readers in four stages of love: looking, married, taken and engaged. Four winners were chosen based on an essay and will be featured in four upcoming issues of the magazine as well as on the publication's website.

The Big Moment story of first winner Cheryl Walenta, a single 26-year old woman and Lutheran minister living in Chicago, is chronicled in the September-October issue. Walenta was facing a new chapter in her life after she ended a comfortable but not compelling relationship and was making a move to Houston to pursue a summer internship. Tango will track the adventures of Walenta via a bi-weekly dating blog on Tango's website.

As the PR rep who sent us this info suggested, "cue the Manilow music..."

by Steve Hall    Aug-16-06    
Topic: Magazine, Promotions

Crack is Whack But 'Cracked' Is Back


Who better than whacked out Tom Cruise as a 44 year old virgin to grace the cover of humor magazine CRACKED as it makes its return after a two year hiatus? The "re-imagined" magazine has been juiced with editorial staff from the Daily Show, SNL and Chappelle and will offer up a heavy dose of humor and satire. The publisher and advertisers hope men 18-34 will flock to the mag like paparazzi flock to the disappearing Nicole Richie.

by Steve Hall    Aug-15-06    
Topic: Magazine, Publishing

Hard Rock Says Cheating Is A Good Thing


Flickr user Uncle Trick tells us Hard Rock was fined by the Gaming Commission for this ad because they took issue with the ad's apparent urging to cheat in casinos. However, urging a guy to maybe cheat on his wife with the poolside hottie is perfectly OK.

by Steve Hall    Aug-15-06    
Topic: Magazine

Gwyneth Goes to Africa


Copyranter thinks Gwyneth Paltrow is far too white for this Keep A Child Alive ad in which she dons African apparel above the headline "I Am African." And just so we're sure we understand his opinion, he writes, "Cheers to you that you support a very worthy cause. BUT, allow someone else to do the ads. You'd survive about 10 minutes in African bush. And, you just look completely and utterly ridiculous."

by Steve Hall    Aug-10-06    
Topic: Celebrity, Magazine

Showtime Promotes 'Weeds' With Marijuana Scent Strip


To drum up interest for its suburban mom as drug dealer comedy Weeds, Showtime is placing an insert in the August 24 issue of Rolling Stone with a scent strip that smells like, well, weed. Yummy. The show's good too.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 9-06    
Topic: Good, Magazine

Germ-Infested Doctors Office Magazines Sell Purell


JWT Toronto has created an ambient (the word everyone outside the U.S. seems to use instead of guerilla) campaign for its client Purell, a hand sanitizer lotion. The campaign uses a simple but what would seem to be effective approach by placing stickers on magazines in doctors offices with copy such as "Thumbed through by sick people since September 2005" and "Gently sneezed on since October 2002." The stickers point to a website, washyourhands.tv, which explains the benefits of Purell. Nice work.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 9-06    
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Gawker Weighs In On September Magazines


When we picture tiny Gawker Editor Jessica Coen trying to lug behemoth September issues of the fashion mags back to her place for the soon-to-be-annual Fall Fashion Weigh-in, we can't help but feel sorry for her but it's all in the line of duty . Reporting on important issues like the weight of magazines requires a determined dedication and Jessica most certainly has that. Out of the four issues she purchased last night, Glamour, Lucky, Vanity Fair and W, it was W that beat oth the others weighing in at 3.5 pounds. While that's heavy, it's no record. If memory serves, Vogue has tipped the sales upwards of four or more pounds. Stay tuned for Jessica's next weigh-in.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-06    
Topic: Magazine

Explosive Pinkness Now Primary Method of Selling Bubble Gum


Apparently in acknowledgment that every method to sell bubble gum has been done to death, Toronto-based agency Youthography chose to go with a decidedly different approach for its client Bubblicious. Celebrating the gum's pinkness, the spot gets a bit orgasmic with the stuff in that odd. nonsequitor sort of way. Print accompanies.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-06    
Topic: Campaigns, Good, Magazine, Strange, Television

Yet Another Fashion Brand Signs With Yet Another Supermodel


No sooner do we publish a piece on the ad industry's addition to sex and debate the merits of using one's beauty to better one's life and sell products for marketers, fashion brand Rampage has signed a deal with Petra Nemkova to appear in its fall print and online ad campaign. Created in-house, the ads will break in September issues of InStyle, Elle, Cosmopolitan and others. Anyway.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-06    
Topic: Campaigns, Magazine, Online

Chipotle Honest About Serving Dead Animals


It isn't usually expected that a restaurant be so honest in its ad campaign as to admit the product it serves kills animals but that's exactly what part of this Chipotle campaign does in a humorous manner. The campaign tag, "Honest Ingredients," ha s double meaning. It refers to Chipotle's goal of serving only meat that is "naturally and humanely raised and free of added growth hormones and antibiotics." It also refers to the company's progress towards these goals as reported in the print advertising, which states that given current availability and market pricing, "all Chipotle pork, about one-half of Chipotle chicken, and about one-third of Chipotle beef meet these standards." Check out all the creative here.

You can even create your own billboard copy at this site which has nothing to do with the company other than to have some fun with the ads.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-06    
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