Squeeze Breasts, Open Mouth (Or Legs), Insert Tom Ford


We weren't going to do it. We promise. Nope. We weren't going to fall for the obvious trap but, then again, we are here to serve. Here to provide you with everything your advertising-addled brain desires. So after receiving a few "have you seen this," "dude, you gotta see this," "I can't believe you haven't seen this" emails and links to all manner of publication, we decided to provide our desirous readers what they crave.

So, here it is. Tom Ford's new creation. Gee. Wow. Boobs. An agape "insert here" mouth. Oh, and some Tom Ford for Men Fragrance. OK. Can we move on now?

by Steve Hall    Aug-20-07    
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Christian Slater's Job is to Save Ellis Island


While it might be callous to say Christian Slater has nothing better to do than appear in...oh...we're just going to say it: the once great Christian Slater has nothing better to do than appear in a save Ellis Island campaign - along with other celebrities - called We Are Ellis Island. The campaign goal is to build support for saving the island and its crumbling architecture.

Callousness aside, the campaign is a nice effort at calling attention to a place through which millions of soon-to-be Americans passed and the legacy it left for the decedents of those who did pass through. Sponsored by Arrow and featuring Katharine McPhee, Joe Montana, Kristin Cavallari, Christian Slater, Richard Belzer, Elliot Gould, cast members of The Sopranos and others, two commercials, a print campaign and individual videos bring Ellis Island stories to life.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-20-07    
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Spector: Who's Protecting Employees from Micro Managing 'Net Nazis?


Homeland security ain't got nothing on cubicle lock-down. This SpectorCNE ad for managing employee internet abuse features pretty regularly in PC World and apparently also gets on JumbledPile's nerves.

The spot includes a three-headed cluster, and on each of their foreheads is writ a cardinal cubicle sin: "I pass company secrets on the web," "I surf porn websites from behind cubicle walls" and "I shop online after closing my office door."

An equal opportunity variant appears here, so no one can accuse Spector of attributing a stereotype or two to the white or Asian guy. The woman, however, continues to shop behind closed doors. (We just can't resist.)

by Angela Natividad    Aug-20-07    
Topic: Magazine

Bongo's Vanessa Minnello Leaves Lindsay Lohan's Knife Behind in New Ads


What's a poor TV personality to do when her TV gigs - soap star, TRL host, ET reporter - dry up? An ad campaign, of course. Last spring Vanessa Minnello signed a deal with fashion brand Bongo to front their ad campaign which continues this fall with new ads.

If you want all the goods on Minnello, check out her Wikipedia page on which such tidbits as her number 15 placement on Maxim's Hot 100 issue and Lindsay Lohan knife images can be had.

Anyway, here's the other two images from the new campaign.

by Steve Hall    Aug-17-07    
Topic: Celebrity, Magazine

Camel No.9 Attacked, AustinIMA Launched, 'The Ten' MySpaced


- The American Legacy Foundation and 45 other groups have written a letter to RJ Reynolds asking the company to take Camel No. 9 off the market claiming it is "nothing more than a veiled attempt to sell more cigarettes to girls and young women."

- The film The Ten is getting MySpace play courtesy of Special Ops Media.

- The Advertising Softball World Series has launched a new website introducing its 25th silver anniversary tournament party that will be played out this October 7-11 in Las Vegas.

- Austin has launched its first intractive marketing group, the AustinIMA. To celebrate the launch, the organization is holding an event next Thursday. Roy Spence and Yvonne Tocquigny along with speakers from Austin Ventures, nFusion, Sicola Martin, and T3 will address the group.

- Disney's Family Fun and Wondertime have reported ad page increases of 28 and 61 percent respectively.

- Imus may return and so may some advertisers. Like this is s surprise.

by Steve Hall    Aug-15-07    
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PETA: All Skin is Equal Fare for the Butchers


We haven't covered much on PETA lately but JWT Kuwait just sent us some work they did for the animal-lovers. A couple of variations are here and here.

The process of segmenting human flesh for the manufacturing of goods is all very Holocaust. But then again, this isn't the first time they've put people on the meat slab to make a point. Guess it's okay if you're vego.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-14-07    
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Boyfriend Tells Beauty Mags They Make His Girlfriend Feel Ugly


Now this isn't a new thought or anything but a guy in New York's East Village went to the trouble of hanging this banner from his building just to share his less than loving feelings towards beauty and fashion magazines which, as we all know, paint a fantastically fake image of what a woman should look like. That, or his girl friend really is ugly and he wants to demonstrate his undying love for her.

by Steve Hall    Aug-14-07    
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QSOL Servers Won't Go Down On You


Shake Well Before Use writer Ariel Waldman, living up to the technology, advertising and, most importantly, sex aspects of her site's tagline, brings us this QSOL server ad that's got everyone's panties and jockstraps in a twist. With the headline "Don't feel bad, our servers won't go down on you either" not so subtly placed next to an image of a woman's face with giant red lips (like we haven't seen that image anywhere before) who looks like she might actually be ready to, this ad conjures every bad stereotype out there regarding geeks, their technology and their seeming inability to get any.

It's even got feministas all a twitter ("The misogyny is obvious, since the ad treats women explicitly and entirely like sexual objects."). But the best thing about this tempest in a Donny Deutsch Speedo is the comment from Sarah MC who wrote, "Sometimes I really feel for men. They buy a product (women), expecting it to work like it's supposed to (sexual slave), and it malfunctions! There really is no justice." Indeed.

There's really no reason or us all to get turgidly heated over this becasue a simple re-write of the headline will make this all go away: "Don't feel bad, our ad won't sell any servers either."

by Steve Hall    Aug-10-07    
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Volkswagen Shows Caddy Love with Pappy Love


Knowing full well we can't imagine anything funner than a conga line or a naked jacuzzi stint with our grandparents, Volkswagen tries to push the point with its Caddy Love campaign, which seats seven fun-loving senior citizens instead of the standard five.

You have DDB, Paris to thank for this.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-30-07    
Topic: Magazine

Nejma Sunflower Oil Makes for Cleaner Cooking


We really like the simplicity of this ad for Nejma Sunflower cooking and frying oil, which by contrast makes any other option seem like the equivalent of cooking over petrol.

Sometimes taking the purer tack can just destroy the competition by association, a little like how a certain president must feel when doe-eyed cause-toting Al Gore walks into the room.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-27-07    
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