Tabasco Juggs Sold Alongside SI Swimsuit Juggs


Oh what a witty placement, TracyLocke. Witty, indeed. As you have all heard by now, the drool fest otherwise known as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is out and it's full of women whose pendulous juggs are not very well covered.

So, as TracyLocke so wittiliciously thought, what better place to advertise a couple of juggs of Tabasco sauce.

And that, as they say, is that.

by Steve Hall    Feb-25-11    
Topic: Magazine

Men Should Collect Cars, Not Women


Men love to collect things. Baseball cards. Beer bottles. Hubcaps. Sport stats. Cars. And women. But a brand which manufactures miniature car models would like men to stop collecting women and start collecting the brand's collectible miniatures.

Sexist? An appropriate appeal to the mindset of men? You tell us.

by Steve Hall    Nov-24-10    
Topic: Magazine

Scion Uses Magazines to Drive Augmented Reality Game


ATTIK will break a new commercial for the Scion tC's Take On the Machine campaign September 10. Until then, we have print ads in Inked, Giant Robot, Juxtapoz, XLR8R, Dsport, Modified and a few others. The print ads contain an augmented reality marker which can be used while playing the Take On the Machine game online.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-10    
Topic: Magazine, Online

Summer's Eve Says Douche Before You Ask For A Raise


So Summer's Eve runs an ad in Woman's Day offering women eight steps to take when asking for a raise and all hell breaks loose. Why? Because the first step is to make sure you use Summer's Eve Feminine Wash before you make the request.

Oh yes, people. We can't talk about "down there." On no. That area is strictly taboo. It's OK to tell people to take a shower, use good soap, style your hair properly, wear the right jewelery, be sure your skirt isn't too short, your heels too high, your cleavage overexposed. To be sure your shoes are properly polished, your deodorant appropriately scented, your posture professional, your handshake firm and your breath as fresh as a rose.

But to inform a woman, who may very well need what a feminine wash can provide, she might want to consider making sure THAT area is as fresh as all her others is a travesty. A blight against women. A disgrace. And an objectification of the entire female species as nothing more than a sweet smelling receptacle for the urgency of men.

Hey, did you expect anything other than a contrarian point of view from us?

by Steve Hall    Aug-28-10    
Topic: Brands, Magazine, Opinion, Strange

Nudity Won't Save Magazines, Bogusky Babbles, Beyonce Poses


- Nudity is great but it won't save magazines. We tell FOX News why.

- Esurance will be the official sponsor of the 2010 U.S. Open.

- Alex Bogusky tells all in lengthy Fast Company interview.

- It's not as hot as her work for Pepsi but this is Beyonce Knowles. There isn't much to complain about.

- Want to know how Karl Lagerfeld creates a Fendi campaign? Check it out here.

- Stallone beats the shit out of YouTube.

- This bike has a brain. And it's precious. And it's out to fight cancer. And it's a LIVESTRONG effort.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 9-10    
Topic: Agencies, Campaigns, Celebrity, Magazine, Sponsorship, Video

This VW 'Umbrella' id Better When Closed


This DDB Brussels-created ad for the Volkswagen Eos takes a look at umbrellas a little differently. Because when it come to another sort of umbrella, a convertible, closed is usually better than open.

by Steve Hall    Jun-11-10    
Topic: Magazine

AdWeek to Skip Publishing Agency Report Card This Year


For the first time in 6 years, AdWeek won't be publishing its Agency Report Card, the annual wankfest (like that, George?) which awards letter grades based on an agency' performance over the last year. AdWeek editor in Chief Mike Chapman cites the Nielsen's sales of Adweek and sister properties to e5 Global Media Holdings as the reason.

by Steve Hall    May-24-10    
Topic: Industry Events, Magazine

'Boards Shutters


"Ed from Boards here, I'm the associate editor of Boards, we met in New York at some terrifically bad Internet week party last year. Just to let you know Boards shut down today, thought it might warrant a mention a mention on the site."

Though the site is still up, we received that sad message last night informing us of he closure of Boards, a long time favorite of ours. We will miss them dearly.

Best to all involved.

by Steve Hall    May-20-10    
Topic: Magazine

Holy Bulging Cleavage! Who Knew Bowling Could Be So Hot?


Taking the breasts as bowling balls metaphor to, well, the bowling alley, Jonathan Leder, who earlier showed us the orgasmic effects of playing squash, now shares with us the tantalizing excitement of bowling. Model Lauren Young, whose more than ample breasts are barely contained in a French cut bra, prances up and down the alley as Leder's lens follows the every gyration of her mountainous flesh within.

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by Steve Hall    May- 4-10    
Topic: Magazine, Racy, Video

Che Magazine Delivers the Babysitter


As always, Belgian men's magazine Che promises men the prefect world, unencumbered by the silliness of rules, obligations and unfulfilled fantasies. In this Duval Guillaume-created promotion for the magazine's tenth anniversary, a man gets to experience the fantasy every man has had at least once whether or not they will admit to it.

And let's not forget the other thing men like too.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-20-10    
Topic: Magazine, Racy, Video